This is what the universe will look like in James Gunn’s time

James Gunn details his plans for the DC license. What movies and series are on the schedule for the next few years?

A few weeks ago, Warner Bros made a sharp decision. After years of screenwriting wandering and mixed success, the studios decided to replace Walter Hamada at the helm of the DC license. James replaces the man who has controlled the franchise for several years Gunn and Peter Safran. A director Suicide staff and other manufacturerAquamanthe duo had all the keys to reboot the world of superheroes in capes and tights.

First negotiations there is It happened late last year, especially with iconic heroes like Superman, but also Wonder woman. Henry Cavill packed his bags and Gal Gadot don’t expect to wear the suit back anytime soon. Even worn by the Man in Black Dwayne Johnson is no longer in the cinematic universe plans.

Although these changes are not to everyone’s taste, Safran and Gunn stay the course. Now is the time for them to introduce the program for the next few years. And it will load. The two men announce at least 5 new movies and as many series. They share the list and detail some of the projects. Back to this first post shared by diversity.

Superman: Legacy (July 11, 2025 in the US)

James to open this new chapter Gunn and Safran surprisingly summons the team’s most iconic hero. was baptized Superman: Heritagethis new installment will feature a new cast that promises a retelling of the mythology.

So far, while mentioning the rumors a “origin story” by Man Steelthe duo preferred to start from new bases. will be about “Follow Superman as he tries to balance his connection to his heritage a kryptonian and his human upbringing. He is the personification of truth, justice and the American way of life. Kind in a world that thinks what it thinks old fashioned.

James Gunn will write the project. We still don’t know who will be behind the camera, but Safra has her own opinion on the matter. I hope that I will be able to convince him to become a director.” Note that another movie Superman produced by is also under development not a word Abrams and Ta-Nehisi writes Coates. However, it should not be included DCUs.

Authority (date not specified)

after Suicide Squad, DC welcomes a new team of anti-heroes. The film, based on a group of superhumans far removed from Superman’s morals, was inspired by the 1992 comic book series created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch.

“It’s not just a story of heroes and villains, and not every movie and series will be about the eternal struggle of good guys versus bad guys. There are very suspicious people like “Authority” that you can’t fix the world without getting your hands dirty.

Like a little Peacemaker, this new project promises to explore the line between good and evil. Hopefully it’s as bright as the series worn by John Cena.

The Brave and the Bold (no date set)

Batman will return as a new actor. Neither Robert Pattinson nor Ben Affleck will star in this project. Bold and Courageous It promises to introduce the entire “Bat Family” by exploring the relationships between the Dark Knight and his loved ones. Starting with Robin, who promises to finally offer a look that matches his potential.

Here, Bruce Wayne’s assistant will be his son, James Gunn and Peter Safran’s beloved Robin. This is how both men describe her “A p*** grandson. It will be a very strange story of father and son.”

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow (date unknown)

To reflect this retelling of Superman, Safran and Gunn will bring his cousin to the big screen. An opus will be offered that will allow Kara Zor-El on the big screen “Look at the difference between Superman, who was sent to Earth as a child and grew up, and Supergirl, who grew up on a ship far from Krypton and spent the first fourteen years of her life watching everyone around her die. “

A more “hardcore” version of the character, which has already been offered a series by The CW channel.

Swamp Thing (no date set)

The swamp creature returns to our screens in 2019 after a series that was widely panned by critics. This time, the two men hope it will be true. The horror film will explore the origin of the creature.

James Gunn also dismissed any lingering doubts some viewers might have about seeing the character officially join the stable. gives an example of his arrival Guardians of the Galaxy In the MCU and especially the integration of Rocket Racoon along with Thor.

“The quality of this tie-in will be on par with Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. It’s more than just a horror movie, but we’ll still have the creature interact with the other characters.”

For the small screen

For some time now, DC has been looking to change tastes by officially investing in its TV lineup. Along with series developed under the banner ArrowverseWarner Bros already had several television projects. This is how the public was able to discover Peacemaker early last year HBO Max.

Thus, several series are announced in this new cuvée. For example, we have to find the creature CommandosBased on characters imagined in 1980. A Frankenstein-like creature teaming up with a werewolf, a vampire and a gorgon to fight the Nazis, the project has a lot of arguments to convince us. Moreover, this team is completely unknown to the general public, because viewers were able to find one of its members in version 2.0. Suicide staff. Weasel thus he is an honorary member of the group.

Otherwise, we wait Amanda Waller series promises to be a direct sequel Peacemakerstopped to allow Gunn to concentrate on his new responsibilities.

LanternsIt will be centered in Green’s team Flashlightpromises to be at the production level HBO is the most demanding in its approach True detective. Eventually, DC will begin production on it the game of Thrones superhero with Heaven Lostexploration of the island Themyscira Before Wonder was born woman. “This is really about the politics of the entire women’s community.

And it will be comedy with Booster Golda production to follow “A future loser who uses technology to return to our modern times and pretend to be a superhero.

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