What are the cheapest iPhones? Compare and contrast (2023)

Buy iPhone 12: our top pick

If it is about best quality price report, then the iPhone 12 is the winner for us. This mobile phone really has a lot in common with the two collections below, but at a better price. Count on a total of 809 euros, but the same screen as the iPhone 14, the same definition for the camera and almost less autonomy.

The iPhone 12 is also a very good choice because it is quite thin compared to other Apple mobile phones: only 7.4 mm. It’s also a lighter phone than the iPhone 14, which might be nicer for small jeans pockets. Moreover, even if we compare A14 Bionic chip the results are not that different from the A15 Bionic chip of the following models. Admittedly, there is a difference of several hundred points in the benchmark, but the iPhone 12 still does the trick in 2023.

Compatible with iPhone 12 5G and available in six colors, more than the iPhone 14, but 210 euros cheaper in the invoice. Here it will be purple, blue, green, red, white or black.

iPhone 12 64 GB at the best price Base price: €909

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iPhone 12 © Apple

How much is the iPhone 13s in 2022?

Of course, the iPhone 13 is still slightly better than the iPhone 12, but they are more expensive. Apple has discontinued the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, but still offers the “classic” iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 mini: the cheapest

In fact, it turns out that way The iPhone 13 mini is actually launched today at the same price as the iPhone 12: 809 euros. On the other hand, the screen is smaller and is limited to 5.4 inches on the counter. But it’s more than enough, especially since the bezel has been reduced here, leaving plenty of room for the screen. The iPhone 13 mini has the same technical characteristics as the iPhone 13 in terms of the processor (A15 Bionic chip) or the amount of RAM.

The only negative, and not the least: the iPhone 13 mini has one extremely limited tolerance. For example, compared to the iPhone 14, you may have to charge it at four or five o’clock. Shame, at this price. For the rest, almost everything is similar to the current generation with Face ID for security, quality optical zoom and iOS 16 operating system with the latest updates.

iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13

iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 © Apple

iPhone 13

The older brother of the iPhone 13 mini, the “classic” iPhone 13, is slightly better than the iPhone 12, except on the price side. We can’t really say it’s a “cheap” iPhone this time, because you still have to pay less than it. 909 euros to buy the device. But this is the price to pay for having an improved camera, because here the manufacturer offers photo styles created by Apple, types of Instagram filters.

iPhone 13 128 GB at the best price Base price: €909

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iPhone SE (third generation)

Among all the latest generation iPhones, the third generation iPhone SE could be the best in terms of compact mobile. Indeed, even if the device is slightly larger than the iPhone 13 mini, we end up with the same chip. However, it will have to do without facial recognition, which will be replaced by the home button, which is also used for Touch ID.

The iPhone SE 3 lasts and offers a good half day reduced 4.7-inch screen and the resolution is lower than all other iPhones at the time. On the other hand, the price is clearly unbeatable. Plus, given that iPhones are generally cheaper than Android smartphones, it’s quite simply the only cheap cell phone in our comparison.

The price of the third generation iPhone SE: from 559 euros.

Refurbished iPhones are the cheapest

iPhone SE 2020

Released two years before the third-generation iPhone SE, the iPhone SE 2, a good option. Because the spec sheet is almost the same, apart from that. Inside, the chip is certainly less powerful, but the scores for 2020 are already very good. Otherwise, the chassis and display are the same as the 2022. On the other hand, Apple is offering a much better price for the iPhone SE 2 than its successor. Indeed, this version is no longer newly published. Therefore, it will be necessary to go through the repaired one. With prices up to -30% off the iPhone SE 3, that’s not insignificant given the overall price increase at the moment.

iPhone SE 2020 and 2022

iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2020 © Apple

iPhone 11: Still doing well in 2023?

As for updated iPhones, we can also mention the iPhone 11. Again, the device is no longer manufactured by Apple. But the manufacturer stopped its production only when the iPhone 14s was released. However, we regularly find the device under €500. So, of course, you won’t be entitled to all the improvements in camera, design and even performance. But iPhone 11 was Apple’s flagship it hasn’t been that long, and it’s a godsend to find it for twice the price of when it came out.

The diagonal size of the screen is 6.1 inches. Here we have the right to get a twelve megapixel camera with an ultra-wide angle. As a bonus, autonomy reaches the day, and the A13 Bionic chip knows how to chain together all the greedy tasks without missing a beat. In short, everything you can expect from a good apple brand in 2023. Less loading.

Older iPhone Pros

While Apple continues to sell the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, this is not the case with their Pro versions. But these much faster, but Apple will want to make way for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Are we to assume that their predecessors were not modern? No way. For example, preferring the iPhone 13 Pro, you will not notice the difference with the iPhone 14 Pro. Unless you’re a die-hard fan Dynamic island or you need a super telephoto lens to capture the movements of your favorite insects.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro Max © Apple

The updated iPhone 13 Pro is about 20-25% cheaper than the iPhone 14. better price, but it’s only available during the sale, so consult our comparison below to stay up-to-date. Otherwise, keep in mind that the iPhone 12 Pro is cheaper, but these won’t be supported for long. This may cause some security issues after a while.

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

Price comparison

The cheapest iPhone in 2023 third generation iPhone SE. Apple offers it from €559, new. Then, in order, the cheapest iPhones are:

  • iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 12 closed (from 809 euros)
  • iPhone 13 (from 909 euros)
  • iPhone 14 (from 1019 euros)
  • iPhone 14 Plus (from 1169 euros)

And only for refurbished models:

  • iPhone SE 2020 (around 400 euros)
  • iPhone 11 (around 500 euros)
  • iPhone 12 mini (about 600 euros)
  • iPhone 12 Pro (around 700 euros)
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (about 850 euros)
  • iPhone 13 Pro (approx. 760 euros)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max (around €900)

Finally, find a comparison of the best cheap iPhones below. Their best price is updated in real time according to the offers available in the most reliable French stores.

iPhone SE 3

559 €

Third generation iPhone SE

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