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Iannis Xenakis

Birth May 29, 1922
braila, Romania Romania
Death February 4, 2001 (age 78)
paris, France France
Activity (The term activity can refer to a profession.) main composer
Additional activities architect (An architect is a construction professional whose function is to design and direct…)
Site Internet (The Internet is a global computer network that provides services to the public…) official website of Iannis Xenakis (Yannis Xenakis or Iannis Xenakis (Modern Greek:…)

Yannis XenakisWhere Iannis Xenakis (In modern Greek: Giannis Xenakis or Ιάννις Ξενάκις), born May 29, 1922 in Braila, Romania and dead (Death is the final state of a biological organism that ceases to live (even…) On February 4, 2001 in Paris, composer, architect and engineer (The main job of an engineer is to solve the problems of nature…) writer Françoise Xenakis of Greek origin, French citizen, painter and sculptor Makhi Xenakis, married to daughter Garquil.


An architect by education, especially a student Le Corbusier (Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, October 6, 1887 in La Chaux-de-Fonds,…)At the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels, he was behind the design of the Philips pavilion. ambulatory (The ambulatory is the gallery that separates the choir of the church from the chapels…) of The bright city of Marseille (Marseille housing unit also known as Cité radieuse,…). He had a great influence on intellectual circles.

Thanks to his training as an architect and mathematician (A mathematician is a researcher in mathematics in a limited sense, in a broad sense…), he first showed a special interest in serial, semi-automatic music. L’computer (A computer is a machine equipped with a processing unit that allows it to…) will increase the possibility of creating a real creative “process” thought out as a whole.

He is also interested in her field (Field corresponds to the definition of defined space 🙂 music acoustic (Acoustics is a branch of physics and its object…) to a news spatialization (Spatialization in the field of astronautics is the act of spatialization,…) placing musicians in unusual ways, such as placing them in the audience or repeating ancient procedures around (Autour is the name given by French bird nomenclature (update)…) or away from the public. Number (The concept of number in linguistics is considered in the article “Number…”) he demonstrated the effectiveness of these experiments most in his time at the international contemporary art festival in Royan, where he was one of its most brilliant and surprising regulars.

Xenakis was founded in 1976 interface (An interface is a real or virtual area separating two elements. An interface…) graphic,UPICconnects with the world (May refer to the word world 🙂 a world of visual graphics and sound of music.

In 1997, he was awarded the Kyoto Prize.

Iannis Xenakis succeeds by using procedures that can completely dehumanize his works, this twist power (The word force can designate a mechanical force on things, but also figuratively …) often offering highly lyrical and often extremely moving music. Nights, Oresteia and his last works, which in their thoughtful simplicity are quite close to the spirit of Liszt’s last works. Undoubtedly, the “Secret of Xenakis” and who knows, his genius is precisely in this observation.

Stochastic music

In 1956, the theory of stochastic music was published, which laid the foundation, among other things game theory (Game theory is a mathematical approach to the problems of…) of John von Neumann (John von Neumann (born János Neumann, 1903-1957), mathematician and physicist…). the luck (In common parlance, the word luck is used to denote a lack of efficiency, otherwise…) no more mere chance; In Xenakis, unlike Boulez’s third sonata or other “open” works, unlike Cage and his resignation as a composer, likely (Probability (from Latin probabilitas) is an estimate of the probable character of an… event) is fully calculated, the rules are explained (see Achorripsis Where ST/10-1 in 1961). The overall process is predictable, even if the events that make it up are random. Xenakis tries to approach biological events and phenomena in the living world with this philosophy of creation.

In 1957, the first stochastic electronic parts appeared: Diamorphoses. For the first time, these theories benefited from technical support in computer composition IBM (International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an American multinational corporation…) (He collaborated with Xenakis Arnaud de Chambure). The first piece written by Xenakis in GRM, this work is one of the first successful achievements in the field of “calculated” composition.

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