OnePlus shows off its mechanical keyboard: what to expect?

OnePlus will launch its first mechanical keyboard in early 2023, and the brand will try to convince as many people as possible.

[Mise à jour le 27 janvier 2023] After weeks of waiting, OnePlus has finally unveiled its upcoming mechanical keyboard. It will be unveiled during an event scheduled in India on February 7. On this occasion, the brand will launch OnePlus 11 and its first tablet internationally.

But the surprise will come from the OnePlus Keyboard. Already mentioned in our columns (read below), it was launched by OnePlus France earlier this week. This mechanical keyboard is expected to come not only to Asia but also to France.

We note the presence of two selectors for switching between Mac and PC (and Linux) behind the keyboard. It will also be possible to “switch” between USB connection and Bluetooth. We also see a USB-C connection.

91Mobiles has also published a picture of the keyboard. Confirms the presence of RGB backlight.

© 91Mobiles / OnePlus

We’ll know more about OnePlus’ first keyboard in two weeks. It should be noted that the serial production will start in March or April.

[Article original : publié le 20 décembre 2022]

The surprise is no longer one, the first keyboard created by OnePlus is on the way. The Shenzhen brand’s interest in the PC world is not entirely new, but OnePlus is best known for its smartphones such as the OnePlus 10T; this allowed him to make a name for himself and gain influence. The company is one of the first to apply the trend flagship killer, high performance devices are sold at a very competitive price. Since then, it has changed its philosophy, adding more accessible models (Nord) and accessories. Be it connected watches or wireless headphones, the brand has been talked about for its affinity to the world of phones. Except for TVs sold in the Chinese market.

Therefore, the decision to embark on the adventure of PC peripherals raises a number of questions. OnePlus is not starting from a blank page and begins its adventure by betting on the “OnePlus Featuring” platform. The latter should help the firm to co-develop new products in segments that are not really expected. For his first keyboard, he can count on the expertise of Keychron, a brand specializing in mechanical keyboards.

What do we know about OnePlus’ first keyboard?

OnePlus remains secretive about its future keyboard, but the manufacturer confirms that the OnePlus Keyboard will soon see the light of day. The project will take several months from product concept to mass production scheduled for March or April 2023. Meanwhile, the mechanical keyboard will go through the testing phase and the official launch of the product will take place next February. .

OnePlus Keyboard keyboard
© OnePlus

The first good surprise is that this keyboard is compatible with major platforms. While we thought OnePlus would be mainly aimed at Windows fans (or gamers), the product page says this “Works flawlessly for Mac and…Windows”. Therefore, Apple computers will be able to use the keyboard under the best conditions, if the brand is to be believed. The OnePlus keyboard will also be compatible with Linux.

Presented as an all-in-one solution, the keyboard will benefit from Keychron technology. Mechanical models are known to be noisy, and OnePlus promises to make efforts in this regard. “Although we’re not looking for silence, audible sound is attenuated while maintaining a superior typing experience”, – says the firm. For this, it will rely on a double-seal design, the frame will be aluminum. The manufacturer refers to a “an ongoing balanced and lightweight experience” on time.

The manufacturer is not without ambitions and intends to offer advanced customizable features. To customize it, it will be possible to physically change the keys or choose RGB lighting effects and change the keys according to your convenience. The keyboard will host open source software (QMK, VIA…), which will offer more flexibility to users and hackers. On the other hand, this solution may be less accessible than custom software that offers a turnkey solution.

Towards a launch in France

OnePlus has unveiled the roadmap on its website and we should know more in January. Then we will be exactly “Strict Test Phase” and a few weeks before the official launch.

OnePlus’ first keyboard has already appeared on a French website. We can expect the manufacturer to market it in our countries upon its release.

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