Updates to watch in February 2023

The Paramount Plus streaming platform has a number of new shows scheduled for February 2023. Whether it’s original content, classics or must-sees, below is a list of new releases you won’t want to miss.

Paramount More is a streaming platform that allows subscribers to access thousands of movies and series online. With an inexhaustible catalog and new releases every month, this is the ideal place for an SVOD service motion pictures and serials. For the month of February 2023, the platform has partnered with entertainment industry giants to offer its subscribers an exclusive selection of content. Here’s a quick look at the new features that shouldn’t miss your binge-watcher radar!

Paramount plus: one of the most popular streaming platforms

Looking for the most effective way to enjoy the latest trending series and movies? Paramount Plus is for you! Developed by Paramount Pictures and Viacom CBS, this platform offers a variety of opportunities movies, TV series, documentaries and original content, as well as classic TV shows and live sporting events. It is also considered one streaming platforms the most famous and the most complete.

Paramount plus: new products not to be missed

Teenage monster movie

Fans of werewolves and other creatures of the night eagerly awaited the continuation of the Teen Wolf series on the small screen. To satisfy his audience, Russell Mulcahy (the famous director of Highlander) made the choice. A feature film called Teen Wolf: The Movie. A movie where Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) has to turn to his old friends (Banshees, The Kitsunes…) for help when danger looms over the town of Beacon Hills.

Series executive Jeff Davis has revealed that the feature film will be an opportunity to see our beloved alpha’s first love Alison again, whom everyone believed to be dead. And contrary to what you might think, it’s not a camera. Indeed, he will have a very important role in the film. Which one? We let you discover the rest.

Dear – Season 2

After a two-year wait, Bryan Cranston (Malcolm, Breaking Bad) makes a shocking return as Judge Michael Desiato on Season 2 of Your Honor.

Let’s remember that the 1st season was special aimed at referee Michael Desiato tries to cover up his son for the murder of a young man after a car accident. Unfortunately for him, he happens to be the son of the late king of bastards. The latter also set himself the main mission of finding the killer.

In this new installment, the thriller thus gives our judge a chance to atone. Will he take on his responsibilities? The answer is in the next 10 episodes.

King of Tulsa

Tulsa King is a new mafia series directed by Taylor Sheridan. It’s critically acclaimed, buzzing the internet and getting reviews from hundreds of people. It must be said that the return of Sylvester Stallone is a real boon for fans of the genre.

This Paramount Plus innovation follows the story of New York mob boss Dwight Manfredi, also known as The General. After spending the last 25 years in prison, he is exiled by his superior to Tulsa, the second city of Oklahoma. Dwight will soon realize that the latter has little interest at heart. He will then assemble a team of unlikely characters build a new criminal empire in a previously unknown location.

monster pack

February will be Supernatural Month on Paramount Plus. Indeed, a spin-off of the Jeff Davis-produced Wolf Pack series will be released on the same day as the Teen Wolf movie.

The story focuses on the characters of two teenagers named Armani Jackson (Everett) and Bella Shepard (Blake). attack by mythical creatures California has just woken up from hibernation with wildfires. One thing is for sure: this fascinating series promises hours of thrills and chills. And the icing on the cake: actress Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) will also be part of the cast.

The Fine Line

The Thin Line tells the story of twins Anna and Benny, experienced hackers and environmentalists who decide to attack a government server. However, this action of theirs will not leave the police services unaffected, and they quickly left. In this pursuit, Anna is caught and serves her sentence in prison. In turn, his sister joins the ranks of a group of radical terrorists. An alliance that will push him beyond limits he could never have imagined.

With a well-crafted script and a particularly dynamic story, A Thin Line has plenty of action and tension to keep you hooked from start to finish. On the casting side, we see Saskia Rosendahl as Anna and Hanna Hilsdorf as Benny.

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Paramount plus: a complete list of new features

  • Followers – February 3
  • King of Tulsa – February 12th
  • Teen Wolf: The Movie – 01 February
  • Pack of wolves – February 1
  • Dear Sir – Season 2 – February 3
  • Midnight – February 10
  • A thin line – February 16

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