What will be your top three MMOs in 2023?

Last week on Massively Overthinking, we discussed our three most played MMOs in 2022 – and if we’d guessed what they would be at the start of this year (and many of us hadn’t!). Now we have to talk about next year. Considering both your most anticipated (do they really have to start) and your old favorites: what do you think will be the three most played MMOs in 2023? And yes, there will be a countdown at the end of the year to see if we guessed right!

.Andre Ross (@listen): I am waiting Pokemon Go unfortunately it remains my best game. Or at least for the first half of the year, depending on how bad things are. Instead it’ll probably be the most traditional MMO I’ve played, but its MMOARG features are a bit more sedentary than I like in my ARGs, so I don’t know if it’ll grow, and it’ll probably be #3. So, secondly, I’ll say Play Pokemon Violet, only because there’s so much passive play that it’s easy to rack up the hours. I spend a lot of time creating AFKs and posting the results to hopefully help the community keep up with the raid meta and this will continue with DLC whenever it happens.

If we talk about active participation, Splatoon 3 will probably take this place. There is no passive play and I still have outfits I want to equip with Super Snail bonuses. And lord help me when the trading card game goes live!

Andy McAdams: I really don’t know – I guess Surprise! Wow and GW2maybe later FFXIV or ESO? I don’t know, I don’t see much that piques my interest. Can be New world? As an MMO nomad, I know that predicting my most played MMOs for 2023 would require a PhD in statistics. The ESO stuff looks fun so i’ll probably pick it up and play and i always find my way back GW2 at one point. FFXIV also. I don’t know where I will spend the most time. I just go where the mood takes me, I guess.

Ben Grigg (@braxwolf): This is easy for me because I either stick with one game and play it for months, or I burn it and throw it away completely. I guess most of my year will continue to be filled with this the world of warships and hell is empty. The third slot is a little difficult because I am very tired of both THE DAY BEFORE and ESO now. I think I can get it ESO I’m itching for the middle of the year again and maybe I’ll even find my unread chapters before December.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): My top three will probably be the same as last year, with caveats. I’m sure I’ll be in it Lord of the rings online because it has become my theme park home and of course I will continue to cook in my sandbox home, Legends of SWG. I’m waiting to log in again Guild wars 2 when the new season starts too, when it finally happens. I had both Nightingale and Guide on my initial list as well, but these are big plays: if they’re really only going into something that isn’t half-baked early access (I’m always wary of early access) and become something that spreads with my family or my guilds, they both dominate my playtime i can see

Chris Neel (@wolf eyesblog): I don’t plan to Final Fantasy XIV I fall to the side of the road and I want to sink my face deeper Guild wars 2so that leaves my third game as a wildcard pick and i’ll go with that blue protocol.

If I’m being very honest and the hype isn’t spinning my readers, I don’t have very good reasons to think this will be a regular visit, but at the same time it looks very good and promising, or at least like a good time. And really, I can’t ask for more from an MMORPG.

Colin Henry (@ChaosConstant): I’m pretty predictable when it comes to MMO playtime these days. Guild wars 2 It will be my peak, of course I am watching it Lord of the rings online. LOTRO it’s very comfortable and I’ve decided that this year is the year I’m going to max (or at least close to) the character. The third is less certain, however The Elder Scrolls Online recently caught my eye again and it looks like it will keep it once the new class is announced. I’m not a huge fan of Cthulu tentacle horror, but a new class is a new class; I will try anything. I often find a style of classroom play that I like with a theme that I don’t like.

Justin Olivetti (@syrup, blog): My problem with this question is that I always think that the MMOs I play now will be the MMOs I play forever. So, if so, then Lord of the rings online and elder sheets online I have a chance to be my pillars in 2023. The third game? It’s always risky to predict new titles, so I’ll take the plunge Guild wars 2 get out and run laughing in the snowy night air. Probably not, but you never know.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): I commented on this last week, but thought about it some more and still think I’ll spend more time. EverQuest II, DDOand LOTROI can find myself too ESO and FFXIV, can overshadow everything else. I know people who are getting back into old games right now, and the prospect of a regular band is appealing.

I have my eye on a few games that are currently in alpha and would be very excited if I was allowed to try some of them. I want to play something new and shiny, but I’m afraid to expect too much.

MJ Guthrie (@MJ_Guthrieblog): Almost certainly the game I’ll be playing the most in 2023 Adventure Quest 3D. I now play most hours and stream weekly (both on OPTV and on my own channel). New content is frequent, giving me something new most weeks, and I enjoy a lot of creative and holiday events. I’m pretty sure Guild wars 2 it will be in the top three especially since I broadcast weekly with my group. I also have a lot of extensions to work on since I skipped everything except getting the mounts. As for the third one…he knows! Whether frame of mind fate will probably take most of my playing time. Nothing impressed me this year and I don’t feel very optimistic about next year either. But we’ll see in 12 months!

I wish (@thesamkash): I can say that with certainty Guild wars 2 will always be in the top three. I hope I finally get time to play Dragons End.

I actually think so Harry Potter’s Magical Awakening will also be in the top three. It looks like it will have a lot of great MMO features without sacrificing anything.

The last game I bet will also be something that will completely catch me off guard MultiVersus done this year. Looking forward to playing again MultiVersus a lot, but I bet my playtime continues to decrease – like what happens after about a year of constant play rocket league.

Tyler Edwards (blog): I’m waiting New world MMOs will increasingly remain the focus for the foreseeable future. I don’t know what will finish second or third. return to the lost ship possible, but not something I’m in a rush to do. I thought to give LOTRO a second chance when we roll out this difficulty slider for all servers, but I don’t expect it to stick. I’ll probably keep playing GW2 with my friend, but it will remain sporadic, I’m sure. I’m interested blue protocolbut I’m not sure if it’ll be a brief fling or something more serious, and I’m not 100% sure if they’ll provide 2023 dates either.

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