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Almost Candlemas is back! On this occasion, we reveal some tips for making a delicious crepe Suzette.

It’s hard to imagine Candlemas without these endless pancakes with butter sauce… even if they’re good the rest of the year!

We don’t know exactly the origin of crepe Suzette… But according to the most popular legend, they were created by celebrities. Auguste Escoffier.
The inventor of modern gastronomy prepared this recipe for the future King Edward VII of England in Monaco in 1896. .
The prince would insist on christening this dessert after the accompanying woman; actress Suzanne Reichenberg . Crêpes de Suzanne later became Crêpes Suzette.

These pancakes are a bit more technical than others as they have a special sauce and can even be flamed for the more adventurous. That’s why we’ve put together the best tips for you to easily succeed.

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How to succeed in pancake batter?

The basis of any good crepe is obviously a successful batter. To put it on the other side and make a perfectly smooth dough, first you need to sift your flour (a fine mesh strainer can also do the trick).

If you don’t have anything to grind your flour with, you can still get the ingredients by following the order of adding them to the letter . It’s not about pouring things into a bowl or haphazardly…

Another trick is to heat the milk before gradually incorporating it into the flour. . This way, and with a good whisk, you should be able to get a lump-free dough!
But if that doesn’t help, you can always isolate the stubborn lumps and remove them separately with a whisk and a little extra milk.

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How to make your Suzette sauce easily?

Ingredients for 4 people):

  • 8 cubes of sugar
  • 25 grams of butter
  • 8 pancakes
  • 1 orange
  • 20cl Grand Marnier

(You can add cognac or even lemon to the recipe.)

Before starting, we recommend bringing a large enough non-stick pan it will make your life easier and save your time.
The secret to making Suzette sauce easily is to start by heating the sugar in a dry (without water or oil) pan over medium heat. When the sugar starts to melt, it’s time to add the orange juice and stir.

Then bring the mixture to a boil to melt the rest of the caramel. Remember to reduce the sauce by about two-thirds, this will concentrate the flavors and thicken it. .

All that’s left is to add the pieces of butter and the orange zest before gently mixing to bind everything together. Be careful, once you add the butter, the sauce should not boil again, at the risk of separating the fat from the sauce…
The sauce is ready, you can slide your pancakes folded into four in the pan.

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How to properly fry Suzette crepes?

This may be the trickiest maneuver in the recipe, but it’s a great step if you want to show off in front of your friends or family!

Heat the Grand-Marnier in a separate pot from the other preparation and wait until it is hot . Next, pour the alcohol over your pancakes and approach with a match or lighter. As soon as the flame appears, shake the pan and wait for it to go out.
The alcohol will evaporate and leave a delicate aroma on the pancakes.

Ready to serve!

Follow the Crêpes Suzette recipe step by step

Find our recipe for easy Suzette crepes to apply all our tips and make delicious crepe Suzette.

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