From Hanoi to Singapore, Tino and Alice embark on a 5,000 km cycling adventure.

From Hanoi to Singapore, Alice and Tino will achieve… 1.25 million pedal strokes or 5000 km on the bike! We met them the day before they left the capital of Vietnam on January 17, 2023. They tell us about the extraordinary challenge they set themselves for the oceans and their inhabitants.

We meet Corentin and Alice in a small coffee shop in Cua Nam, Hoan Kiem, hot coffee, egg yolks. The young adventurers arrived in the capital of Vietnam a few days ago and the next day they are preparing to start a big cycling project: to travel across Asia with their bikes, cameras and backpacks to Singapore. Their main goal is to understand “How different ocean-related problems affect those who depend on the oceans” then passing on what they learned through a documentary film. Their sports project is accompanied by fundraising for the Sulubaaï foundation in the Philippines.

The equipment was taken for their trip to Southeast Asia

Crossing Southeast Asia on a two-seater bike… but why?

Very smiling, enthusiastic Alisa and Corinth immediately ask us how we heard about them. “A video was suggested on social networks, we were interested, we clicked. » we answer. “You are presenting a bicycle project to understand the oceans and the life around them. We were interested. Fortunately, your project begins in Hanoi. So, what makes two young people go to the end of the world and travel thousands of kilometers? ».

Alice looks at Corentin (or “Tino”) and begins: “We met in Canada and we met again in Costa Rica. I, on the other hand, graduated a month ago and chose to travel instead of doing an internship. Corentin also wanted to travel before resuming his studies in September. We have been thinking about this project for some time, what it will mean, the destination, etc…”

Corentin continues “Today we say to ourselves that this is a project born on the coast of the Caribbean Sea! Alice does a lot of cycling and I do a lot of diving, how do you combine the two? »

Why Southeast Asia? Young backpackers tell us that in the beginning the idea was to leave France and go all the way to Asia. But geopolitical complexities and difficulties in obtaining visas prevent them. With diving still in mind and the desire to safely cross several countries by bike, the Asian zone seems to be the best track. Between studies and work, Alice and Tino slowly build a project with three goals: a sports challenge, sharing a trip and raising funds for charity. The sports race starts the next day, the bikes are ready and well equipped. To share the journey, Tino and Alice equipped themselves with a camera, a gopro and a drone; they plan to film their adventures from all angles. On their return, they hope to be able to edit a documentary around the ocean and its vital issues. As for their charity work, They decide to support the Sulubaaï foundation (Editor’s note whose creator, Frédéric Tardieu, received the Innovation Award at the 10th Trophies for the French Abroad in October 2022).

Tino and Alice arrived in Laos

@Bike4oceans supports the Sulubaaï Foundation in the Philippines

Tino and Alice are looking for a union about protecting the waters and oceans. They discover the Sulubaaï foundation, based in the Philippines, founded by Frédéric Tardieu. This association has been operating in eastern Palawan for ten years. Its goal is ecological restoration and greater protection of corals. At the same time, the Sulubaaï foundation is working on the Maritime Academy, a maritime academy program. Young cyclists come here. It has been opened for cats since they left to assist in the production, printing and distribution of the school book entertainingly explains and raises awareness about marine life and its challenges. If the jackpot exceeds the expected levels, Tino and Alice also want to participate financially in the creation of an artificial coral reef.

He decided to pedal for the cause of the oceans “Until July”, Tino and Alice enjoy their last afternoon in Vietnam’s capital. The next day they will depart for Halong Bay, then Ninh Binh and Mai Chau. Then they will go from Vietnam to Laos. “The exit from Hanoi promises to be sporty and we will have to slalom between scooters and cars! » Little smiled. Before they return to their final preparations, we capture this power duo in front of a coffee shop decked out for Têt festivities.

Tino and Alice in Hanoi
Tino and Alice in Hanoi, the day before their big departure

With smiles like these, there’s no doubt: Tino and Alice are ready for their big adventure (we’ll be watching)!

If you want to follow Corentin and Alice’s sports and charity journey, here it is.

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