Here are the movies and TV series not to be missed in February!

Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ are releasing their new releases for next month, so here’s our pick of the must-haves.

The year is off to a flying start for streaming services. As of January 1, each platform is out there with its new features and is pulling out all the stops to attract new subscribers and retain others. This month, Prime Video leads the way with the release of The Last of Us, the HBO adaptation of the game of the same name. This historic partnership will soon be crowned by the distribution of the entire Warner Bros. Discovery catalog via a subscription to Warner Pass.

While awaiting the return of HBO’s biggest series since the end of the deal with OCS, the SVOD giants are starting to build their programming for next February. As always, it’s an avalanche of content about to rain down on subscribers. To make it easier to find your way around, we’ve compiled an anthology of shows not to be missed in the coming weeks. To your remote control, smart TV and other peripherals, because there are nuggets just waiting to be looked at.

Harlem (Season 2) / Prime Video / February 3

If you’re looking for a good dose of humor and a change of scenery, Harlem is the ideal series. This comedy immerses us in the Harlem district of Manhattan in the center of New York. We then follow the lives of four old friends. Now in their thirties, their daily lives are divided between the subway, work, sleep and heartache. The crazy life of these New Yorkers is enough to cause a culture shock with our French habits! Those who discover this series today will have the chance to enjoy two seasons or 18 episodes full of emotions at the same time.

you (4 seasons 1 episode) / Netflix / February 9

Joe Goldberg isn’t done chilling us. The successful series of the N rouge platform is in its fourth season. This new chapter in the story, released in two phases, is brand new. The series is adapted from the novel series by Caroline Kepnes, but now follows the events of the books. Although the first part of this season will be released on February 9, the last novel will be published on April 25 in English-speaking countries. So Netflix subscribers will now be the first to discover the continuation of these bloody adventures set in England.

How I Met Your Father (Season 2) / Disney+ / February 15

Will you pick up some sitcoms? after being resurrected That 70’s Show On Netflix, a spin-off How I Met Your Mother It’s back on Disney+. The first season, which aired last year, had its ups and downs, but it still ended on a strong and poignant nostalgic note. With a lovable new cast and the return of cult characters, this reboot is a must-see if you miss old-school sitcoms too. Teens of the 90s will also be happy to find Hilary Duff, who she will recognize from her role in Teen series. Lizzie McGuire.

Agretsuko (Season 5) / Netflix / February 16

Here comes the last clap of the little red panda screaming metal at the top of his lungs. The corporate comedy from the creators of Hello Kitty begins its final chapter in a few weeks. It will be time to say goodbye to Fenneko, Washimi, Gori and of course Retsuko and Haida, the two lovers who have returned since the first episodes. If you haven’t discovered this series yet, it’s time to start. Don’t let yourself be spoiled by the childish graphics that hide the beautiful satire of the business world in Japan. Besides being funny and moving, this anime is also a real culture lesson.

Consultant / Prime Video / February 24

To round off this selection, here’s a thriller mixed with black comedy that will surprise more than one person. This new Amazon-signed app adapts Bentley Little’s novel of the same name. When a video game studio hires a new consultant to improve the company’s operations, employees have no idea that their daily lives will turn into a nightmare. Christoph Waltz lends his features to the main character, Regus Patoff, and if the first glimpses of the trailer are to be believed, he promises an extraordinary performance. Prime Video seems to have a new hit.

Still full of surprises

These remarkable programs are just a small part of the new features that await subscribers next month. On the Amazon Prime Video side, the SVOD platform (currently) has three other programs viz Someone I know, of Cabeza Joaquin Murrieta and carnival series season 2. February will be more intense for rivals. As always, Netflix has presented a great program, while Disney+ plays on the quantity and many renewed series.

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