The Premier League is finally available!

Fans of the “Fantasy” game with virtual player cards had only one word on their lips on Monday: The Premier League is indeed Sorare’s partner. More than the desire of the entire community, this announcement is a new sign of the expansion of the game in all continents, with all the major leagues of the world relying on the project carried out by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort.

That’s why the first auctions have already taken place for mind-boggling sums, and this weekend will mark the first ‘Games Week’, with players from the English Championship taking part in most players’ compositions. So what does this new partnership really mean for Sorare? Is this a new deal that could open up new development prospects for its community, or will the concept struggle to establish itself on the Channel? Try to answer.

Sorare Premier League, what’s new?

While some Premier League players will be “playable” in Sorare thanks to cards published during the game’s transition to another championship covered, this partnership with Europe’s biggest league marks the beginning of an auction of player cards from the Premier League.

With a reworked design for attitude and special visuals for this first edition, it is therefore possible to overpay any player who plays in the main European championships on the auction market, and even with resales that can explode with its arrival. new championship. Among the cards most expected by managers is Kevin De Bruyne and his astonishing memory, given that many players already have Erling Haaland due to his time at Borussia Dortmund.

While the “#1” cards found record numbers of takers, especially in the Limited market, due to strong demand, the winning amounts needed to win the following cards have decreased slightly, demonstrating that these new cards have been very well received. the whole community.

In addition, Premier League cards have already been added to the prize pools, which can be extended to managers who have performed well in this week’s ‘Week of the Game’, which opens on Tuesday.

Was Sorare missing a major championship in the Premier League?

The Jupiler Pro Ligue (Belgian first division), which delighted Sorare fans in the first seasons, then the Premier League from the start of the 2022/23 season, with successive partnerships with the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1. The missing championship for Sorare fans.

If the announcements of the partnership between the French company and the English championship appeared about a month ago, the officialization and marketing of NFTs in the colors of the Premier League teams pleased not only this Monday, but all players. .

Despite the lack of coverage of some clubs (including RC Lens, Inter Milan and Juventus Turin), the Premier League has a strategy of expansion into the most competitive leagues, with established long-term partnerships across Europe. However, Sorare has yet to formalize partnerships with the J-League (Japan) and K-League (South Korea), two championships that are very popular among their players.

What are the development prospects for the game thanks to this partnership with the Premier League?

As described in the partnership with the NBA, Sorare aims to bring its player base (mostly European and French) to managers around the world. Despite Sorare’s highly successful debut for the NBA, expansion to the US market has yet to be demonstrated, the mission to add the Premier League to the licensed leagues is clear: to convince Anglo-Saxon football lovers to embark on the Sorare adventure.
With a newbie game mode that was updated just a week ago and a card market that seems to be on the rise again, the outlook for the game is looking positive for the game, which saw an increase in accounts with the first investment on Monday. Premier League partnership announcement.

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