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Arêches-Beaufort (Savoie), a unique village-resort!

Be tempted by breathtaking nature, authentic village atmosphere, cheap activities and many offers suitable for everyone!

Located at an altitude of 730 to 2300 meters above sea level, Arêches-Beaufort is a typical Beaufortain village resort, located in the heart of Savoy, 20 kilometers from Albertville. Consisting of two charming typical Savoyard villages, Arêches and Beaufort, surrounded by magical mountain views, it is the ideal place to share privileged moments with lovers, family or friends in a preserved setting. Here we instill the spirit of the countryside and holidaymakers appreciate the tranquility that reigns, enjoy the passage of time, feel elegantly out of the world… The countryside of Arêches-Beaufort, with its extraordinary landscape, its terroir with its generous flavors and aromas, as well as its many gentle and sporting activities The resort is a perfect place for “slow tourism”.

What to do in Areches-Beaufort?

This is the dream place of many people who can now take advantage of many special assets! Indeed, know that this destination offers a great space that allows many people to enjoy unique moments.

A major entity formed especially in this region of France thanks to the various plateaus defined by breathtaking mountains and valleys. As you can see, Arêches-Beaufort is a dream destination for many people who want to escape for a period of time. For that, know that you will be able to find many activities on this site. Then allow yourself to run on the sports side, but also on the recreational side, which can lead to many benefits.

Know that you can take a unique pass to find out what is possible to do in Arêches-Beaufort. Indeed, the latter will present all the elements to consider and all the activities available. So click on the link below to find out what you can do in Arêches-Beaufort! Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of all its unique elements that will satisfy you!

Away from the noise of the beaches and the frenzy of the cities, the region offers a truly peaceful interlude. Its protected natural environment and many breathtaking sites invite visitors to escape. We allow ourselves to be seduced by its mountain cirques, pine forests, majestic lakes, sunny plains, where the landscape changes, each bringing its own discoveries and surprises. Lively and inhabited all year round, Arêches-Beaufort offers an authentic and friendly mountain where heritage exploration, sports activities and delicious food are perfectly combined. We come here for its majestic setting, but above all for the human experience it offers. There are very nice meetings with the villagers and farmers of the region, they are proud of their heritage, history, traditions, products and products they produce… This is their wealth, their wealth and they love to share it with them. with visitors. Take advantage of the fresh mountain air and the tranquility of the altitude to recharge your batteries. Come to the training to surpass yourself and face the inequality. Discover the history, know-how, culture and land of the village to develop yourself.

Finally, to treat yourself, don’t forget to taste its gourmet specialty: Beaufort. Take advantage of your summer vacation to discover the 4 aspects of Arêches-Beaufort, a shining diamond in the middle of a heavenly environment: nature, authenticity, gourmet and sport…

Arêches-Beaufort, NATURE

Arêches-Beaufort (Savoie) A Summer in Paradise… Arêches-Beaufort is located in the heart of a mountain circus that is as impressive as it is fascinating. Its landscapes follow each other without ever being similar: vast wild expanses, flowery mountain pastures, dense forests, numerous lakes, dams, steep walls, majestic peaks, breathtaking panoramas against the background of Mont-White. It is an ideal place to experience the joy of walking in the heart of nature. From a simple family outing, in under an hour, to the mythical tour of Beaufortain, through one-day themed circuits, everyone will find something to suit their taste. The 10 lakes around Arêches-Beaufort are also good places for walks and, above all, panoramic places that should not be missed under any circumstances: the 3 large lakes of Roseland, Saint-Guérin and La Gittaz dams, or Lacs des Fées, Tournant and Mirantin with its lovely little chalet … easily accessible on a walk for the whole family, from small to large.

Arêches-Beaufort, AUTHENTIC

Arêches-Beaufort (Savoie) Summer in paradise… The rural resort of Arêches-Beaufort is characterized by traditional mountain architecture and spectacular views. Residential areas combine with extensive protected areas, green and wooded slopes, mountain pastures and flower meadows. Arêches-Beaufort has been part of the “Haute Vallées de Savoie Country of Art and History” since 2006 for its actions to promote heritage and raise awareness of architecture. And this approach applies to natural, economic, or even built heritage up to the memory of the inhabitants. Arêches-Beaufort is primarily a two-century-old village in the heart of Beaufortain. Two villages with original charm and steeped in history. It is the men and women who created Arêches-Beaufort and who continue to run it today and are willing to share their history, traditions and heritage.

Arêches-Beaufort, GOURMET

Arêches-Beaufort (Savoie) A summer in paradise… Staying in Arêches-Beaufort also means delighting your taste buds. Beaufortain is home to many must-try culinary specialties: Beaufort, Grataron, buckwheat, Beaufortain meat, Pormonier, diots… Gluttony here is not a bad thing, it’s a way of life. During your holidays, meet the farmers of Arêches-Beaufort who will be happy to show you around their farms and explain their trade to you. You’ll discover the various farms in the area, of course the dairy cows used to make Beaufort, but also goats, donkeys, pigs, rabbits, chickens, snails and even llamas. In some farms, you will even have the chance to participate in the milking of the animals. You can taste the cuisine of the region. Enjoy your lunch!

Arêches-Beaufort, SPORT

Arêches-Beaufort (Savoie) A summer in paradise… If Arêches-Beaufort is a desirable destination for a “relaxed” vacation, it is nevertheless ideal for those who need to be active during their vacation. . Arêches-Beaufort has prepared a cocktail of different activities offered throughout the summer for those who want to celebrate summer with activities. Young and old, beginners and experienced, all sports enthusiasts will find something to exercise here and, above all, have fun in a spectacular setting: cycling, mountain biking, via ferrata, stand-up paddle, trail, tree climbing, climbing, canoeing, There will be something for everyone through fishing, or cordata!

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