9 innovations to keep in mind

publication CES 2023 allowed the emergence of different brands amazing innovations in games. Apart from the long-awaited projects in technology, some companies have left their suitcases at the biggest technology exhibition. futuristic and unusual devices.

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For gaming enthusiasts, this event remains a unique opportunity to discover the latest technologies in their field. It took place from January 5 to 8, 2023. If you’re not there, find it here The best things to remember in gaming at CES 2023.

Odyssey Neo G9: a giant curved OLED display for gamers

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At CES 2023, South Korea’s Samsung did not impress with its new Neo G9 display. It’s a 57-inch diagonal 8K curved mini-LED gaming monitor. This screen of exceptional quality offers a 32:9 aspect ratio, For a resolution of 7680 x 2160 pixels. Like most ultrawide screens, The Odyssey offers dual screen configurations without causing a physical separation between the two. This feature positively stimulates the interest of players, lovers of racing simulation.

Sony’s new PlayStation headset

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Among the important innovations, Sony offers PlayStation VR2 gadget with impressive virtual reality. The headset for PlayStation 5 tracks eye movements during video game sessions. It will be available with the game soon The Dark: Switchback VRspiritual continuation Until Blood Dawn. The brand also plans to take advantage of an additional feature that allows players to track their views on the headset. The release of the gadget is scheduled for February 22 at a price of 599 euros.

PlayStation 5 controller for people with disabilities

Joystick_PlayStation_5 for_disabled_people
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Apart from the electric car, Sony is also presenting the Leonardo Project at the CES 2023 edition. An exclusive set for PlayStation. Consisting of a customizable PlayStation controller, this gadget offers greater accessibility to gamers who suffer from limited motor control. It sits easily on an electronic surface or tripod and requires no holding. The Leonardo project can be used alone or with DualSens controllers. These two accessories will appear as a single controller during games on PlayStation 5. In this case, the player can cooperate with another person to control the game better.

Japanese Sony and Honda’s Afeela electric car

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Sony and Honda showed their prototype at the American exhibition this year city ​​car Afeela with unique features. With a significant range, this level 3 electric car has impressive features. First of all, it can move on its own in a traffic jam if all conditions specific to its use are met.

Likewise, bypasses the required security gap. This vehicle remains a glimpse into the future goals of these two great entertainment professionals, whose ultimate goal in gaming is to create exceptional mobile spaces. Note that Afeela’s first pre-orders will begin in 2025 for deliveries scheduled for spring 2026.


AromaPlayer connected necklace

Last year, publisher Ubisoft introduced during a communication campaign, a mask that lets you smell the nauseating scent of a video game character when you fart. At CES 2023, Aromajoin packed its bags with a similar project: connected AromaPlayer necklace.

With its very subtle and interesting features, this gadget helps make video games feel more realistic. So, thanks to several aroma cartridges (from grapes to cigarettes). the collar is used to diffuse video game scents to the wearer. It offers an extra degree of immersion with a customizable olfactory experience and synchronization between images and scents.

BMW i Vision Dee chameleon car

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after Ix Flow car BMW, which can switch from black to white in a second, appeared at the US show with a more advanced Dee Movie version. A real concentration of innovation, this futuristic prototype caught the attention of more than one person thanks to the 32 colors available for the body. The latter, in particular, consists of 20 segments that can be controlled independently. So, the player can easily create different patterns according to their wishes with one click.

Asus laptops with 3D effects without glasses

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This year Asus brand declares one of the futuristic effects on behalf of the two PCs without the obligation to wear an accessory:

  • ProArt Studiobok Pro 3D OLED;
  • Vivobook Pro 16X 3D OLED.

So in the near future players will be able to experience new sensations on their laptops, thanks to “autostereoscopic” 3D effects, but this time without glasses. They will allow players to get more involved in the game and look at the work of artists with new eyes. These effects can also be compared to the Nintendo 3DS at the time.

LG’s wireless OLED TV and Displace

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Displace has developed an interesting project around a 55-inch TV that is wireless and works with a 180-hour battery. more amazing, This gadget offers a suction wall hanging system this will definitely interest you. You just need to put the TV on the wall and turn it on. Then the system will take care of inhaling air for 10-12 seconds for fixation. The gadget is then kept this way thanks to the integrated algorithm against drops. For gamers, this wonder will offer 180 hours of uninterrupted gameplay before any recharge limit.

Samsung Display’s Foldable and Stretchable Flex Hybrid Display

Fold_and_extend_Flex_Hybrid_screen from Samsung_Display
Samsung credits

Samsung Display is known as the world’s largest smartphone display provider. Always looking to uphold that reputation, the brand is out in force at CES 2023 with a prototype OLED display that can be folded on the left side and stretched on the right side. This innovation clearly demonstrates that Samsung has mastered OLED display technology and can use it to achieve wonders. For lovers of video games on portable devices, this innovation certainly offers more surprises and opportunities.

These various innovations come at the right time, as 2023 promises to be rich in video games. Thus, players will be able to enjoy a better experience and an immersive adventure. You know what to do to avoid missing out on results.

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