Lorène and her sister Si Si La Paillette created French biodegradable sequins

Lorène Pernet is the co-founder of Si Si La Paillette, the first French brand of biodegradable glitter. (©DG / Paris News)

A joyful ballet takes place in the cramped kitchen of an apartment in Belleville, Paris. One after another, the evening guests pass through Camila’s hands. As Marie’s 26th birthday party continues in the living room, she improvises herself as a make-up artist for an evening to illuminate the guests’ faces with a thousand lights.

“Sequins Yes, yes? You are a real person, “confirms the guest. If these companies shine Si Si The Sequin unanimously, its main advantage is: it is the first French brand biodegradable glitter.

Glitter pollutes the oceans

First, there are mostly sequins made of plastic. “That’s what makes them shine,” explains brand co-founder Lorène Pernet. Due to their size, they belong to the family of microplastics, which make up more than 85% of the plastic polluting the oceans today. “In the end, it looks like plastic bags,” describes the co-founder.

Faced with a climate emergency, scientists have been calling for their ban for several years. In 2022, the Love Saves Day festival will be held in Britain banned the use of sequins reduce its environmental impact.

On the strength of this observation, Lorène Pernet, accompanied by her sister Chloé Pernet 2019 Si Si La Paillette Company in Paris. The former had just completed her master’s degree in sustainable development at HEC, while the latter was already organizing glittering make-up services in the evenings.

“We love to make up and party. But we wanted to find an alternative with less polluting products, “returns the 29-year-old young woman.

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Plant-based shine

They turn to a British development lab, Bioglitter plant glow. There are three product lines:

  • to shine, a vegan glow containing less than 8% plastic and 87% biodegradable within five weeks;
  • 0% plastic, 0% aluminum flake, but uses technology shellaca secretion produced by an insect;
  • Holographic using 0.1% plastic and shellac.

“Absolutely so cruelty free (cruelty free, Ed.). Insects have their own little life, we do not disturb their cycle,” promises the entrepreneur.

It has sequins Made in Germany Before bottling at various bottling points near Île-de-France, Lannion (Brittany) and Lyon (Rhône).

400 sales points in France

Company little head with an order of 12 kg of sequins in three months, that is, several thousand small pots of 4 grams.

But even though the Covid-19 health crisis has stopped, its growth is exponential.

The end of Covid, the desire to have fun and from May 2022 there was a real boom in our activities. A form of euphoria. Between April and June, our turnover increased four times.

Three years after the start of the company, in January 2023, straw is ordered in batches of 500 kg, i.e. 150,000 cans distributed every three months.

Each a small pot is sold for 4.90 euros, and a kilo of organic straw is traded at 120 euros. “We don’t make huge margins. We wanted to keep an affordable product and not take a fancy position. Our goal: for everyone to shine,” smiles Lorène.

In January 2023, the company makes 60% of sales through its website. This is almost there 400 points of sale At dealers all over France.

Roxane is one of the sure ones. The makeup bag contains small jars of the brand. When asked why, the answer is clear: “Because they are biodegradable. The 30-year-old realizes that it is a good argument.

To participate Who wants to be my partner?

Over the months, Si Si La Paillette has managed to impose its identity on the cosmetics market, especially by surfing public battles.

“We have very strong values ​​that we find through the product. We have an obligation feministLGBTQIA+, we positive body (a movement advocating the acceptance of all types of human bodies, editor’s note), we highlight all bodies to represent everyone,” lists Loreni in a pink candy store in the capital’s 20th arrondissement.

On Instagram, the brand’s main means of communication, 56,000 people follow his holiday editions. A €34.90 “pride” set of six cans is donated to Stop Homophobia.

In the future, they hear two sisters to continue development of their products. There may also be a boost in the coming weeks as they are involved in the 3rd season of the show. Who wants to be my partner? Broadcast on M6. “The answer is on February 8 to see if we can convince the investor”, Lorène Pernet smiled mischievously.

Si Si La Paillette, Paris, 28 rue des Partants shop-workshop. Participation in the show on February 8 Who wants to be my partner?

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