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mountain ash
Classical classification
Dominion Plantae
sub-kingdom Tracheobionta
Division (Division is the composition law that relates the product of the first to two numbers…) magnoliophyta
Class in magnoliopsis
Subclass Rosidae
Place an order Rosales
Family Rosaceae
gender Sorbus
Binomial name (In taxonomy (botany, zoology, etc.) binomial name or binomial…
Sorbus aucuparia
L., 1753
Phylogenetic classification (Phylogenetic classification is a system for classifying organisms…)
Place an order Rosales
Family Rosaceae

the mountain ash Where mountain ash (Sorbus aucuparia L.) is small tree (A tree is a land plant that can self-grow at altitude…) It belongs to the family and genus Rosaceae Sorbus. They call him mask In Canada.


The branches are smooth, grayish. The leaves are pinnate, with 5 or 7 pairs of finely toothed leaflets, green on both sides, slightly hairy on the back. White flowers, 5 petals, grouped in corymbs. They have a strong, unpleasant smell. Fruits are rowanberries, berries red (Red meets different definitions depending on the chromatic system we use…) Orange is very popular with birds, especially thrushes.

The tree rarely exceeds 15 meters. He grow up (Pousse is the name given to an illegal car race in Reunion.) in woods, woods and hedges, heaths and rocky places, frequent height (Elevation is the vertical height of a place or object relative to the level…) (in medium (A mean value is a statistical measure that characterizes a set of elements…) mountain), in a light place. Bloom (Blooming is the biological process of flower development. It is…) in May-June, the fruits ripen at the end of summer. These fruits are stored on the tree for a long time winter (Winter is one of the four seasons in temperate zones.)this gives it an undeniable decorative interest and, above all, it is a source of food for birds.

He can live a hundred years.

use it

The most common of the mountain ash trees, this tree is often planted as an avenue or ornamental tree in parks and gardens.

Rowanberries were used as fodder for birds. Fresh fruits are not edibleman (A male is an adult male individual of a species called Modern Man (Homo…).). They contain especially sorbic, malic and parasorbic acids (the latter are poisonous), as well as various sugars, including sucrose (Sucrose or sucrose is the simpler commercial sugar extracted from beets…)dextrose and sorbitol (Sorbitol or glucitol is a natural polyol (or sugar-alcohol) with double the sweetening power…). This sugar (What is commonly called sugar has been a “sweet relish” since 1406…)Found in rowan berries, it is now synthesized and used as a sweetener, especially for diabetics. The main composition of a heterosidence (Heterosides are molecules resulting from the condensation (combination) of oses and…) toxic (amygdaloside).

They are edible when fully ripe, overripe and cooked. They are serve (Servent is a portmanteau of the words server and client.) sometimes to make jam and also to produce distillation (Distillation is the process of separating a mixture of liquids…), a kirsch-style alcoholic drink. They have laxative and diuretic properties.

Wood, hard and White (White is the color of a body heated to about 5000°C (see…)was appreciated for his performances wheels (A wheel is a mechanical body or part of a circular shape that rotates around an axle passing through it…) carts or tool holders or for turning.


  • Reproductive organs:
    • Inflorescence type: corymb
    • Sex division: hermaphrodite
    • Type of pollination: entomogamous
    • Flowering period: May-July
  • Seed:
    • Fruit type: locust bean
    • Mode of spread: endozoochore
  • Habitat and distribution:
    • Typical habitat: Central European deciduous forests, acidophilic, oligotrophic, psychrophilic
    • Range: Eurasia

Its natural range covers the whole areaEurope (Europe is a land area that…) andAsia (Asia is one of the five continents or part of the supercontinents of Eurasia or Afro-Eurasia…) moderate (Lebanon, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Dagestan). distributed by Culture (Culture is a pangalactic civilization invented by Iain M. Banks through his…)it is naturalized elsewhere, especially here America (America is a separate continent from Asia in the west and…) of North (North is the cardinal point against south.).

It is quite common in France Forest (A forest or forest massif is a wooded expanse, relatively dense,…) and along the roads, in the mountains up to 1500 m altitude, more scattered right (A plain is a special form of relief, a geographical space…). is the essence of light (Light is a collection of visible electromagnetic waves…). It prefers temperate and humid climates and is more rarely found in the Mediterranean region. At higher altitudes, it takes on a trailing, bushy habit.

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