Sea Shepherd rescues stranded seal on Etretat beach

He had been swimming on the beach for two days. The adult seal was rescued by Sea Shepherd Ocean Conservation Association lifeguards on Etretat beach overnight from Monday to Tuesday. According to the institution, no center wants to take care of an old and very weakened animal, it turns to facilities equipped to ensure its health status.

The volunteers waited all night for the Sea Shepherd to arrive, covering the seal with a blanket. “The seal is too weak”, Sea Shepherd says, but there is nothing to determine his age with certainty (even if, given his size, he is an adult).

According to the association, no rescue center wanted to visit Normandy Beach. “Our goal is not to create a controversy about health centers, explains on Facebook. On the other hand, we are describing a very real situation here, which needs to be corrected. A dangerous seal is abandoned without coming to assess its health condition.

The animal was spotted by hikers from Etretat on Sunday, and the police even intervened to drive the curious away from the animal.

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