Artificial Intelligence | Three questions to ChatGPT

To help you understand what this chatbot can do, we asked ChatGPT a few questions on completely different topics. Of course it is flawless. And, no, it’s not immune to mistakes. Nevertheless, the result is impressive. Judge for yourself.

“Write a poem about climate change in the style of Gilles Vigneault. »


Gilles Vigneault in October 2021

ChatGPT response


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Clouds are gathering, the air is filled with anxiety

The winds rise, the storm breaks

The world is warming, the ice is melting

Oceans rise, skies darken

Nature dies, species disappear

Forests are burning, rivers are drying up

Seeds are lost, crops wither

Lives were extinguished, hopes were broken

But we are here to fight the decline

To save our world, our buried future

We must act now and without delay

To reduce our emissions, to protect our planet

Because it is our duty to protect the castle

Saving our world for future generations

It’s time to change, to do other things

It is time to awaken our civic spirit

It’s time to take control of our destiny

To protect our mother, our suffering planet

To correct our mistakes, to live in harmony

And may our world live forever

This poem is inspired by the writings of Gilles Vigneault, with themes of environmental and climate change concerns advocating action for a sustainable future. It emphasizes the urgency of action to protect our world and our future. It is written with powerful imagery to convey the magnitude of the consequences of climate change and the importance of collective action.

“Can you sum up the October crisis?” »


The October crisis resulted in the sending of Canadian army troops to Montreal.


The October Crisis is a historical event that occurred in Quebec in 1970 and saw growing tensions between the federal government of Canada and the government and people of Quebec. The tensions were mainly about the national question and the demand for greater autonomy and sovereignty for Quebec.

The crisis began on October 5, 1970, when members of the Quebec Liberation Organization (FLQ) kidnapped the Minister of Immigration, Pierre Laporte. The federal government responded by declaring a state of emergency and sending troops to Montreal. The next day, Laporte’s body was found, he was killed.

The move led to federal crackdowns and a significant popular backlash that led to statewide demonstrations and general strikes, as well as the arrest and detention of FLQ members. Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa has also been criticized for his handling of the crisis.

The October Crisis led to increased distrust and tension between Quebec and the rest of Canada, and also affected relations between the federal government and the other provinces. He also contributed to the rise of independence in Quebec and had a significant impact on Canadian politics.

“Who were Quebec’s best premiers? »


Maurice Duplessis in June 1952


It is difficult to say who the best Quebec chiefs are because it depends on the criteria used to evaluate their performance. However, here are a few Premiers who are considered important leaders of Quebec and have had a significant impact on the province:

Maurice Duplessis (1936-1939 and 1944-1959): He is considered one of the most important premiers in the history of Quebec due to his role in the economic and social development of the province, as well as his nationalist politics and conservatism.

Rene Levesque (1976-1985): He is considered one of the pioneers of Quebec independence. He founded the Parti Québécois and held two referendums on Quebec sovereignty. He also implemented important economic and social reforms, such as the nationalization of electricity.

John Charest (2003-2012): He is considered one of the most liberal premiers in the history of Quebec. He initiated important economic reforms, such as reducing budget deficits and privatizing state-owned companies. started important social reforms Law of Intercultural Relations.

Pauline Marois (2012-2014): He led the Parti Québécois to victory in the 2012 election, while also initiating education reform while beginning discussions on a secularism charter.

It is important to note that this list is not exhaustive and there are other Chief Ministers who have had a significant impact on the state. It is important to consider personal opinions and perspectives when evaluating the performance of prime ministers.

A historian’s opinion

How does ChatGPT rate when asked for their opinion on story-related issues? We put the question to Martin Paquet, professor of the department of historical sciences of Laval University. Not surprisingly, he has reservations about the bottom line.

“There are elements that could be factually true,” he explains. But the fact is that we have taken “aggregate” information from the Internet without checking its validity. And above all, they are out of context. “This is done without understanding and without historical judgement,” the expert explains.

ChatGPT shows, for example, that Pierre Laporte, who was kidnapped by the FLQ in 1970, was the Minister of Immigration. That is right. But he was also the Minister of Labor. “And above all, that’s why he was kidnapped,” emphasizes Martin Paquet.

The historian mentions other dubious claims. Like the idea of ​​tension between the federal government and the Quebec government. “There was tension in the strategy used to release the hostages, that’s obvious, but not in the whole situation. The FLQ is an independent group that proposes to challenge the capitalist system. Both federal and state […] Oppose the position of the FLQ,” he said.

When asked about the Quebec Premiers, ChatGPT refused to rate the most important ones. The chatbot instead suggests four people who have “made a significant impact on the province”. But what do we mean by “significant impact?” “says Martin Paquet.

With such answers, he believes, “we immediately know that it is a robot” who is responding to us. And not human.

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