3 things to remember from the first teaser of season 4

Season 4 of The Boys has just released its first trailer. That’s what you need to remember.

Season 4 Boys looks dirtier than expected. Amazon Prime Video’s hit series inspired by Garth Ennis’ cult comics will debut new episodes later this year. Tongues are getting loose on set and yesterday it was a first color teaser was shared by the actors on the social network. An opportunity to look at what’s new for this fourth season, as well as review some of the plot elements.

Seven is now only 4

Since the end of season three, Vought America has had to purge its ranks. Stella was removed from power and she is now considered a traitor. Recall that after the Herogasm episode, a young woman waved her smartphone to denounce the hypocrisy of the superhero empire. He then ran off with Hughie.

on his side, Queen Maeve is officially dead : Homelander’s ex-girlfriend runs away with her boyfriend to pursue a normal life after supporting the Boys in their battle with Soldier Boy. Ashley Barrett is aware of the situation, but she chose to withhold evidence of Maeve’s survival to give her the fresh start she dreams of. In the final episode of season 3, we actually see Vought’s new boss delete the surveillance videos showing the young woman’s flight.

Amazon Prime Video The Boys
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Finally, Black Noir has been forced into retirement. The enigmatic character is killed by Homelander when the soldier discovers his connection to his son. In this first teaser, which appears to be a campaign spot for Vought America, we discover that the firm has no plans to make its disappearance official. Ashley simply states that the hero went on a secret mission, and even posts a photo as proof “conspirators are silent“. Still, if you’ve been following the casting moves for this fourth season, you know that the character is about to return as Nathan Mitchell.

Recall that the African-American actor already played the role of Black Black in the 1st and 2nd seasons. The actor never revealed his face under the mask of a superhero, and finally passed the baton to Fritzi-Klevans Destin in the season. 3. With the character’s death, his original interpreter is therefore set to make a discreet comeback. Let’s hope that he will drop the mask this time.

Therefore, the 4th season starts with an incomplete team. Seven is only 4 and we will have to find substitutes.

Ashley manages Vout

Ashley Barrett The Boys
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Actor Giancarlo Esposito’s role has been vacant since season 2 following Stan Edgar’s ouster. Logically, Ashley Barrett is the new face of Vought America 4 for this season. Madelyn Stillwell’s shy young assistant in season 1 has changed a lot and shown herself to be ruthless in the final episodes of the series. However, all is not lost: Eric Kripke was able to play on the ambiguity of the character so well that it is difficult to know how the new director of supes will develop. Remember, he still made the choice to offer a windfall for Maeve at the end of the season, and his decisions affect him greatly. Mental Health.

The motherland is stronger than ever

Another important takeaway from this short trailer is that Homelander’s popularity is at an all-time high right now. The superhero lost almost everything, but the racist and supremacist theories planted by Stormfront in season 2 began to germinate in the minds of Americans. The character is now adored by all When he cold-bloodedly and publicly killed one of his detractors, he was applauded.

boys homeland
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Also remember that Ryan spins bad cotton too. We thought Becca’s son would find the father figure he missed after his mother’s death in Butcher, but it didn’t. The angry Scot rejected the little boy, who found comfort in his parents’ arms. With a new weapon of mass destruction in hand, Homelander may be more powerful than ever.

We probably won’t have to wait more than a few months to discover the rest of Hughie and the gang’s adventures. Gen V, A spin-off focusing on Vought’s young recruits will also premiere later this year, again exclusively on Prime Video.

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