Marine decarbonisation: the launch of Impact Ocean Capital, an investment fund managed by Go Capital

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Maritime Innovation Thursday: Opening by Hervé Berville, Secretary of State for the Maritimes, in the presence of Jérôme Guéret, CEO of the Go Capital-backed investment fund Impact Ocean Capital, and partners (Image CM)

The climate emergency and the accelerated degradation of marine ecosystems require a strong response from sector players and public authorities to protect the resource and guarantee the good ecological health of our seas and oceans. Supported in particular by the Banque des Territoires, on its own behalf and on behalf of the state as part of France 2030, GO Capital, backed by Ademe, Banque Populaire Grand Ouest, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and numerous entrepreneurs, launches multiple impact investment funds. 30 million euros dedicated to financing innovative companies in the maritime economy in France (eventually targeting 70 million euros).

Jérôme Guéret, Managing Director of Go Capital explains: “ For two years we have been working on the creation of this investment fund dedicated to the maritime sector to meet part of the needs of innovative companies in the maritime sector. “.

“The undercapitalized sector in France”

Jérôme Guéret explains: ” Today, we have all the opportunities to be a leading sector in the decarbonisation of the maritime sector: we have large private groups, especially in the public sector, thanks to training and effective research. But we are lagging behind when it comes to financing innovative companies. We are far behind Korea, Israel, the United States, Canada… Therefore, knowing that there are such funds in healthcare, space, automobile, we have worked on this issue… There is no shortage of allocated funds except in this area. “.

By supporting the financial and industrial structure of the undercapitalized sector in Francehe continues the fund will support companies with innovative technologies working to protect the oceans; decarbonisation of maritime activities and sustainability of the maritime industry. We are thinking about new sailing ships, hydrogen, water purification, combating plastic pollution, aquaculture production… Everything that allows us to stop destroying the sea, but to ally it. “.

Thus, convinced of the need to support the creation of sustainable businesses in the maritime sector together with all its investor partners, Impact Océan Capital aims to be ” A reference player in the financing of innovation in offshore venture capital in France “.

“An example of successful cooperation between private investors and state operators”

The fund will also intervene in cooperation with the two winners of the France 2030 program innovation areas with a strong maritime sensitivity. Le Havre, Smart Port City “and” La Rochelle, Zero Carbon Area “.

Hervé Berville, Secretary of State for Maritime Affairs maritime innovation Thursday “, the event that brought together 400 participants representing maritime economy companies – ship owners, shipyards, equipment manufacturers, research centers… – was to announce: ” I welcome the launch of Impact Ocean Capital. This is a successful example of cooperation between private investors and public operators serving the transition of maritime activities. This will contribute specifically to strengthening mobilization around the decarbonisation of the maritime economy, in the spirit of the collaborative approach between public and private actors launched by me “France Mayor 2030”. “.

For his part, Jérôme Guéret highlights the support of Banque des Territoires, Banque Populaire Ouest and Ark2a: “ Many entrepreneurs have realized the importance of creating this sector. »

“Long-term investor serving common interests”

Gabriel Giabicani, Banque des Territoires Director of Operations and Innovation in the Investment Department, recalls that “ Banque des Territoires is a long-term investor serving the common interest and regional development. Developing the areas also means funding the blue economy and its innovation in coastal areas. Both at its own expense and by joining the Impact Océan Capital fund through the France 2030 Territories of Innovation program, the Banque des Territoires aims to respond to a number of priority issues: environmental and energy transformation and biodiversity conservation, while emphasizing measurement. impacts of funded projects “.

“One of the first private investors”

Banque Populaire Grand Ouest Deputy CEO Bruno Pain adds: “ Bordered by 2,700 km of coastline, historically and decisively maritime, we have been supporting professionals and companies in the maritime sector for over a century. Through our Crédit Maritime brand, we are one of the main players in providing financial support to maritime activities in the Great West, and beyond our traditional banking activities, we initiate various maritime investment funds. Therefore, it is only natural that we join the initiative led by GO Capital for the new fund Impact Océan Capital, one of the first private investors. “.

Pays de Loire Investments

Philippe Maestripieri, President of Pays de Loire Participations, continues: “ Created in 2015 at the initiative of Pays de la Loire Region, Banque Populaire Grand Ouest and EDF, SCR Litto Invest has been a pioneer in regional investments for the benefit of the maritime economy. To provide the area with a means of structuring, the Pays de la Loire Region has decided to support the creation of Impact Océan Capital by allocating the investment opportunities of Litto Invest. “.

the main issue

For Cédric Malengreau, General Secretariat and Institutional Communications Director of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa: “ The marine economy has to respond to many challenges today, such as decarbonization on land and sea or ocean restoration. In addition to contributing to the acceleration of sea crossings, especially through innovation, funding and investment in our territories is a key issue. Therefore, in line with the recent restructuring of our maritime sector, Crédit Mutuel is proud to support GO Capital in the launch of the Arkéa Impact Océan Capital fund. The rational exploitation of ocean resources and the preservation of this exceptional world heritage place the blue economy at the center of the major challenges of the century. “.

“Ademe is committed to green innovation”

Ademe Secretary General Noam Leandry recalls that the organization ” Committed to green innovation and decarbonizing the maritime sector for over 10 years. In addition to Ademe’s assistance, companies in the sector need capital to accelerate the transition to a blue economy, and the needs to be met are huge. By subscribing to the Impact Ocean Capital fund, Ademe wants to support the development of “blue finance” to direct finance to reduce the environmental impact of marine activities and thus contribute to the protection of marine ecosystems. “.

“GO Capital contributes to the financing of responsible innovation”

Jérôme Guéret did not hesitate to introduce GO Capital, an independent management company, a major player in private equity and venture capital in the region. ” Founded in Brittany, Pays de la Loire, Normandy, Center Val de Loire and the Southern Region, GO Capital contributes to the financing of responsible innovation in the regions. A team of investors with complementary sector expertise has a solid track record in deep technology. With more than 120 investments to its credit, GO Capital manages more than 200 million euros and funds technology leaders mainly in the digital sector, healthcare and industries of the future (energy transition, maritime economy, agriculture). “.

Remembers that this fund is a financial product” With a return on investment in 5-7 years. We are convinced that the change is here. We either cry or we build, we innovate, and then we are convinced that there are many opportunities. “.

Jérôme Guéret comes to the Mediterranean, points out: ” We work with the southern region, we would like to subscribe to the fund “. And considers: There are special skills in this area and I rely heavily on the South for things like transport, port repairs… “.

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