This video showing a rotating sandwich has successfully crashed several iPhones

The video is very simple: there is a rolling sandwich and a little countdown. For the past few days, this few-second clip managed to crash TikTok’s app on iPhone devices, now it seems that the bug has been fixed.

Today it’s bun, yesterday it’s Indian font. In the past few days, there has been a video that has some Apple programmers shaking their wrists. Dangerous company secrets, no sneaky plans for new devices (not even the long-awaited audience), just a sandwich that rotates intensively and then occupies the entire smartphone screen.

It seems like harmless content, but this video is deadly for any iPhone, or so the legend goes. Indeed, if a video appears in For You on an Apple-made device, it can immediately close the app. The origin of this sequence, often accompanied by a countdown, is difficult to trace.

TikTok has seen the problem. Sandwich research focuses on real gourmet sandwich recipes. And we’ve seen it removed time and time again from smaller profiles that continue to post. His only personal account is NirunPro123, the profile belongs to a Sri Lankan guy. Here, the video of the sandwich that turns and locks the iPhone has reached 2.3 million views.

But can sandwich really block TikTok on iPhone?

On the morning of January 30, we ran tests on various Apple devices. Video did not work both on iOS 16, the latest operating system, and on other devices that appeared instead of older systems, iOS 14. Even if you open it from TikTok, the app stays firmly in place and the countdown never ends. However, there are several videos on social media showing the bug in action a few days before the sandwich. Even the magazine SmartWorld, which specializes in the field of technology, recently showed various tests in which the rotating sandwich managed to block the TikTok application on the iPhone. It is not clear how this result can be achieved: there is probably a sequence of pixels or sounds towards the end of the video that the iOS operating system reads as errors.

Videos that can freeze iPhones

So if the sandwich bug seems to have been fixed by the developers, there are always more videos to prank iPhone owners. In fact, the error does not cause any problems other than closing the program. In particular, there is a very delicate video with sound that is not easy to listen to and can crash TikTok on iPhone and Mac. The clip has been circulating on TikTok for a while now and often comes with a disturbing gap. It’s written BE NIGHT.

TIKTOK |  A video screen that can actually block TikTok

TIKTOK | A video screen that can actually block TikTok

A story of Indian character

Before TikTok videos, there was only one icon that could lock the entire iPhone operating system. Everything happened in February 2018. Known as Telugu Char, this font is used by 5% of India’s population. Just send it to your iPhone and only the preview can freeze the whole iPhone. After turning it back on, the problem persisted. Couldn’t open the messaging app where it was sent because it was showing up in the chat preview anyway.

The only way to fix it was to ask the person who sent it to send a new message and then delete the entire conversation without entering the conversation. Telugu bug affected 11.2.5 OS. Apple finally had to release a 40 Mega small update to prevent all their devices from getting stuck in front of a single character. And also because you don’t need to go to find a character to block the phone: it was enough to send it from any contact.

FANPAGE.IT |  Indian character that can lock iPhone | Indian character that can lock iPhone

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