“With the word bust, we are trying to invalidate a whole person”

A moment full of wisdom signed Kwame Brown. interview for PivotFred Taylor, Channing Crowder, and Ryan Clark as questioners (because nothing is better than a former athlete to talk about) and let’s get down to 1 hour of philosophy that most sports fans would say. “bust”.

what is a “bust” ? As explained in the TrashTalk lexicon, bust could simply be defined as the opposite of theft, but we will still go a little further in the explanations. With each NBA draft, players with the highest potential are selected first. But the beauty of this system is that you can never be sure that a young prospect will do well in a league with very different characteristics than the rest of the world. the bust therefore, he’s a player that scouts and observers find so cute, that franchise keys are sometimes entrusted with blind trust, and that he clearly admires… in his own ridiculousness.

Kwame Brown: “I think it’s better. It’s better to be a bust. »

Channing Crowder: “How is it possible? »

Kwame Brown: “LeBron can’t do what I can do. They take pictures of him wherever he goes. I was a bust, no one took a picture of me anywhere I went. »

Channing Crowder: “But you’re still too big to fit anywhere.” »

Channing Crowder: “I can sit in a Corolla [Toyota Corolla, ndlr]. *Laughs*. Let me tell you, it’s better to be a bust, believe me. »

Hence the irony, but a very serious background that Kwame Brown took the time to delve into in his maintenance hour. The former Wizards center, who was selected No. 1 in the 2001 Draft, played twelve NBA seasons Averaged 6.6 points and 5.5 rebounds per game. Furious interiors have little to no great hope of success 90s. 22 years later, we find him on the set Pivot to explain why he never envied fame. Then a little: “They didn’t offer me a cinema, but it doesn’t matter, I didn’t want to go”. Then we take the time to discover a quiet, reserved character emphasizeswho is annoyed by the difference in treatment between the athlete and other actors in society and condemns the influence of the word “bust” about the life of a jock man finish “invalid” Male. He stifled the legitimacy of his speech.

Kwame Brown: “When a man expresses an opinion, you have created a word called ‘bust’ so that whatever that person says now will be invalidated by the word ‘bust’, is it really criticism?” I’m first in the draft. Stephen A. Smith, who couldn’t do what I did, a guy at Walmart invented a word that he thought had power that he could use against me. But you want me to believe it’s just a game? »

Fred Taylor: “What is the power of this word? »

Kwame Brown: “He has power when it comes to contracts and sponsors. Who wants to work with a bust? With this word, we are trying to invalidate a whole person. »

One bastos even defends Gilbert Arenas (who allegedly threatened to hold a gun to his throat): “I don’t want to talk about this man, he’s what’s wrong with our society because he’s a coward. Do you think he would say that to JJ Reddick? ».

Not really revelations (except for cowboy Gilbert), but felt from a different perspective than an NBA fan. Whether or not a player meets expectations is part of the game. We use the word bust as if we are talking about a shirt. He is perhaps too obvious shorthand for a disappointing top pick. It’s hard to find a happy medium that doesn’t categorize an athlete by reducing them to a word that will never take into account their working hours.

Text source: The Pivot

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