How to choose your stay?

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How to choose the right yoga retreat? One of the best ways to discover or rediscover yoga is to immerse yourself in the practice.

Yoga retreats can be a great way to recharge, relax and focus. It’s an opportunity to travel, practice yoga, meditation and other complementary activities, and meet people with similar interests.

Between the variety of offers and the variety of experiences offered, it is not always easy to find a stay that will meet your expectations. Ready to try yoga but not sure where to start? Here are some tips for choosing the right yoga retreat.

What is a yoga retreat?

A yoga retreat, as the name suggests, aims to take you out of your daily routine. It is a parenthesis in your daily life, work, obligations and commitments. This is a moment just for you!

You will be in an isolated place for several days, which will allow you to communicate directly with your surroundings. Yoga retreats often offer a variety of activities. There will be yoga classes, of course, but also meditation, times of silence and stillness to reconnect with ourselves.

Depending on the retreat you choose, you can also participate in other artistic or sporting activities, guided tours or discovery workshops. Meals are usually included and consist of healthy, varied and balanced foods.

All these activities will stimulate your senses, create mental space for new ideas and contribute to the benefits of retirement. During your stay, you will be accompanied by qualified teachers and coaches and surrounded by people who share your passion.

Questions to ask yourself to find your yoga retreat

Where do you want to go?

There are yoga retreats all over the world. You can choose a place you already like or want to explore.

Are you more of a city person or a nature person? Beach or mountain lover? Learn more about the destination that appeals to you for your yoga retreat. If you don’t like insects or humidity, don’t go to the rainforests of, say, Costa Rica.

Also consider the language of instruction. Many retreats abroad require English.

Till what time?

The duration of a yoga retreat can vary from a few days to a month. When choosing a retreat, you need to consider how much time you need to take a break.

For a first retreat, it is ideal to start with a weekend or 4-day stay.

If you need a radical change and can afford to be away for a long time, you can also choose to take a longer retirement.

Please note that disconnection will be recommended during your stay. That’s why it’s important to know how much time you can take away from your personal and professional duties and minimize phone and internet usage.

What are your financing options and how much are you willing to spend on this experience? What type of accommodation are you looking for and what can you afford within your budget? There are many types of yoga retreats available, from rustic retreats with shared rooms to luxury retreats in 5-star hotels. Defining your budget and expectations will allow you to eliminate options that are not suitable.

Do you want to practice dynamic, gentle yoga or both during your retreat?

Having an idea of ​​the type of yoga you want to practice will help you choose an appropriate retreat. If you’re relatively new to the yoga practice, simply choose a retreat with a practice or theme that appeals to you, then check with the organization or teacher to see if it’s accessible to beginners.

What is your experience level?

If you are a complete beginner, you may want to look for a retreat specifically dedicated to yoga discovery. It’s a great way to start your immersion experience.

If you already have yoga experience, check if the retreat is tailored to your expectations so you can continue to learn and progress. In general, yoga retreats are designed to appeal to as many people as possible, and teachers offer variations to suit everyone.

Refine your search to find your ideal yoga retreat

Which teacher(s)?

It’s not always easy to find a teacher who fits you and makes you feel confident. The best way to find out if you connect with a teacher is to attend a few of their classes.

If you don’t have that opportunity, you can also check out his videos on social media to see if you’re committed to his universe.

Theme and related activities

Not all retreats have a specific theme, but read the description carefully to find out if it’s more of a serious retreat or a relaxing retreat. Check schedules, photos, and social media to better soak up the atmosphere and see if the retreat meets your expectations.

If you like everything organized for a better rest, opt for a comprehensive vacation with planned trips and activities. On the other hand, if you like to live at your own pace, choose a retreat that offers plenty of free time.

Withdrawal speed and group size

Yoga retreats may offer different rhythms and larger or smaller groups. If you want to take the time to find yourself, you will need to focus on a more peaceful and spiritual yoga retreat.

Small groups are perfect for an intimate environment, getting to know each other and a privileged relationship with teachers. Conversely, if you want to deepen your experience and have an intensive experience, the energy of a large group and its community spirit can easily carry you.

If you’re looking for relaxation during your yoga retreat, there are luxury resorts with spa facilities, heated pools, and staff to meet all your needs.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for clarity and perspective, a retreat in a simple setting will allow you to focus on your practice, away from the distractions of everyday life.

How to book your yoga retreat?

Once you’ve considered all these criteria, it’s time to book your yoga retreat!

You can of course search the web to find the retreat of your choice with just a few clicks. Before making a recommendation, remember to check that the organization you want to go to is serious.

Learn customer reviews and teacher references. You can also spread word of mouth by asking people around you, the studio you work out at, or your favorite teacher for recommendations.

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