why is FDJ guaranteeing 101 millionaires this friday?

The Millionaire rain The EuroMillions draw organized by FDJ is back. After the first test last year, the operator is updating this operation, which is very convenient for players: these are 101 people who are guaranteed to become millionaires This Thursday, February 3, 2023. There’s also a €17 million jackpot up for grabs.

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You have three options to win big in this EuroMillions draw: either you find a winning combination for the main draw (minimum 2 numbers), or you are drawn in the My Millions draw, or you are the winners of the millionaires’ rain operation. It is the most profitable event of the year at FDJ, millions of Europeans will play there.

Rain of Millionaires, how does it work?

This year, FDJ is back with Operation Rain of Millionaires. This is the second edition of Guaranteed 100 Millionaires. Unlike the main draw, which is not guaranteed (if no one hits the right combination, the bonus will roll over to the next Tuesday’s draw), Millionaire Rain guarantees winners.

This time, 100 people will be drawn and walk away with one million euros. This draw is completely independent of the main EuroMillions draw and is included in the price of the EuroMillions network. For each confirmed EuroMillions grid, the player receives a randomly generated number by FDJ. The operator will then draw 100 millionaire numbers this Thursday.

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Last year, the rain of millionaires made many French people happy. 28 out of 100 people were French. 28 Frenchmen became millionaires in one evening. Again, the result of the EuroMillions main draw is irrelevant. In addition, if you confirm 10 EuroMillions grids, you will also receive 10 numbers for this Rain of Millionaires draw.

If there’s ever a time to play the EuroMillions draw, it’s when it’s Raining Millionaires. The price of the network is the same as always, but FDJ offers this gift as a bonus with 100 x 1 million euros. The operator is therefore generous: during this draw, 100 million euros will definitely be donated to players. Needless to say, the enthusiasm will be very strong.

Why are 101 millionaires participating in the EuroMillions draw?

There are many ways to win the EuroMillions draw this Friday, February 3. The main draw puts 17 million euros at risk. The winning combination will consist of 5 numbers and 2 stars. As soon as you find two correct numbers, you will walk away with a win. If you can’t find the exact combination, you can still walk away with thousands of dollars if you get close.

This EuroMillions draw is not guaranteed: the super jackpot will not be paid if no one hits the correct combination. On the other hand, Rain of Millionaires and Draw of My Million is a two-way tie with a guaranteed win. We explained the Millionaire Rain shot above, and My Million follows the same principle – with two small differences.

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The My Million draw puts the one million euros guaranteed with every EuroMillion draw into play. However, this only applies to French players: there is a guaranteed millionaire in France thanks to this second draw, which takes place right after the main EuroMillions draw. Unlike Rain of Millionaires, which guarantees 100, My Million only guarantees one. It will definitely be French – unlike “The Rain of Millionaires”, which will bring millionaires to Europe.

How to play lottery?

If you have an account on the FDJ website, you can easily follow all the draws. Indeed, when you fill the grid, two random numbers are generated: Rain of Millionaires and My Million. You can easily fill a network and watch the result in real time from the official website of the operator or application. It also saves you from having to withdraw your winnings from the tobacconist.

If you take advantage of the FDJ site for this EuroMillions draw, you are also entitled to exclusive features such as MultiChances. The latter allows you to take a position on hundreds of EuroMillions networks in parallel for a few euros. For this February 3rd special draw, you can also check out Rain of Millionaires and My Million. Finally, you have the chance to win real by sharing your winnings with this MultiChances.

What is certain is that the EuroMillions draw has never been better. This time he has a huge amount guaranteed: 100 million euros through Millionaire Rain and 1 million for My Million. In normal times, there is a variable that is conditioned only by achieving good results. In any case, you should play reasonably and only bet what you are prepared to lose.

Here to try your luck:

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Gambling involves risks: indebtedness, isolation, addiction. For assistance, call 09 74 75 13 13 (toll-free).

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