World: Ashden Prize 2023, entries 18 January – 8 March 2023

Applications are open for the 2023 Ashden Awards.

Indeed, these awards are designed to recognize innovative and empowering initiatives in low-income countries and the UK.

A total of five awards are open to African organizations, one of which focuses exclusively on solutions from the continent.

Nominations are open from January 18 to March 8, 2023, and winners will be announced this fall after a rigorous selection process.

Note that entry is free and winners receive grants of up to £25,000, publicity and exposure to new funders, investors and partners.

So, eight prizes are being announced to help foster climate innovation and create a more equitable future, especially by expanding access to clean energy.

Four of the five international awards will boost efforts to expand access to clean energy.

In sub-Saharan Africa, 48% of the population does not have access to electricity. These include awarding organizations that support small farmers by developing agriculture; helping refugees and displaced people increase their incomes through clean energy and giving people the skills and opportunities to enter the world of clean energy work.

Another award focused exclusively on Africa recognizes integrated energy solutions, i.e. work that integrates various on-grid and off-grid systems to make clean energy accessible and affordable for all.

The final international award honors natural climate solutions. It rewards work to increase the incomes, well-being and security of indigenous peoples and local communities – enabling them to act as stewards and restorers of their lands.

How can organizations apply?

Organizations should visit Ashden’s website ( to find application forms, detailed descriptions of each award and the award process, and eligibility criteria.

The website also provides information about past winners and the benefits of winning an award.

What you need to know about the Ashden Award

Dr Stephen Hall, Head of the Ashden Awards, said: “Africa is home to extraordinary innovation and also to many communities most at risk from climate change. While leaders in other countries drag their feet on climate action, it’s no surprise that Africans are pushing ahead with local solutions. We are particularly interested in rewarding innovations that strengthen communities and support the most marginalized and disadvantaged.etc.”

Ashden’s mission is to accelerate transformative climate solutions and build a more just world.

Through awards and programs, Ashden encourages and supports climate and energy innovators, including businesses, nonprofits, and public sector organizations.

There are several award categories for African organizations in 2023:

1. Ashden Prize for Integrative Strength in Africa. The latter will support innovators connecting different systems to make clean energy accessible and affordable for all, with a focus on cities and their suburbs across the continent.

2. The Ashden Award for Energizing Agriculture will recognize those helping off-grid communities grow, store, process and sell their produce.

3. The Ashden Prize for Natural Climate Solutions will support the work of indigenous peoples and local communities who are restoring and protecting their territories.

4. The Ashden Skills for Energy Access Prize will strengthen organizations that train marginalized people in low-income countries, recognizing the importance of skills in all areas of the energy sector.

5. The Ashden Prize to Energize Refugees and IDPs will accelerate the creation of clean energy solutions that enable refugees to increase their incomes, thus ensuring a more secure life and a brighter future.

Ashden is a UK climate solutions charity that aims to accelerate transformative climate innovation and build a fairer world. Ashden helps tell the stories of climate and energy pioneers in the UK, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Twitter: @ashden_org

The Ashden Awards promote outstanding climate solutions. For more than 20 years, these awards have supported radical ideas to reduce waste and create a fairer world, providing grants and development support to winners and finalists.

More than 253 innovative organizations have won the Ashden Award since 2001, recognizing their critical role in using innovative solutions to combat climate change, reduce poverty and build resilience in society.

Recent Ashden Prize winners include the Mbou Mon Tour in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which won the 2021 Ashden Prize for Natural Climate Solutions.
The Mbou Mon Tour used the money they received from the Ashden Prize to buy a vehicle to transport the rangers and help them build partnerships with other organizations fighting to protect the bonobo great apes.

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