our best ideas for outings with kids

We know it: kids are screen junkies. They often turn to video games, cartoons, and other YouTube videos for entertainment… Hence the importance of taking them on activities and family outings!

Fun, recreation and theme parks for the whole family

Are your kids one of those little devils who never stay put? Nothing like a good old amusement park to keep them occupied! Here at KOOL mag, we regularly bring you our picks for the best theme parks/amusement parks/recreation parks to guide you in your choices!

Are theme parks particularly popular with families? Are they fascinated by the Wild West and cowboys? Immerse your family in the universe of the American West with the park “OK Corral”! If your kids are really curious kids and love nature, visit Vulcania. A theme park exploring the ecosystem of the Auvergne volcanoes combines grandeur with fun. Do your kids love animals? The PAL zoological park in the Lyon/Clermont-Ferrand region is the ideal place to have fun while exploring the ecosystem of the African savanna. If they’re particularly fond of the oceans, head to the Paris Aquarium to see countless species of seabed life! Otherwise, take them to meet the goats, sheep and other rabbits at Ferme de Paris. In addition, it organizes events for special occasions or school holidays; Like the Paris Zoological Park.

Does your family love thrills? Do roller coasters and other flying chairs make your kids love it? So go to the traditional theme parks! Obviously, for all big theme park fans, the traditional and unmissable Parc Asterix and Disneyland Paris (recently home to Avengers Town) are must-sees in Ile-de-France. The Foire du Trône, Europe’s largest fair, will satisfy those cravings! But France is big, and several other theme parks are worth a detour. Parc Spirou de Monteux in the south of France is one of them! This amusement park, dedicated to the famous cartoon character, will delight lovers of roller coasters.

Finally, there are amusement parks for crazy fun with the family. There are (definitely) no roller coaster rides here, but rather a number of different activities, such as arcade games or courses. These theme parks are often closed. Be it diving into the world of the television channel and its cartoons, which are especially popular among children in Gulli Park, playing “new generation” games in the Touch Active Games park, racing Mario Kart in the augmented reality karting circuit, and making immersive discoveries. Activities like Fort-Boyard or in virtual reality at Koezio adventure parks… The options are many and many! Are water parks and their famous slides a big hit with your kids? Come and discover the 3 best inflatable water parks in France! It’s hard to do better than a walk to cool off in hot weather while enjoying family time. Be careful not to miss the opening of Europa Kids in Paris this summer! This water and inflatable theme park usually takes over the Parc de la Villette in mid-summer.

The best cultural activities to do with the family

But it’s not just the rides in life. A little culture never hurt… And that’s good! As for shows and other cultural performances, the offer is wide! That’s why KOOL mag regularly provides tips on plays, shows and more to see with your family!

Do your children like to watch movies? Even if the explosion of theaters, screens, serials and streaming is somewhat affected, there is no reason why the cousin discipline of the 7th art should not love them! And more specifically, we’ve uncovered some shows that will be perfect for your kids to discover theater, depending on their age. Especially for the little ones, the immersive theater of the Wonder Cruise is likely to be a hit; just like adapting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Jungle Book as a musical piece!

Are you part of a family of music lovers? Does music run through the veins of both parents and children? Several shows are prepared for you, especially “cinema-concerts”. Whether it’s for the Jurassic Park saga, the legendary Pixar studio films or the timeless Harry Potter, this huge giant screen shows project scenes from the film, while the entire orchestra plays the music of the famous trailers live. .

When it comes to shows, there are a few other options. For example, the giant kite show at Pas-de-Calais will take the breath away of young and old alike! If you’re looking, there are also timeless puppet shows or multiple performances as part of the national end-of-year Tales and Stories event.

Unusual family outings

It’s great to rock out to the square or watch the latest Disney… But it’s been seen and seen again. So, KOOL mag comes up with unusual ideas for family outings that allow you to break the routine and delight both young and old.

Escape games have been particularly popular in recent years, and for good reason: teamwork is often essential to solving a mystery. The whole family is on the field! Like the scenarios, the types of running games are very different from each other. Some are based on cinematic works: this is the case of “Mysteries & Sortilèges”, an escape game on the theme of Harry Potter or even the Batman universe. Others are more fun and aim to educate the youngest, such as the Mission Énergie running game organized by the Good Planet Foundation. The themes are truly endless! Even the Grévin museum has an escape game called “L’Armoire aux Rêves” about the greatest magicians of our time. For example, to succeed in the “Underwater Run Game” you will have to dive into a hole… 15 meters deep! We also selected the best escape games to do with the family and introduced the concept of Escape-Kits (escape games to do at home).

Are you also racking your brain to find slightly unusual activities that really change your routine? Don’t panic: all parents are in the same boat! For example, have you ever heard of this game that is a cross between bumper cars and soccer? Would you like to paint graffiti with your family (and legally)? Skating is great, but skating on the highest roof in Paris is even better!

The best exhibitions to do with the family

Taking the kids to a museum doesn’t have to be child’s play, as any parent knows. Museum exhibits and other rides are not suitable for a game of Mario Kart or an episode of Paw Patrol… Don’t worry! For you, KOOL mag’s editorial team regularly searches for the best exhibitions to take with your family.

Many exhibitions adorn museums or galleries, delighting enthusiasts. However, it is sometimes difficult to find exhibitions that will interest and delight parents and children. However, they do exist. It is impossible for them not to love, for example, Salon du Chocolat! To stay on the topic of food, the Feast exhibition is also a great idea.

Do your kids swear by animals? Does nature fascinate them? Well, many exhibitions are regularly dedicated to this! Have incredible animal sounds with the Not So Stupid exhibit; Fun discovery of science with “Sciences Experiences”; Visit the zoo with origami animals with “Paper Zoo”; Meet life-sized dinosaurs in “Dinosaurs World”; Understanding the relationship between nature, art and man when “nature mingles”; Discover the profession of an astronaut with Head to the Stars… There’s plenty to keep your kids happy!

Lego, the popular little bricks adored by our children, is also regularly the subject of exhibitions specially designed for little ones. The “History in Lego” exhibition depicts great moments in history, such as Napoleon’s coronation. As the name suggests, “Briqu’Antiques, the Romans in Lego” is dedicated to the Roman Empire. To celebrate its 90th anniversary, the Danish brand of small building bricks organized an exclusive exhibition at Galerie Joseph.

In short, you will understand: the topics are endless and all of them (depending on the approach) can please your children! An exhibition on the secrets of Macchu Picchu, fascinating kinetic movement, sneakers, Hip-Hop culture, the story of the Little Prince, miniature art… Don’t hesitate anymore!

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