Sex, stars and dinosaurs, discover the Netflix movie program in February 2023

news culture Sex, stars and dinosaurs, discover the Netflix movie program in February 2023

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If February is only synonymous with cold weather and hot chocolate for some, it’s also Valentine’s Day. Whatever your situation, Netflix has got you covered and plans to add plenty of movies to its catalog this month. Discover some of the best of them thanks to our selection.


  • Interstellar
  • Sex Friends
  • A Star Is Born
  • Mission Impossible: Fallout
  • Jurassic Park (and its sequel)
  • 1917
  • Other films available on Netflix in February 2023


Since it was shown in cinemas in 2014, Interstellar definitely noted fans of science fiction films. The director is the famous Christopher Nolan (tenet, Primarytrilogy The Dark Knight), the film invites you to follow a team of astronauts on their mission as they search for a new planet to inhabit in order to save humanity. Unfortunately, they will have to go through a wormhole to do so and be exposed to an amazing time difference with planet Earth, whose inhabitants will age faster than them. Worn by a 5 star cast including the talented Matthew McConaughey.He founded Wall Street) and Anne Hathaway (Rise of the Dark Knight), the feature film is also notable for the quality of Hans Zimmer’s music and breathtaking visuals. Something to spend a memorable evening alone or as a couple.

  • Available February 1st
  • All about Interstellar on Allociné

Sex Friends

If you’re looking for the perfect romantic comedy for a romantic evening on Valentine’s Day, look no further! released in 2011, Sex Friends It tells the story of Adam and Emma, ​​played by Ashton Kutcher (That 70’s Show) and Natalie Portman (Thor: Love and Lightning). After several dates without any romantic results, the two young men decide to have sex only and promise each other not to go any further. They define several rules that must not be broken in order to fulfill this promise. It is clear that some feelings will interfere with this small project in spite of them, it will bring certain complications. If it begins a little history, Ivan Reitman’s film (ghost hunters) remains a classic of the genre, which will be perfect for the evening of February 14.

  • Available February 1st
  • All about Sex Buddies on Allociné

A Star Is Born

Does Sex Buddies seem a little old fashioned for your evening as a couple? Try instead A Star Is Born. Released in 2018, this film is the first feature film directed by Bradley Cooper (very bad trip). He plays a famous country singer who, putting himself in the role of Jackson Maine, accidentally discovers another singer who is still unknown to the public: Ally Campana, a translation of the famous Lady Gaga. The feature film will then be an opportunity to follow this cursed love story between an artist in decline and an artist in full swing, as well as to (re)discover the famous song Shallow, which was awarded Best Original Song at the 2019 Oscars. Imagine singing a duet again with your significant other, perhaps with a little less class than Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

  • Available February 1st
  • All About A Star is Born in Allocine

Mission Impossible: Fallout

We present to you, this might not be the movie we expected to hit Netflix on Valentine’s Day. Still good Mission Impossible: Fallout, the sixth part of the saga, which you can find on the SVOD platform on February 14. Still directed by Christopher McQuarrie (at the helm of the saga since episode 4), this feature film will allow you to find Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his gang (Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson) on a new action-packed mission. Direct sequel Rogue Nation (released in 2015), the main characters this time will have to face the terrorist group called “Apostles” and will have to make a short trip around the world that will take them through our dear capital. The menu contains only impressive gadgets with hidden and memorable action scenes of Tom Cruise, in short, enough to prepare for their arrival. Dead reckoning This year.

Jurassic Park (and its sequel)

Warning to dinosaur fans and nostalgics: saga Jurassic park finally coming to Netflix! From February 16 this year, you will actually be able to discover or rediscover the first three episodes of the cult saga (Jurassic park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic park 3) as well as the first opus that marked their return to cinema (Jurassic World) without moving from your couch! Created by the great Steven Spielberg, this saga, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2023, simply redefined entertainment cinema and set a new standard in terms of special effects, while providing an adventure that audiences won’t soon forget. We allow you to enjoy this religious experience and rock your ears to the memorable music of John Williams.

  • Available February 16
  • All about Jurassic Park on Allocine


To end the month in style, Netflix decided to work twice as hard and offer all its subscribers the opportunity to discover. 1917. The 2020 Oscar winner for Cinematography, Sound Mixing and Visual Effects was also nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Set Design and Best Picture. Suffice it to say that Sam Mendes’ feature film (Sky Fall) is probably one of the best action movies we’ve seen in a long time, and it would be a real crime to miss. Carried by two talented actors (George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman), the film tells the story of two soldiers who must cross enemy lines in the middle of trench warfare to warn their allies of an impending trap. Edited almost like one giant sequence, the film will make its characters feel in danger at every moment, and even give you a memorable climactic scene that we’ll let you discover for yourself.

  • Available February 24
  • About 1917 in Allocine

Other films available on Netflix in February 2023

  • Sincerely (01 February)
  • Five (01 February)
  • The Odyssey (01 February)
  • Cats (February 01)
  • You are in my house and vice versa (February 10)
  • More Barbie Movies (February 16)
  • Unlocked (February 17)
  • The Richard Jewell case (February 19)

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