The Boys season 4: release date, cast, plot… Everything we already know

The devilishly fascinating series “The Boys” promises to return with an even bloodier season 4. Official announcements, slips, predictions and rumours, that’s all we know about him. Warning, SPOILERS.

Years pass, success is still there. Launched on Amazon Prime Video in 2019, The Boys managed to appeal to a wide audience by providing viewers with a satire of superhero culture within society, as well as their connection to the military-industrial complex and the political world. Season 3 allowed us to learn more about Homelander’s origins – his father is none other than Soldier Boy, a forgotten former superhero star – as well as the powers of Ryan, the Homelander’s son with Billy Butcher’s wife. The latter, meanwhile, was suffering from a terminal illness after ingesting a temporary version of Compound-V, the chemical at the origin of the superpowers of the series’ characters (at least those who possessed them).

When will it be released?

Season 3 aired until the summer of 2022 before the series was renewed for a fourth season. According to several American websites, filming of this 4th season was underway in Toronto last August. And it should be finished next March. If we believe the production schedules of the previous seasons, it will not be surprising that the 4th season will hit our screens in the fall of 2023.

What do we know about the plot? (SPOILERS)

Major plot details have not been officially revealed. But… a lot of media coverage of what showrunner Eric Kripke has in store for viewers in season 4 gives a pretty good idea of ​​what’s on the horizon. In particular, we know that Stella, aka Starlight, will be a full member of Billy Butcher’s Boys, where she will find her boyfriend Hughie, The Cream, French and Kimiko.

Facing them will be Victoria Neuman, who allies with Homelander in hopes of becoming the future Vice President of the United States. Which would make Supes (the nickname given to the superheroes in the series, editor’s note) the most powerful politically in history. Although Billy Butcher was convicted after taking a temporary version of Compound-V, he won’t have time to spend recovering from harm, Eric Kripke told America’s Variety. “There’s this absolutely crazy countdown. “He has a lot of things he’s never done,” he says.

But the Butcher’s main problem will undoubtedly be Homelander and the latter’s closer relationship with Ryan. At the end of season 3, the boy used his powers for the first time under the pleased gaze of his father. In an interview with the American website IGN, the showrunners of the series announced that this story will be the focus of the 4th season.

“If he cares about his education, he will make Ryan a second Homeland, and that will have apocalyptic consequences. (…) I think this is a hint of what will be one of the main confrontations of season 4, which is the battle between the Butcher and the Homelander for Ryan”, he explains. For the rest, we know that Soldier Boy is neutralized, but not dead. So, his return is not an exception. In the comics, Black Noir is the only Supes who can stand up to Homelander.

Who will be in the cast?

Viewers will no doubt enjoy seeing almost the entire original cast with Karl Urban, Anthony Starr, Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty, Karen Fukuhara, Chaz Crawford, Laz Alonso, Tomer Capon, Claudia Doumit, Colby Minifie and even Jessie Usher . .

Last October, the series’ official Twitter account announced the arrival of two new Supes, Sister Sage and Firecracker, to be played by Susan Hayward and Valorie Curry in season 4.

Sister Sage is introduced as a superhero who is “always a thousand steps ahead of you”, which could mean she’s an explorer. Firecracker shows off a belt with two pistols and a costume in the colors of the American flag. Patriotism that should make the country happy. Firecracker is also known to have very limited stamina, so potentially with a fast trigger.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan on “The Walking Dead,” will make a prominent appearance in season 4, but in a role that is being kept under wraps. Rosemary Devitt (La La Land) will play Hughie’s mother. Recall that it was Simon Pegg who played his father in season 1 (he was absent in season 2 and made a brief appearance in season 3). Rob Benedict ( Supernatural ) and Elliot Knight ( Titans ) are set to join the cast, but it’s still unclear in what roles.

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