Why the electricity price increase is higher than the announced 15%

The price of electricity is increasing by 15% for more than 20 million homes on February 1, 2023, a month after a similar increase in the price of gas in France. But really 15%? We checked!

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It is no longer a price hike that will go unnoticed as it affects 20 million French families as well as several hundred thousand businesses. The electricity price increase (regulated tariffs) is 15% as planned by the government under the energy tariff shield. Although this 15% increase may seem high, it is much lower than the actual increase in electricity. Without the energy shield, one would expect a 35-100% increase in electricity tariffs.

The increase applies to 3 bids, the main bid, the HP/HC bid and the Tempo bid from EDF. This applies to regulated tariffs, so it is important to check the details of your current electricity subscription according to your offer and operator.

Know that, according to EDF, just under half of French households are in peak hours / off-peak hours. The Tempo option, in turn, is not widely used, we are talking about 20 million to several tens of thousands of households.

Increase in kWh rates

We compared the kWh price increase for each proposal before and after February 1, 2023. As you can see, prices increase by more than 15% on the base offer as well as the Full Hour HP/HC offer.

Before February 1 (€/kWh) From February 1 (€/kWh) Evolution
Main Variant 0.174 0.2062 +18.5%
HP option 0.1841 0.2228 + 21%
HC option 0.147 0.1615 +9.8%
HP blue tariff option 0.1272 0.1249 – 1.8%
HC blue tariff option 0.0862 0.097 + 12.5%
HP white tariff option 0.1653 0.1508 – 8.77%
White tariff option HC 0.1112 0.114 + 2.5%
HP red tariff option 0.5486 0.6712 + 22.3%
HC red tariff option 0.1222 0.1216 – 0.49%

This can be frustrating as the most popular offers are subject to price increases of over 15% as advertised.

Increase in subscription prices

As for the price of subscriptions, the price increase is much lower than 15%, closer to 5% depending on the subscriptions.

Basic offer

Strong “Before February 1st
Basic offer
€ incl. tax/month”
“After February 1
Basic offer
€ incl. tax/month”
3 €8.65 €9.13 5.55%
6 €11.36 €11.93 5.02%
9 €14.18 €14.86 4.80%
12 €17.02 €17.88 5.05%
15 €19.71 €20.71 5.07%
18 €22.66 €23.67 4.46%
24 €28.52 €29.82 4.56%
30 €34.22 €35.83 4.70%
36 €40.05 €41.71 4.14%

Peak hour / off-peak offer

Power (kVA) Before February 1
HC/HP proposal
€ incl. tax/month”
After February 1
HC/HP proposal
€ incl. tax/month
6 €11.84 €12.35 4.31%
9 €15.26 €15.84 3.80%
12 €18.67 €19.34 3.59%
15 €21.81 €22.50 3.16%
18 €24.42 €25.21 3.24%
24 €30.74 €31.69 3.09%
30 €36.54 €37.68 3.12%
36 €41.26 €42.42 2.81%

Where is the 15% increase?

Apparently, the price increase is more than 15%. Therefore, your electricity consumption can increase by more than 15% compared to your consumption.

This is explained by the fact that EDF increased tariffs by an average of 15%., but increases vary by subscription and option. Some rates are lower, so in the offer Temp From EDF.

Be careful with this option, electricity is actually cheaper than the regulated rate most days of the year. However, the price is too high for 22 days. As with HC/HP offers, calculations should be made based on your past consumption. But here it is more difficult, because the annual 22 red days are not known in advance. They are announced two days before installation and can last five consecutive days in the heart of winter! We explain how to choose the most interesting offer according to your needs.

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