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Public recordings, podcast listening sessions, round tables and meetings with the big names of the sector… The meeting place for audio enthusiasts in Brest, partnered by Télérama, opens for five days from February 1st to 5th.

Go west! The 19th edition of the Length of Waves festival will open soon in Brest. Five days, from February 1 to 5, 2023, to enjoy radio and podcasts and discover their creators. Hundreds of meetings, listening sessions, performances and productions of public programs will be presented to sound lovers in nine locations in Brest. An opportunity for Telerama, partner of the festival, to present its first award for best fantasy podcast.

Live recordings include podcasts The meaning of the party (Fuck – radio), by Christophe Payet; of Meurice is hired (Spotify), Guillaume Meurice will host Victoire Tuaillon (Balls on the table, BingeAudio); or Solastalgia (New Listening) by Flora Trouilloud.

Public meetings are also organized at the event organized on various topics. A tripartite round table with Lucas Scaltritti on the urgency of the ecological crisis (Super Green Me), Dolphin Saltel (Let’s live happily ever after) and Nabil Wakim (Human warmth). With another team on the same topic The earth is square (Inter France), imagining the world of tomorrow. Listeners will also be able to meet radio documentary maker Aurélien Frances and her team Silent Podcast, provides a selection of music inspired by great natural spaces.

This year, the focus is on documentary film. With a listening session and a special anniversary gathering Feet on the ground (French Culture) with Sonia Kronlund and her team; a discussion between documentary filmmaker Adila Bennedjaï-Zou and producer Delphine Saltel on the concept of self-portraiture Exology, single life (French Culture); or a dialogue between journalist Sophie Simonot on documenting memories (You’re good at Sophie’s) and sociologist Jean-Francois Lae.

Also on the program is a meeting between radio journalism and producer Perrine Kervran on historical popularity (LSD, Documentary Series), historian Volny Fages and broadcaster Theo Reunbot. Music too, through the art of music programming with FIP’s Ruddy Aboab. Or even feminism, by listeningYour very own podcast, by Charlotte Bienaime. A session also dedicated to radio criticism, moderated by Laurent Le Gall (president of Longe d’ondes) with journalists Laurence Le Saux, Carole Lefrançois and Elise Racque from Télérama’s Radio and Podcasts department and editorial manager Matilde Meslin. Slate Audio.

Young ears will also be served. They will be able to swim in oceans by listeningAnne Bonny, Queen of the Pirates, Recent Arte Radio production by Claire Richard. Also enjoy In your dreams! live performance with lyrics and live sound effects performed by young school children. For the elderly, there will be an opportunity to participate in the evening of the festival Everything is fine, ma’am!show inspired by the podcast Super hero Julien Cernobori (Binge Audio), followed by a meeting between author and actress Marie Remond.

Thursday, February 2
Three views on the environmental crisis – Oceanopolis – 18:00 to 19:15 – with Lucas Scaltritti, Delphine Saltel and Nabil Wakim – hosted by Elise Racque
Friday February 3
Mehdi Bayad, aroundDo not touch – Maison du Theatre, 11.30-12.30 – hosted by Laurence Le Saux
Saturday February 4
One, two, three… T! – Radio criticism – Ateliers des Capucins (House of Projects) – 10.15-11.30 – with Laurence Le Saux, Elise Racque, Carole Lefrançois and Matilde Meslin – moderator: Laurent Le Gall (President of Longue d’ondes)
Music on the skin – La Carène – 16:00 to 17:30 – with Rebecca Manzoni and Michka Assayas – host Laurence Le Saux
FIP: the art of music programming – La Carène – 17:30-18:30 – With Ruddy Aboab and a programmer from the channel – host Carole Lefrancois
Presenting the Télérama fantastic podcast award – 18:30
Sunday February 5
Police-Justice: an impenetrable universe – Ateliers des Capucins (La Station) – 12:15-13:30 – With Charlotte Piret, Marion Dubreuil and Alain Lewkowicz – Directed by Carole Lefrancois
religious news journalism – Ateliers des Capucins (House of Projects) – 14:00 to 15:15 – with Geneviève Delrue and François-Xavier Maigre – hosted by Elise Racque

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