“Reinvent Twingo”, an unprecedented participatory campaign by Renault for Twingo’s 30th anniversary

To celebrate three decades of Twingo’s existence, Renault is launching a world premiere campaign called ‘Reinvent Twingo’, inviting the public to use artificial intelligence to imagine their own version of Twingo… which will launch a new show. – because.

Renault dreams of conquering mountains, deserts, oceans, the hearts of campers and space with the majestic and small Twingo. Flexible, compact and accessible, the Twingo perfectly embodies the concept of Renault cars for living. Fun, entertaining, colourful, practical and versatile, everyone has their own vision of the Twingo – as expressed in the famous slogan ” it’s up to you to invent the life that goes with it “.

Renault is now inviting the public to rediscover the Twingo using artificial intelligence. The French manufacturer is launching a worldwide design competition to “reinvent the Twingo” and offers several studies where the big-hearted pocket car is staged in all its elements, habitats, roles and tastes. From digital to reality, Renault will then bring the show car to life based on the creativity submitted by the public.

At the heart of the problem is artificial intelligence

This event will take place from 1er Anyone who wants to participate can send their Renault Twingo invention to the brand. Participants can unleash the superpowers of artificial intelligence. In flight, underwater, in space, in chocolate… the possibilities are endless!

Imagination and a good set of AI tools – the company offers Midjourney, Stabil Diffusion and Dall-E as starting points – are all you need to participate in this global challenge. To draw a car, you just need to type a few keywords and the artificial intelligence will show the result in no time. By simply entering a few keywords, users can use these highly effective and easily accessible image generators to create stunning visuals.

After the car is created, Renault invites all participants to send their work. This will be done via social networks (anyone with an official Renault account) by writing the hashtag #ReinventTwingo. Renault may be saying goodbye to the Twingo, but it’s not just about pulling back the curtain on the thirty-year-old model. The French company will create a show car inspired by the design challenge – perhaps a final ovation before the dancer leaves the stage.

Once reserved for the tech elite, AI is now available to everyone in three clicks. This new accessible technology allows everyone to unleash their imagination. We wanted to pay homage to the iconic Twingo by allowing everyone to participate in the creative process. We will present the first show car produced using artificial and human intelligence created directly from the designs we receive. Arnaud Belloni, Global Marketing Director, said.

Twingo, the story of a small legend

A small dancer of city traffic, the Twingo (a contraction of the words Twist, Swing and Tango – perhaps an ironic reference to the small car’s ability to pass through traffic) entered the world of elbows and internal combustion in 1993. It is one of the first cars to offer a unified architecture as a solution to gain space.

The length of the two-door hatchback was only 3.4 meters, and the wheelbase was 2.3 meters. However, it could accommodate four passengers. Despite only having one trim level and four colors, the Twingo stood out. Originally a minivan, the small Renault has gone through three generations and entered the electric era.

The Twingo, which replaced the Renault 5 in the 1990s, was discontinued in 1996 by the same model that the French company discontinued. The Renault 5 is back, but in pure lightning form. , one of the proofs of Renault’s next attack in the world of electric cars.

Fabrice Cambolive has been appointed managing director of the Renault brand

In order to strengthen this gradual transition from the diamond brand to the all-electric range and accelerate progress in the “high added value segments”, Renault is offering itself a new Chief Executive Officer from February 1, 2023 in the person of Fabrice Cambolive. A member of Groupe Renault’s Leadership Team, he will report to Luca de Meo, Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Renault.

Fabrice Cambolive, 54, has been with Groupe Renault since 1992 and most recently held the position of Deputy Managing Director of the Renault brand from May 2022. He already reported to Luca de Meo in this role. Fabrice Cambolive is responsible for the transformation of the brand with the introduction of 14 new models by 2025, as well as the expansion in Europe and internationally.

Under Luca de Meo, the Renault brand is emphasizing the compact and midsize car segments at the expense of high-volume but low-margin small cars like the Clio with new flagship models like the SUV Austral. compact and the upcoming Espace mid-size SUV. ” Fabrice Cambolive will be decisive for this transition said Mr de Meo.

I am proud that Fabrice Cambolive is taking over the management of the Renault brand thanks to the strength of his 30 years of experience within the group. “, – Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo continues. ” His commitment, international experience and deep knowledge of the group will enable him to continue driving the brand forward in high value-added segments. I look forward to him leading the teams through the radical transformation that the Renault brand will experience in the coming years. »

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