? Spotting Constellations/20 – Definition and Explanations


Identification of zodiac signs
-2 hours

July 20 at 00

E TS-20.png W


  • Lira
  • Arrow
  • Eagle
  • Sobieski’s shield
  • Archer
  • Southern crown (Corona Australis is a small constellation in the Southern Hemisphere.)
  • Telescope (Telescope, (Greek tele meaning “far” and skopein…)
  • Peacock (“Peacock” is an ambiguous folk name for certain birds…)

Sunrise Ram (A ram is an unfertilized male of the protected species Ovis ram…) and some whale (A whale is a large marine mammal classified in the order…). Sunset of Arcturus.


  • the Triangle (In Euclidean geometry, a triangle is a plane figure formed by three points…) is a burden for those watching the summer hemisphere North (North is the cardinal point against south.). Vega (Vega is a European Space Agency (ESA) launch in collaboration…) is lirastar (A star is a celestial body that emits light autonomously, like a…) the brightest the sky (The sky is Earth’s atmosphere as seen from the planet’s location.). It begins to decrease laterally the west (West is the cardinal point, opposite east. This direction…). From Vega you can easily see two bright stars at the zenith, Deneb (Deneb comes from the Arabic word ??? (dhanab), meaning “tail”. This term…) of Swan (Cygnus) – a bird genus belonging to the Anatidae family. Swan species, large…) and Altair the Eagle.
  • To the north, the Dragon’s Head begins its decline in the west (between Vega and the Big Dipper) and Cepheus is nearing its climax in the east.Altair (Altaïr (α Aquilae) is a star in the constellation Aquila.) by Deneb).
  • in the extension of nose (The nose (Latin nasus) is the median projection of the upper face in humans…) of Big bear (Ursa Major is the third largest constellation in the sky. It contains…)We “trace (TRACE is a NASA space telescope…) an arc for Arcturus, a bright star high in the western sky. Spica from Virgo slept a year ago hour (An hour is a unit of time. The word also means magnitude…).
  • In the East, Elders prevail square (A square is a regular polygon with four sides. This means that its…) Pegasus. Starting from him diagonal (We call the diagonal of a polygon any segment joining two nonconsecutive vertices (not…)can be located in the direction of south (South is the cardinal point against north.) Aquarius and Capricorn are weak signs, and this compatibility extends to Sagittarius and Scorpio. the train (A train is a controlled vehicle that moves on rails. A train consists of…) of to pass (The Passer breed was created by the French zoologist Mathurin Jacques…) south. In another meaning (SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) is a scientific project…)we begin to climb diagonally up Andromeda, towards Algol constellation (A constellation is a set of stars with projections on the roof…) Perseus and Chapel (Capella (α Aurigae) is the brightest star in Coachman’s constellation and…) of the coach.
  • Fomalhaut (Fomalhaut (α Piscis Austrini) is the brightest star in Pisces…)of southern fish (Southern Pisces is a small constellation in the southern hemisphere. It…)can be noted in the large arrangementThe horizon (Conceptually, the horizon is the limit of what can be observed because of itself…) Ascending through the constellation Serpentarius in the south, starting from Arcturus (located in the west), falling on Fomalhaut through Sagittarius, and at the beginning of Balein for observers located in the south Southeast (Southeast is the direction between the south and east cardinal points. Southeast is…).
  • On the south side is Sagittarius Peak. This is not a southern sign absolutely (Completion or fully automatic, or anglicism completion or…) It is visible beyond 40°N, but the part hidden by the southern horizon is not very spectacular.
  • for observers located atSouthern Hemisphere (The Southern Hemisphere or Austral Hemisphere is half of the Earth…)Peacock is on top due south.

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