? Sodom apple tree – Definition and explanations


Calotropis procera
Classical classification
Dominion Plantae
Division (Division is the composition law that relates the product of the first to two numbers…) magnoliophyta
Class in magnoliopsis
Place an order Gentianales
Family asclepiadaceae
gender Calotropis
Binomial name (In taxonomy (botany, zoology, etc.) binomial name or binomial…
Calotropis procera
(Aiton) WTAiton, 1811
Phylogenetic classification (Phylogenetic classification is a system for classifying organisms…)
Place an order Gentianales
Family Apocynaceae
Subfamily Asclepiadoideae

Calotropis procera is small tree (A tree is a land plant that can self-grow at altitude…) It is common in arid regionsAfrica (With an area of ​​30,221,532 km2 including islands…) and in the Middle East, especially in the valleys. They are also found in Morocco, especially between Rissani and Aghdz. There are various folk names, the most famous being apple tree of sodom. Another name: tree silk (Silk (textile fiber of animal origin) many insects, spiders…) From Senegal and Devil’s tree (heard in Morocco). Dialect Arabic or Berber: grid Where was burned. Tuareg: toumfafia. Wolof: fanta. Somalia Surprise! Wow.

The tree is poisonous in all its parts, especially the bark latex (LaTeX is a document composition software system created by Leslie Lamport….), which does not prevent it from having many uses, including medicine. Its green fruits can be compared to small oval apples, which some call testicles (hence the vulgar names). taruk or evenball tree would be given to him by the legionnaires).


Ecology and habitat

the Apple tree (Apple trees are a genus in the Rosaceae family (Scientific name: Malus). This…) Sodom grow up (Pousse is the name given to an illegal car race in Reunion.) for north (North is the cardinal point against south.) and the horse south (South is the cardinal point against north.) In the Sahara, but also in East Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, as well as several other places country (Country comes from the Latin pagus, which designates a territorial and tribal division…) ofAmerica (America is a separate continent from Asia in the west and…) latin Drought and salt resistant. Its seeds spread very quickly and are carried by the wind (Wind is the movement of the atmosphere, the mass of gas located on the surface…) and animals. The shrub is often found on degraded soils, especially old crops and pastures. sand (Sand or arena, small…. Altitude: 0 to 1300 meters. Bloom (Blooming is the biological process of flower development. It is…) especially during The season (A season is a period of the year that observes the relative stability of the climate and…) Tuareg oral tradition wants to attribute the existence of this bush to an ancient human presence buried under the sands and rocks.

General and vegetative morphology

Torah Torah tree, near Tamanrasset, Algeria

Shrub or small tree often reaching more than 2 meters (maximum height: 6 meters). the body (Can be luggage 🙂 usually simple, without lower branches, covered with a shell (Bark is the outer covering of tree trunks, branches and roots and more…) cracked grayish brown. fibrous bast. Twigs darken to tomentose (white hairs). The leaves are large, up to 30 centimeters. Of color (Color is the eye’s subjective perception of one or more wave frequencies…) grey-green, reverse, simple, subsessile, root cordate, hairy White (White is the color of a body heated to about 5000°C (see…) when he was young. All parts plant (Plants (Plantae Haeckel, 1866) are multicellular organisms…) secretes a white latex pause (In mineralogy, fracture defines the aspect of a mineral’s surface that…). Eye contact with this latex is said to cause blindness.

Horse spring (Spring (Latin primus, first and tempus, time, this season marks once …)transparent and shiny exudate, viscous fluid (The liquid phase is the state of matter. Matter in this form…), located on the outer side of horizontally growing leaves. The same time (Time, by man…aphids yellow (There are (at least) five definitions of the color yellow, which are roughly the same…) clear, almost transparent, purulent on the face internal (In France, this name designates a doctor, pharmacist or dental surgeon…). Is this exudate rejected by these aphids or is it produced by the plant? In any case, it does not last long, as it quickly becomes contaminated with dust and secretions from the worms of the crank caterpillar (this is the Saharan name for Calotropis procera), which hatches in early spring.

In some Tassilian regions and according to the Tuareg nomads, the grain bed of cereals is marked from the beginning of spring. sugar under the tree; this sugar is relished by children on the spot or used to sweeten tea or herbal tea. would be sugar el ushr Jamel Bellahdar informed about this A traditional Moroccan pharmacopoeia? Some know exactly the right places and times to harvest this sugar. It should also be remembered that small ants make their presence known above all else sugar in the crank, with incessant marches to the young branches, to the base of the leaves, and to the top of the buds. I have myself observed this activity of ants on several crank plants growing in my garden; however, point (graphic) sugar per head soil (Earth is the third planet in the solar system in order of distance…) (observations of Mr. Saadane Bahloul, Djanet-ILLIZI. Algeria).

Flower morphology

The flowers are hermaphroditic, pentameric, grouped in cymes with an umbrella appearance. Calyx with 5 lobes connate at the base. The five-lobed corolla is usually white, with purple or violet tips. Pollination (Pollination is the preferred method of reproduction of angiosperm plants and…) with insects (Insectes is a French-language journal of ecology and entomology…) (butterflies).

Fruit (In botany, a fruit is a plant organ that protects a seed…) and seed


Fruits are formed

Ripe fruit

The fruit is an egg-shaped follicle with a thick pulp, green to yellowish color, which can reach a height of 10 cm or more. The interior is fibrous, fibers (Fibers are plant or animal, filamentous elementary formations, se…) covering many seeds. Anemochoric or epizoochoric dissemination. – From several traditional healing seeds around Djanet (Tassili N’Ajjer region, Algeria) tar (tars (Arabic قَطْران -…)) (in overturned pot which they use with another resin of pumpkin seed; but they say nothing about the diseases or ailments for which this tar is recommended.

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