“You increase wages with higher margins”

Les Nouvelles Publications: On the occasion of the wishes of UPE 13, you went to meet business leaders. How was the feedback from the “field” at the beginning of the year? And what message are you sending?

Philippe Corcia: There is one small increase in failures, but these are already weakened companies. A new phenomenon can be seen on the side of business leaders who prefer to throw in the towel without going through the recovery box. I think we are at a crossroads. At a certain point, the economic situation can be bad, but it can also be positive. Companies in our area came out of the crisis better than others. They are better capitalized, stronger, more networked and well run. We have an entrepreneurial audience ready to face crises. The problem comes from the repetition of these crises… In order to turn the page, it is necessary to get out “at all costs”. In any event, the state can no longer afford it. Companies must live and continue to grow at the expense of the value created. I don’t want a “sponsored” economy.

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Well, how to do it?

This is necessary enable companies to invest and project themselves, reinvents itself at a certain number of points. I’m thinking specifically about the development of a true culture of the margin. Companies do not charge fair value for their services. We must understand that it is desirable to go beyond three or four without shame. I am in favor of creating a virtuous circle: companies increase margins, work among themselves and behind each other in the same area, do their jobs, which is to say, create wealth and increase wages as much as possible. I also think that it is necessary to promote the work of the elderly. The topic came up again with the pension reform. There, too, The mentality of business leaders must change.

Exactly, how do you feel about the movement against the pension reform that started on January 19?

This is not only a movement against pension reform, but also a social movement the general is bored. This is a way of saying to the government: You still want extra effort from us… But if we value our pension system, this effort is necessary. Otherwise, it will not continue! We have to deal with it now or it will fall apart.

Apart from this pension reform, a more global reform should be carried out: this the place of the elderly in the labor market. Companies require workers in their 50s and 60s. They have experience. As I said, I urge business leaders to change the way they look at seniors.

You talk about a bored general. Do you understand the concerns and challenges of low wages amid the rising cost of living?

Today, it is no longer possible to live decently when the salary is low. The state has a role in eliminating low incomes. I don’t want us to produce a poor worker. Today, with the increase in inflation, it is very difficult to live when the gross reaches 1500-1800 euros at the end of the month. I for one measured wage growth, not by the state, but in concert in companies. I am in favor of reducing social security payments, especially for low wages.

What is the role of the employers’ movement in this disturbed social, environmental, international and economic context, in a situation where our criteria are changing very quickly?

The difficulties we have been through, such as the Covid epidemic and its effects on the economy, have reminded us of the importance of the trade union movement, whether it is an employer or an employee. Obviously there is return of employers’ unionsto defend our values ​​and needs, to meet, exchange, help each other and network for the economic world.

Becoming a company with a mission, UPE 13 projects itself to 2050

These events also remind the government that it is necessary they rely on intermediary bodies strong and a representative with whom to dialogue. If we do not go through them, we cut ourselves off from reality. These intermediary institutions also have a role in regulating social or protest movements. During a strike, you can talk to the workers’ union, and the latter can control and put an end to the discontent.

Regarding the role of UPE 13 between 2020 and 2023, we wanted to develop our services to support companies on very specific topics. We have it too We confirmed our role as an employers’ association by bringing the voice of companies to national or local political decision-makers where appropriate. This policy has paid off today. UPE unites 14,000 companies of all sizes for 400,000 employees in 13 territories.

What place should the company take in this context?

It plays a greater role in the city than ever before, producing wealth and jobs. We got lucky in Bouches-du-Rhône benefit from the family business which is very attached to its territory, even attached to it and contributing to its vitality. That’s a huge strength for our department, and so the economy has weathered it pretty well. A few days ago, I gathered representatives of our major banks to urge them not to relax their efforts to support business. It is not the banks that decide to raise interest rates or bank fees, but it is important that they continue. finances the projects of our economy. This is what UPE 13 is for: building bridges between banks and companies, delivering messages to government authorities and helping entrepreneurs to help each other.

UPE 13 bets on youth and energy transition at the Orange Vélodrome

To continue building bridges, we’re relaunching on March 28, our Sud Business Day, with the help of Club Top 20. It will be about bringing together the area’s large companies and SMEs to encourage them to think about their common needs and encourage them to work together. UPE 13 also activates the crisis section to come to the aid of companies in trouble at the beginning of the year, marked by inflation and rising energy costs.

Founders of Sud Place Financière. (Credit: DR)

You are the vice president of Sud Place Financière. How will this tool help our business?

Marseille and our region lacked two tools: a brand and territorial marketing agency, and then a financial center. Now we have “One Provence”, which does not replace the work of Provence Promotion, but complements it. And we have a Judicial Finance Center. This is the financial center will allow autonomy in the selection and financing of projects that will make sense in the regional area. Thanks to the participation of all financing operators, we will be able to access large-scale operations.I wish that by the end of my term we will have a Unicorn in Provence. This financial center will also support companies in the process of transition to the environment.

Dominique Bluzet is the president of metropolitan marketing agency

Climate change is at the center of attention and concern. How did you react to the robbery of the Lafarge factory?

It’s a shame! Moreover, the destruction of a working tool, which is a factory that wants to be a pilot in terms of transition to the environment, is incomprehensible and counterproductive. Today, no businessman is climatoscopic. The solution passes eco-responsible developments carried out within companies. All of them are striving towards the preservation of the planet on their own scale and with their capabilities.

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