Review VF – Dark Crisis in Infinite Lands Tome 1

Dark Crisis in Infinite Lands Volume 1 – Urban Comics – €30

  • Script: Joshua Williamson, Jeremy Adams, Tom King, Philip Kennedy Johnson, Chuck Brown, Stephanie Phillips, Dennis Culver
  • Design: Daniel Sampere, Rafa Sandoval, Amancay Nahuelpan, Jim Cheung, Dan Jurgens, Rosi Kampe, Fico Ossio, Leila Del Duca, Clayton Henry, Chris Burnham, Fernando Blanco

Beyond the simple crossover or classic monthly event, the universe DC comics He has several experiences for nearly 85 years Crises. These are Crises are major stories in continuity that shake up the entire DC Universe. as part of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earthsthis is the latestUrban comics It announced its completion in two volumes, the first in January 2023 and the second in April. The director of this great event Joshua Williamson (Flash Rebirth, Batman Infinite, Robin Infinite, Deathstroke Inc., Batman Shadow War) and made by several artists, the main one Daniel Sampere (Injustice 2, Superman Infinite). Finally, reading from a more personal perspective a Crisis can be an interesting exercise because it is an opportunity to put your knowledge of the universe and your memory to good use DCseeing its characters, their interactions, and their implications for the future of the series.


Before starting the reading of this first volume Dark Crisis on Infinite Earthsit is important to note that it is not (generally) a gateway to the universe. DC, despite showing the number 1 on the back. To help guide yourself, I strongly recommend reading this article written by the team: Dossier – What is Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths? (DC Infinite). It follows the timeline of the differences Crises, summarizes their impact on sustainability, and above all, explains how to obtain said titles. This saves you from searching for information in the infinity of the Internet and confusing all kinds of information sources.

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths it also requires some character requirements. In this regard, there are no surprises, the best way to learn more about them is to read about their adventures in their own series. You are probably more or less familiar Nightwing, Flash Where Supermanbut the central character of this event is above all else Pariah (image below). And for that, if there was only one volume to read before Dark Crisis on Infinite Earthsthat would be obvious Crisis on Infinite Earths. These are only suggested reading tips for you, nothing mandatory, but you risk missing a reference with them. Finally, as always, Urban comics provides a preface summarizing the recent adventures in a few lines and a reading guide in the final pages of the volume.

dark crisis t1 image


Now that we’ve gotten to the heart of the matter, it’s time to dive into what this first volume has to offer. Dark Crisis of Infinite Earths. We can divide the 328 of the volume into 4 “different” contents: No. 75 Justice Leaguethose who Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths (including interludes), those Infinite Flash and finally the filler numbers (Superman and Green lantern). you should thank Urban comics to arrange the sequence of episodes as consistently as possible. The story starts very sharp and tense as we get right after the ending DC Infinite Frontier – Justice Incarnate. Indeed, we are faced with an inevitable approach The Great Darkness, Calvin Ellis (Superman of Place 23) calls Justice League attack from the opposite front Pariah and dark avatars. And we can say that the conflict is Dantesque (albeit very short), each enemy is isolated by a huge threat on its own.

It’s not a spoiler because it’s written on the back of the cover and has a title inside Justice League disappears and thus remains unclaimed Place is one of the greatest heroes. black man The world, the sole survivor and witness of this tragedy, is either facing defeat or now Titans including one: Nightwing. This is a general reflection of the will of the remaining heroes, the screenwriter Joshua Williamsonbecause it is not random Nightwingaka first Robinit is also the first assistant in its history DC. Finally, it’s time for the second generation of heroes to take over, and time is running out. This volume will be quite busy with bringing different personalities together and looking around for a solid leader Flash (Barry Allen) to resist its arrival The Great Darkness about Place.

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It goes without saying that the best issues are dedicated issues Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths. Several times we participate in meetings and face-to-face anthology meetings (in particular Nightwing vs. DeathstrokeWhere Superboy vs Cyborg Superman). Admittedly, the emphasis is not on young heroes, but also Green Lantern Corps and flash family. In fact, everything shows that Hal Jordan and Barry Allen will play a big role in the future. plot of Flash very reminiscent of family cartoon episodes Justice League with these many other worlds. As for the antagonists, it lacks originality. Let’s face it, we understand their motivations better Pariah (these are basically the same as Infinite Crisis) and Deathstroke ones, but the other stories feel very deja vu. Finally, when it comes to filler episodes, they explain how the world will evolve Justice League never existed. They’re all just anecdotes because there’s not enough backstory to focus on these stories in issue one.

As for the graphic part, there is a nice anthology, that’s what I subjectively noticed. Amancay Nahuelpan series developer Flash, and it’s really quite right, especially since it perfectly represents 3 different atmospheric styles for the script’s needs. Next comes Rafa Sandovalin whose announcement No. 75 then Justice League gave a curse. What can be said other than that the result lives up to its promise: a moment of pure epicness, as it brilliantly demonstrates. Green Lantern Rebirth and more temporarily, in Flash Rebirth. Finally, a final word about “el señor”. Daniel Sampere who is and will be one of the big names of this Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths. His boards are literally packed with detail and it’s awesome. Its cover, splash/double splash pages, and multiple boxes are pure works of art. Intervention time Superboy (you’ll understand right away if you read it) almost dislocated my jaw, but it’s just a “picture”. In terms of rendering, we are in the same vein as authors likeIvan Reis Where Jason Fabok.

Review VF - Dark Crisis in Infinite Lands Tome 1 13

Overall, this first volume of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths is a good read, if not a great one in the end. You have to recognize a certain talent in screenwriter Joshua Williamson, because you have to have a very extensive knowledge of the DC universe to take on this type of project. It’s even more gratifying when we, as readers, understand the references and see the evolution of the various characters, some of whom have been around for decades. As for errors, there are two, if one should be summarized. First, if you are a new reader, this volume is not recommended. The second is that if you’re familiar enough with DC characters, it doesn’t offer anything original. As for the rest, it’s a triple-A blockbuster waiting for you, the end of which will come very soon in April 2023.

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