10 ingots urgently needed for the 3rd discount

Sales continue in this third week of operation. Amazon, Cdiscount, and their peers are stepping up their efforts to feature often-unprecedented prices across much of their catalog. Discover the nuggets for this third discount.

Now we are in the third drop of sales on Amazon, Cdiscount and others. Starting this Wednesday morning, cyber-merchants are attacking prices with additional discount percentages. It’s time to list all the good deals of the moment. First come, first served!

Sales on Amazon and most e-commerce sites do not follow the same principle as other transactions of the year. Indeed, merchants reveal all their offers from day one. As of January 11, 2023, we find stamped products on sale in all online catalogs. Over time, the number of products decreases.

For the third discount in sales, electronic stores are lowering prices for the second time. In the references that are still available, they make an extra effort to make them more attractive. Inevitably, this Wednesday was eagerly awaited: the French are trying to take advantage of this new discount to save even more.

Crazy sales on Amazon

In addition to sales, Amazon also offers more classic discounts. There is a difference from a legal point of view, but it is not visible to the customer. These are products that are not on sale but still benefit from the discount. Recall that the product on sale must meet very specific conditions, such as being in warehouses for a certain period of time.

The concept of selling does not fit with e-commerce, which tries to reduce the storage of products as much as possible. If they can’t sell as many items as physical stores with warehouses, they do promotions during this time when the French are waiting a lot. Winter sales have always been one of the most popular transactions in France.

Initially, the sales were largely seen as pre-season indiscretions. It is for this reason that fashion brands use this operation to sell unsold items from the previous season. When it comes to e-stores like Amazon, sales are a time when the general public is attracted by offering discounts on premium SKUs.

Check out the deals on Amazon

E-tailers are also helping sales to gain popularity again. If they don’t have a real sale, they offer very attractive discounts – especially on popular products. The most beautiful brands are promoted in the form of flash sales on most trading platforms. This also applies to Apple, Samsung or Dyson in technology and household appliances.

There are thousands of referrals for sale at affordable prices. It’s not just about technique and technique. There are also references in DIY, decoration, bedding or sports. Anyone can find what they are looking for on major general e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Cdiscount. You need to arrive in time to avoid the stocks disappearing earlier.

This Wednesday: Which offer should you take?

Below, we’ve compiled a dynamic list with all the suggestions thrown at us. For example, we looked at all sales pages on Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac. References are updated from time to time based on available stock. We have deliberately chosen technology and home appliances products: these are the two most popular categories on the Internet.

However, if you have some time for the third day of sales this Wednesday, we invite you to follow what is happening on all the major trading platforms. They have updated their products with even lower prices. Although the operation will definitely end on February 7, you need to be quick. Next week we can expect more discounts, but the prices won’t be much lower.

If you are still hesitant, know that all e-commerce offers you at least 14 days reflection after delivery. For sales, like the rest of the year, Amazon is the only company that offers up to 30 days to withdraw. Depending on the merchants, you will get more or less flexibility. In any case, if the purchased product does not completely suit you, it allows you to change your mind.

Winter sales have been taken by storm since the operation began in January. This event takes place at a strategic time of the year, right after Christmas and year-end celebrations. The French want to make good decisions and are not afraid to invest. This is also a key point, as there will be no other real transaction with reductions for the next few months.

Amazon and Black Friday sales in France are two big moments for e-commerce. Then there are more ad hoc transactions specific to certain merchants. This is, for example, Amazon’s Prime Day event in July. In any case, the enthusiasm is not so strong because it does not bring together all the players of the trade in France. It is for this reason that you need to take advantage of these winter sales to do business.

Here’s how to sell on Amazon:

Check out the deals on Amazon

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