The Real Madrid Foundation presents the book “La Decimocuarta”. La Champions de las Remontadas’

NEWS. 30.01.2023

Florentino Pérez explained: “This is a story of our emotions and our dreams, which does not end there.”

The book was presented by the Real Madrid Foundation Decimocuarta. Champions of comebacks (“The Decimocuarta. La Ligue des Champions des remontadas”, in French) in the auditorium of the offices of Ciudad Real Madrid. In addition to the author of the book, Enrique Ortego, the president Florentino Pérez, the president of the Planeta y Atresmedia group, José Kreuheras. At the event, the executive vice-president of the Real Madrid Foundation, Enrique Sánchez, the captains of the first football team, Nacho , Modric and Carvajal, coach Carlo Ancelotti and legends Roberto Carlos, Casillas, Arbeloa and Felipe Reyes were also present.

Followed by a moving video featuring some of the best moments from the coronation DecimocuartaThe president of Real Madrid said: “Today is a very special day for everyone Madridistas. Everything we feel and experience can be found in the pages of this new book. It is the story of our emotions and dreams that does not end there. We always want more and that’s why every title is an incentive to continue strengthening this legend and the myth of Real Madrid. We wrote this story together. And we will write the next date together.

“The book Champions of comebacks It is part of the collection that was put up for sale in Lisbon Decimaa moment that always moves us, we Madridistas. This is the fruit of the eternal love story between the European Cup and Real Madrid. The Madridistas and we, the fans, who feel this passion for football all over the world, will never forget how Real Madrid won the fourteenth European Cup.

Magical nights at the Bernabeu
“The magical nights at the Bernabeu are explained in these values. The Real Madrid shirt and crest not only symbolize success, but above all the path to get there. Titles are won with work, sacrifice, respect, humility, solidarity and respect. Unshakable faith in what is sacred to us. : Real Madrid never give up and give everything until the end.”

“It’s an explanation of what happened again last season. A team of players who feel special in this shirt. Madridistasalways striving for titles and victories and perfectly matching all these values ​​that underpin our identity. Players who are already legends of Real Madrid and world football. And a coach like Carlo Ancelotti who was able to create a family atmosphere and atmosphere around this extraordinary team of players.”

Real Madrid crowd
“With the best crowd in the world, they made sure that the Santiago Bernabeu is a magical place again. madridistan lived his dreams once again. This communication between our public and our team is also a way of understanding life. It’s a relationship we have Madridistas to face the most difficult times. When it seems like everything is over, we try things that seem impossible to many.”

Jose Creuheras: “This is a work we are proud to participate in book form”
“This is a work that we are proud to be part of in the form of a book. Football is visual, you have to live it, but when there are gestures like this, it is another way to remember them. It is like a photo album. Once it is in a book, it is more important. Florentino Perez has the greats and referents of history: you do something extraordinary, very ordinary. Real Madrid still believe in it until the end and will continue to make history. We will be there to explain it in the book.”

Enrique Ortego: “Freedom takes us on a journey through the most exciting four months in the club’s history”
“This is an unprecedented achievement, because winning four Champions Leagues in the last eight years is something unprecedented in the history of the competition. This book takes us on a journey through a time tunnel and remembers everything that happened last season. We were the most excited. Four months in the history of a club with a history of more than 120 years .Relive the book Champions of comebacks, is to plunge into the world of emotions. Heroes of valor tell us about their exploits. These are the six stories that form the basis of the book.”

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