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Fan tokens of some Premier League teams suffered huge losses in 2022…

( – Over the past few years, the small world of cryptos in particular, he made an introduction to sports through the introduction of tokens for football fans. Buying these tokens allows supporters to invest in their club and participate in a variety of ways, including allowing fans to vote on decisions within the club and gain access to certain exclusives… But are they worth it?

A new study of the guide Trade browser They analyzed the one-year price development of these tokens during 2022. Using their databases, they calculated how much capital you would start 2023 with if you invested $100 in each coin on January 1, 2022… The result is far from over. homogeneous!

Santos FC is in the lead!

Santos is a famous Brazilian soccer team played by the late Pele… The club is considered one of the biggest names in South America. In January 2022, the $SANTOS fan token was worth $3.5038. Its price has since risen more than 22% in the year to $4.2954. Good deal for Brazilian fans!

In the second place Naples plays in Serie A, the highest league of Italian football, where he won twice. The $NAP fan token was worth $3.2522 in January 2022. Its price has now risen to $3.9388, meaning that the original $100 token will now be worth $121.11…an enviable run for Diego Maradona’s former club!

closer to homeMonaco AS Plays leading roles in League 1. In January 2022, the $ASM token was worth $1.1225. It ended the year at $1.1337. A (very) small increase, however, allows this token to rank at the top of the reference tokens chart among international soccer fans.

The rest of the classification is less bright with, for example Rome to LazioThe $LAZIO token, which plays in Series A, was worth $4.6154 on January 1, 2022, and fell to $2.9683 at the beginning of the year.

Arsenal is the first Premier League team on this list and also the most successful team on the pitch, as the club is well established at the top of the English Championship. Unfortunately, its token could not repeat this success: starting from the price of $3.1948 at the beginning of 2022, the token fell to $1.9697 on January 1, 2023. This means Arsenal fans who initially invested $100 now find themselves with just $61.65 in their pockets. …

Leeds on the mat

They are bottom of the class, as are their Premier League standings. Leeds United puts itself far behind… The losses are the most significant of the ranking, with the price of the $LUFC token falling from $5.4789 to just $0.6531. This means that with an initial investment of $100, fans will now only own $11.92 (-88%)!

In no better shape, the club ascending It plays in the Spanish second division and is based in Valencia. Despite the good performance on the ground, the evolution of the local token has not been very favorable, far from it! Its price, which was worth $2.2926 in January 2022, fell to $0.3635 on January 1. That would leave fans with $15.86 if they invested $100 in team tokens a year ago (-84%)

fansEverton Those who are not satisfied with the current ranking of their team in the penultimate place in the championship, will not be able to take solace in the $EFC token: its price actually went from $2.3692 to $0.4234, leaving fans with an initial investment of $17.87. $100 (-82%).

Aston Villa One of the founding teams of the English Premier League and also one of the first teams to launch a fan token. The price of the token started from 2022 at $2.2926. But bad market conditions caused the price to drop to $0.6267. This means that fans who invested $100 a year ago are now left with only $27.33 (-72%).

A spokesperson for Trading Browser commented: “Proponents of these tokens emphasize that these technologies allow fans to connect with their favorite teams and say this provides increased loyalty and a sense of community, but like any investment, there are risk factors.” …” During the past year market conditions were unstable and many investors have lost their money…That’s why it’s important to never invest in something you can’t afford and do your own thorough research before investing.”

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