? Sale 2023: smartphones, TVs, PCs and gaming accessories… the best deals of the latest discounts are here to watch!

Live Feed ? Sale 2023: smartphones, TVs, PCs and gaming accessories… the best deals of the latest discounts are here to watch!

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Here, the sales begin to enter the final phase. Even if stocks are set to drop further, this should be matched by more exciting promotions: act fast… and follow the guide.

This morning, the fourth and final discount of the popular winter sale begins. In total, these are scheduled to last for a full month, and there are only a few days left to take advantage of many promotions: be careful, however, stocks continue to run out and merchants have to offer more attractive discounts to get rid of their inventory.

And to say that there is a lot to do: Desktop or laptop computers, graphics cards, gaming monitors, keyboards, mice, TVs, audio headsets or of course video game consoles like PS5, Xbox Series X|S or Nintendo Switch. Not to mention related facilities for your home!

The last cut of the winter sale: a bunch of online discounts

Winter sales apply to both physical stores and online merchants and everyone in all industries. In the field of new technologies or video games, many promotions have been going on for weeks, and with the launch of the latest sale, now is more time than ever to take a closer look.

  • Nintendo Switch OLED + free Zelda Skyward Sword HD game is €319.99 at Fnac.
  • The ultra-portable Asus Zenbook 13 is from €1,299.99 to €999.99 at Fnac.
  • Complete Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Collection Box €124.99 instead of €249.99
  • The 27-inch Samsung Ogyssey G7 gaming monitor is on sale for €549 instead of €649 on Amazon.
  • Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti graphics card for €888.92 instead of €1124
  • PS5 compatible Samsung 980 Pro 1TB SSD €114.12 instead of €220.20
  • The SteelSeries Arctis 7+ wireless headset is €149.99 instead of €199.99.
  • DeLorean at LEGO for €199.99 instead of €307.56 at Cdiscount

Which merchants are participating in the 2023 winter sale for the last discount?

One time is not special: most online stores actively participate in winter sales, including this fourth and last discount.

  • Fnac : very active in culture and hi-tech, Fnac is a major player in the French landscape and a must for winter sales.
  • Darty : the brand has long been shining in the world of household appliances, but it is also present in the high-tech field with many offers. In particular, it teamed up with Fnac to celebrate.
  • Amazon : absolutely, Jeff Bezos’s platform cannot be missed. It is definitely the leader and thousands of very interesting offers will be found during the sale.
  • Shopping street : this is the brand behind French Days and you can count on it for any sale, summer or winter. He specializes in high technology, which is good.
  • E. Leclerc : if the company does it in supermarkets, we must not forget that its online stores are also very efficient with countless high-tech products or game consoles.
  • Baker : appliances, yes, but also many personal computers, televisions, speakers and other high-tech objects. Definitely one of the brands to watch closely.
  • C discount : likewise, Cdiscount is one of the French leaders in the net market. For this winter sale, the merchant is not skimping on discounted vehicles on all of its products.

Be aware that BM Tech’s Winter 2023 sales and their latest discount are taken very seriously. We are following the incident closely. let’s take a look and then compare all offers, merchants and products to offer the most interesting discounts on various and varied products.

Video gaming isn’t left out, either with a few hits on the cheap, or with lower-priced consoles or really affordable bundles. If you don’t want to find a PS5 or Xbox Series X for a low price, you should find your happiness there. Sorry, but it is not available (yet). But there are many other things!

Sale 2023 last discount: avoid scams on the network!

When times are as intense as the sales, many players try to quit the game. And unfortunately, this includes certain dishonest methods that you should definitely be aware of: so we write this part to warn you and not to fall into the trap. Rather, they are panels!

First, you know the phrase “too good to be true”? In sales, this formula, unfortunately, takes on its full meaning in many cases. So, if you come across a nice discount on an equally nice product—say, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which has lost half its price—there’s clearly something wrong. Spending your money and never seeing your smartphone arrive in your mailbox is a blow.

Another very subtle threat is third-party merchants using platforms known as Amazon, Fnac or Darty. The latter offers a marketplace where several foreign sellers offer their products: some are reliable (thankfully) and others are not necessarily so, for example by lowering the price of the product but greatly increasing the delivery costs. We recommend that you carefully read the consumer reviews or return if the third-party seller is a little too persistent. Likewise, Take a look at the email address of the sites you visit: if there’s a typo or something wrong, or if the site isn’t secure (and the URL doesn’t have a padlock on the left), be careful.

Let’s continue with the fake manipulation: If you receive an SMS at the post office or customs saying that your package has been successfully received, never forget to click on the link in the message. And more if you haven’t ordered anything. By clicking on the link, you open the door (backdoor) to hackers, who can then silently navigate your smartphone and recover all your sensitive data. Not really enough to make a good day.

Another fake is becoming more and more fashionable: some hackers call individuals posing as members of the DGCCRF, encouraging the caller to confirm a bank transaction to undo the so-called hack. Of course, the real fraud comes from the caller.

Finally, let’s remember a great Internet classic: always prefer a complex and secure password that contains lower and upper case letters, numbers and special characters. This applies to your personal accounts such as your mailbox, YouTube, video games and others, but also (and above all) online sales sites. If possible, do not use the same password twice! Also note that Google may generate random passwords and store them for you.

Finally, if you’re in doubt about the price of an item on sale, don’t hesitate to compare it to what other merchants are offering. Fortunately, at BM Tech, this is something we do ourselves, so you don’t have to. That is, in addition to finding the best prices, we never choose third-party sellers, but always through safe and official platforms. You just have to choose!

Winter sales 2023: instructions

? What is the date of the 2023 winter sales?

The 2023 winter sale starts at 8am on Wednesday 11th January and ends at 11.59pm on Tuesday 7th February. Thus, the winter sales will allow you to take advantage of numerous discounts, promotions, discounts and reduced prices for 4 weeks.

How much discount ? can be in 2023 winter sales?

Winter sales can offer discounts of up to -70% on certain products and equipment! On average, there are promotions in the range of 20-40%. Now is a great time to save money! Also, if you have discount coupons, check out the gift cards available at Christmas, there’s a way to score big discounts on your favorite products during the 2023 winter sales.

Which stores participate in ?️ 2023 winter sales?

The most famous brands are involved. So we find Amazon, C discount, Fnac, Darty, Baker, Micromania-Zing, E. Leclerc, Red by SFR, Shopping street, SFR, Audio-Video, Zawvi

Therefore, you have the advantage of choice and can take advantage of numerous promotions and discounts at all these merchants for the winter sales of 2023.

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