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Pierre Le Gloin Born January 6, 1913 in Kergrist-Moëlou, died September 11, 1943 in Ouillis, Algeria, World War II was a French born. He has 21 wins, 18 of which are confirmed.

This pilot of the III/6 fighter group is famous for shooting down five Italian planes in one turn during the Battle of France on June 15, 1940. One of its features is that it won over the Germans, Italians and British. group Pierre Le Gloin (Pierre Le Gloan, born January 6, 1913, is a French World War II ace…) actually fought on the German front, the Italian front, then the Levant under the colors of the Vichy regime before being integrated into the Allied system.


Pierre Le Gloan was born on January 6, 1913 in Kergrist-Moelou, near Guingamp on the Côte d’Azur.Armor (Armour is the maritime zone of Brittany, as opposed to Argoat.), in a peasant family. As a child, he adoresaviation (Aviation is an air activity defined by all actors…). As a teenager, he received a pilot’s scholarship that allowed him to attend a government-subsidized civil aviation school. In 1931, at the age of nineteen, he received his pilot’s license, which allowed him to leave before the draft. It combines 2e Group air workers and its finishes time (Time, by man… military service 2e Hunting Regiment in Strasbourg. Corporal Le Gloin received his license as a military pilot on August 7, 1932. number (The concept of number in linguistics is considered in the article “Number…”) shooting competition and quickly become a sniper. In September 1933, he was assigned to Reims, 6e Battle squadron. He traces this division to Chartres. There, his gifts as a pilot and shooter, and his ability to conduct training, were quickly recognized: at the age of 23, he received his patrol leader’s certificate.

In May 1939, when the III/6th Fighter Group was formed at Chartres, Master Sergeant Le Gloin joined the 5th.e Squadron of this unit. It touches on Morane-Saulnier MS.406 n° 163 coded “6”.

Village (Rural area, also called rural environment, defines all cultivated areas…) 1939-1940

His from the first battles aggressiveness (Aggression is a behavior of living things and…) face the enemy speed (We notice 🙂 attention is paid to the verdict. On November 23, 1939, he shot the giant and gave the group its first victory. Dornier (The Dornier company (Dornier Flugzeugwerke) is a German construction company…) Lt. Do 17 with Martin. On February 3, 1940, he was awarded the Croix de Guerre. On March 2, he gives the group its second victory: a new Do 17, still in partnership with Lt. Martin. Its leaders did not hesitate to assign heavy patrols of 27 aircraft to Le Gloan. 1er appointed adjutant in April.

GC III/6 was at Chissey-sur-Loue, in the Jura, on 10 May 1940 when the great German offensive began. He moved to Coulommiers on the 20th and then Luc on the 31st to fend off a possible attack. italian (Italian is the name used for the rope used to maneuver the furrier…).

Meanwhile, Le Gloan added two He 111s board (Table can have several meanings depending on the context in which it is used 🙂.

After the fighting and heavy bombardment, only four aircraft of the group remained. On June 8, he received several copies of the new, more powerful Dewoitine D.520. On the 10th, Italy declared war on France. On the 13th, GC III/6 used the first Dewoitine. This is an opportunity for Le Gloan to shoot down two Italian BR.20 bombers.

From them days (A day or day is the interval between sunrise and sunset; it…) later he performs the feat that will make him a legend.

The command Le Gloan is credited with five confirmed victories, including the first two in partnership with Captain Assolant. Since then, such a feat has not been done. René Fonck (René Fonk was born on March 27, 1894 in Saulcy-sur-Meurthe (Vosges) and died in Paris…)“Ace of Aces” of the First World War, now a lieutenant colonel and leader of the army control (The word control can have several meanings. It can be used as a synonym for the words exam, of…) to the armies. Fonk goes to Luke in person to congratulate Le Gloan and announce his promotion class (The word price has several meanings 🙂 second lieutenant.

Le Gloan counts eleven homologated victories at the end of the Battle of France.

Pierre Le Gloan’s first D.520, n° 277, code “6”, in the Air and Space Museum, Le Bourget. Pierre Le Gloan is the pilot of the plane Second (The second is the feminine of the second adjective immediately following the first, or which…) Most victories in this type of aircraft (14) World War.

Syria-Lebanon campaign

On 20 June, GC III/6 was withdrawn Algeria (Algeria, (Arabic: ??????? al-Jaz??ir, al-Dzayer; Berber: L?ayer), nicknamed Al…). On May 24, 1941, facing the threat of an invasion of Syria by Britain and Free France, he reinforced the Army of the Levant. During this difficult campaign that lasted more than once month (A month (Lat. mensis from the word “month”, formerly from the word “menstruation” in the plural) is a period of time…) (June 8 – July 12) Le Gloan shoots down six Hurricanes and one Gladiator.

He now has 21 wins, 18 of which are confirmed.

Africa (With an area of ​​30,221,532 km2 including islands…) of North (North is the cardinal point against south.)

In Algiers, Le Gloan took D.520 n° 300, replacing 233 which had been hit hard in Syria. On September 9, 1941, he was given the rank of lieutenant.

On November 8, 1942, the Allies landed in Algeria. the fog (Fog is a meteorological phenomenon consisting of masses…) prevents everything lifting (Flight is the transition phase of an airplane through a state…) to the GC III/6 aircraft. Two days later, the commander-in-chief of the armies, Admiral Darlan, joined the Americans.

GC III/6 will therefore continue to fight against Germany, but will be equipped with American equipment. A new fighter arriving in May 1943 was the P-39N Airacobra. It is immediately marked by continuous breaks engine (An engine (Latin mōtor: “that moves”) is a device…)This is even more unfortunate as GC III/6, which became Battle Group 3/6 Roussillon, was responsible for dangerous missions. the sea (The term sea encompasses several realities.).

GC 3/6 Located in Lapasset, a quarantine (Quarantine (from Italian: quaranta giorni, meaning 40 days or else…) of kilometers (The meter (symbol m, from the Greek metron, measure) is the basic unit of length of the system…) East of Mostaganem. It operates on August 3. Pierre Le Gloan is the chef of the new 3e squadron.

On September 11, he took off from Lapasset at 7:30 a.m., accompanied by Sergeant Colcombe. convoy (A convoy is a collection of land or sea vehicles, usually unrelated to each other…) ally. They soon return, Le Gloan’s Allison engine sputtering smoke (Smoke, sometimes called smog in North America, is a cloud of particles…). The engine stops dead on Mostaganem. Le Gloan, regardless of the situation, was always eager to save his plane. He tries to land on his stomach near Ouillis, not by parachute. We do not know whether he forgot the presence of the additional tank or the drip system did not work. The Airacobra explodes when it hits the ground. Pierre Le Gloan died on September 11, 1943 at 8:20 am. hour (Time is the unit of measure 🙂 birthdays dead (Death is the final state of a biological organism that ceases to live (even…) From Guynemer.

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