? Cathedral of Our Lady of Luxembourg


Towers of the cathedral.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Luxembourg (German Kathedrale unserer lieben Frau in Luxembourg) seatarchdiocese of Luxembourg is located in Luxembourg City.

The story

Original constructions

story the cathedral (The cathedral is originally a Christian church, where…) Associated with the Society of Jesus. In 1594, the Jesuits settled in Luxembourg. city (A city is an urban unit (“human settlement”…) it was then part of the Spanish Netherlands. Keys a high school (A quorum may designate a group of like-minded people…) In 1603. The rapid development of pastoral and spiritual activity in the city led to the decision to build a large temple. the church (Could be a church 🙂, which will be a neighboring college. The plans are drawn up by the Jesuit brother Jean Du Blocq. On May 7, 1613, the rector of the college, François Aldenar, laid the first stone. The work lasted eight years.

On October 17, 1621, the church was solemnly consecrated by the Bishop of Trier. Georg von Heiffenstein, and dedicated to flawless conception. Many finishings and fittings still take place over years, even decades, especially when it comes to furniture (admittedly) and interior decoration.

In 1773, the Society of Jesus was suppressed by Pope Clement XIV. Their church in Luxembourg became a parish church in 1778 under the name of Saint-Nicolas-et-Sainte-Terèse. In 1794, the church welcomed the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Consolation of Christ (see below), which had previously been in one place. chapel (A church is a Christian place of worship that can form a building depending on the situation…) outside the city limits.

In 1801, the church changed its name again: this time it was dedicated to St. Peter before being dedicated to the Virgin Mary in 1848.

After the Luxembourg crisis of 1867, the “neutral and independent” state of the Grand Duchy was created. It follows that the diocese of Luxembourg is erected (September 27, 1870) and the church of the former Jesuit college becomes its cathedral. one century (A century is now a period of one hundred years. The word comes from the Latin word saeculum, i, which…). then, in 1988, Luxembourg became an archdiocese.

constructions of XXe century

Horse XXe century, it was decided to expand the cathedral andarchitect (An architect is a construction professional whose function is to design and direct…) Hubert Schumacher was responsible for its implementation. Work began on May 12, 1935 and continued until 1938. The choir was rebuilt in 1962-1963, after which the cathedral was rededicated on December 8, 1963. day (A day or day is the interval between sunrise and sunset; it…) flawless pregnancy celebration.

The crypt (The crypt is the building block of Christian churches…) is part of the expansion of the church XXe century dedicated to Saint Peter. It functions as the necropolis of the grand ducal family and contains their tombs Bishops of Luxembourg.

King John of Bohemia and Count of Luxembourg was laid to rest in this temple. This tireless knight we find almost everywhere Europe (Europe is a land area that…)whether in his native county, in the kingdom of Bohemia, in Germany, where his father was a lieutenant, or in the south of Italy. North (North is the cardinal point against south.)In the court and battlefields of the kings of France, or with the popes in Avignon or Lithuania during the crusades of the Teutonic Order, the Emperor was the son of Henry VII and the father of Charles IV. found dead (Death is the final state of a biological organism that ceases to live (even…) In 1346 field (Field corresponds to the definition of defined space 🙂 Battle of Crécy in the service of the King of France in one of the first campaigns of the Hundred Years’ War.

National church status

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Luxembourg (Cathedral of Our Lady of Luxembourg (German: Kathedrale unserer lieben Frau in…)has become a temple throughout its history memory (Generally speaking, memory is the storage of information. It is also remembering…) Luxembourg. The national character of the building is emphasized on National Day when an official ceremony organized by the government takes the form of a thanksgiving ceremony attended by Luxembourg officials and the diplomatic corps.

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