signs of treasure – Salvation

Apart from the usual slogans written on trade union banners, the Paris march “Freedom” saw more creative and more personal messages.

“Look at Rolex, it’s time for a revolution” These words, written in red and black ink, James waved at arm’s length on a makeshift poster painfully taped to a cardboard sleeve. Next to this slogan, the 25-year-old drew the old man with his white hair standing on end and his raised fist like a mad scientist calling for rebellion: “For this sign, I was inspired by a comic book called Me old stoves, describes a high school Life and Earth Science teacher. This comic tells the story of three little old men who are union members, and when they demonstrate, this very sign appears.the professor continues, mobilized for his own, especially his parents’ pension.

Like James, there are countless protestors mobilizing against pension reform among the conventional formulas written on union flags, devising their own slogans and competing in imagination and creativity to make their voices heard.

“Eat my cat, not my pension”

As the cortege marches quietly along the boulevard l’Hôpital, signs with bold formulas stand out in the landscape. “Not Macron’s whores”, can we read in red and white letters on a cardboard poster, a little distance away a young woman wrapped in a red scarf holds tightly to the cardboard we see: “Eat my cat, not my pension.”

Revolutionary, poetic, provocative (and sometimes irreverent), there’s something for everyone. Not far from the Gobelins factory, a man hastily stops to draw a poster of Quentin – a bit provocative: “I dream of breaking my ass like Macron violated the rights of the French people” you can read there. And here’s a way for this graphic design student to put the art of signage at the service of the sling: “It’s a way for us artists to feel useful. Because we put what we know at the service of the movement. Moreover, there is a form of artistic imitation to create the most beautiful poster“, he says with some air of pride, between two puffs of sunglasses that he lifts into his long hair.

“You left us 64? We repeat May 68” : this slogan, Annie saw on Twitter, during the last demonstration against the pension reform in Bordeaux on January 19. A wooden plinth and later a piece of cardboard were found in his garage, and this is the poster he will wear on the streets of Paris: “I am a woman and I was born in 1973, so this reform victimized me. she wails, tucking her nose into her beige woolen coat for warmth, and adds: The creativity of the struggle has no equal in France. Slogans, placards, placards, these are all part of the struggle. And I would even say it’s part of our model. When it is said that the French are lazy, it is a lie. It is not because we no longer work that we are useless and profiteers.

“The Big Vacation”

In the middle of the walk, Joel swings a blue telescopic broom stick, at the end of which is placed a placard. chain slaughter, where a vindictive-looking Emmanuel Macron is killing the climate, unemployment, pensions and even the hospital. “Today, image plays an increasingly important role, especially in social networks he breathes under his gray moustache. Thus, it can be the main weapon to fight power, adds. And a student of calligraphy passes very close to him holding a placard written in pink letters: “The Big Holiday”, an enthusiastic version of the traditional “general strike”.

As night falls over the scene, we still see a slogan richly rhyming in the distance: “Kill yourself for the task, not for Macron or the bosses”. He rubs his shoulders in a shorter but less obvious way: “He’s dead.”

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