Turing Machine, Acropolis… editorial predictions at work

As d’Or 2023 nominees dropped this week: here are our predictions.

As every year, As d’Or traditionally presented Candidates for 2023. After the prestigious Spiel des Jahres, this French award tends to reward the most popular games of the year. For the successful 35th edition Seven Wonder Architects, Bubble Stories, The Living Forest and Dunes Imperium Crowned As d’Or 2022? We review the year’s favorites.

All: The Acropolis has solid foundations

  • Acropolis
  • Black district
  • This is not a hat
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Two behemoths compete in the general public category. It is obvious that, Black district He has all the cards in hand to claim victory. With its small format and simple mechanics, the card game, which was released in September, quickly established itself as one of the most popular games with players of all generations.

However and if Black district the curls are not missing, but true Acropolis What do our predictions look like? Jules Messaud game published by Gigamic is one of the best surprises of 2022. mechanically accessible but not simpleinfinite replayability and multiple strategic inputs, Acropolis is definitely one of our biggest favorites of recent months.

on the side This is not a hat on the other hand, the surprise is complete. On the contrary Acropolis and black district, the game has just been released in stores and benefits from an ultra-simple concept that increases interest as the number of players increases. The target of the general public is undeniable, but does Kasper Lapp’s small party game really have the shoulders to dethrone it? Acropolis ? I’m not sure. Still, his appointment is a surprise, so we are not immune to a second coup.

Kids: Will-o’-the-wisps hill deserves to shine (again)

  • Hill of the Wisps
  • Pirate board
  • Flashback
Ace of gold 2023 children
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Already crowned in 2022 by the prestigious Kinderspiel des Jahres, Hill of the Wisps has everything to re-establish itself as the game of the year for the youngest. Available for ages 5 and up, this co-op board game is the perfect excuse to introduce kids to the joys of board games. The goal is simple: reach the bottom of the hill before the witches. To achieve this, the Will-o’-the-wisps (represented by balls rolling on a slanted board) offer to offer you valuable assistance. A fun and addictive travel game where you have all the cards in your hand to bring back the second star.

We will also mention the remaining options flashback, an exploration game set in the universe Zombie Kidz. As you look through the cards, discover part of the scene through the eyes of the characters present, observe and reconstruct the puzzle to collect the clues you need to solve the puzzle. Designed for ages 7 and up for cooperative gameplay that parents who love immersive mystery games will love. detectives must love.

Finally, to introduce the youngest to stop the mechanics, or even, Pirate Council all are shown. By mixing gravity, anticipation and caution, budding sailors will have their work cut out for them. Nothing revolutionary, but the recipe works wonders. If this year our choice is more correct Hill of the Wisps The race for his fantasy universe will be tight between Gigamic and the Masked Scorpion. Spin-off Zombie Kidz without a doubt, it stands out as the most innovative concept of this selection, but also reminds micro macro crime cityThe award of 2021 was chosen.

Insiders: Turing Machine, but high flying record

  • Turing machine
  • Challengers!
  • Alice is missing
Ace d'or 2023 insider
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Undoubtedly the most complex of the year to be decided, the selection of 2023 As d’Or initiatives enters the competition three great games with especially original mechanics. First we find Turing machine. spiritual heir head brain gives us an effective hell machine, where deductions and failed attempts heat up your brain, sometimes until you don’t understand anything. The game benefits from great hardware, precise design, and above all, endless replayability: every morning a new code can be obtained from its mobile app.

From the side Missing by Alice, it’s all in the story. More than a simple game, the story imagined by Spencer Starke is an immersive cooperative experience where players each take on the role of protagonist. After that, you only need to exchange SMS with your teammates to reveal the general theme of the story and understand what happened to your young sister.

Finally on the side challengers, we mix the codes for an explosive and original result. When the combat mechanics meet the deck building mechanics, the combat promises to be downright silly. Available for up to eight players, Challengers is a mad scientist who will ask you to create the best synergy between your cards in order to hope for victory.

Expert: Ark Nova, the taste of travel

  • Ark Nova
  • Federation
  • Carnegie
Ace d'or 2023 experts
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On the expert side, our prediction is for the board game Ark Nova. Perfect for those who like to build in their own corner, the title Mathias Wigge invites you to build, fill and flourish your own animal park. A thoughtful walk, but not so quiet, because it will also be necessary to adapt to different goals. Nothing too innovative then, but a recipe taken from the best and working beautifully.

The party was supposed to be a science fiction game, and that was it Federation what is the role The mechanics of the working poses offered by the game are innovative, and the interaction between players manages to stay on the wire, satisfying fans of confrontation cycles as well as singles. However, the space theme begins to seriously lack originality.

Finally, we conclude this selection of As d’Or 2022 with this Carnegie, we more eurogame, where players take on the role of a wealthy entrepreneur who wants to develop his business. Ignoring its graphics in the purest tradition of European board games, Canrégie is a demanding game where the slightest misstep can cost you victory. The fact is that Xavier Georges title, under its outdated air, is also selected for the Diamant d’Or 2023. Print, animate, or air car.

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