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Holy Trinity Cathedral in Down

54° 19′ 37″ N
5° 43′ 21″ W
/ 54.327061, -5.722547
country (Country comes from the Latin pagus, which designates a territorial and tribal division…) Great Britain
Founding nation ireland North (North is the cardinal point against south.)
District County Down
City (A city is an urban unit (“human settlement”…) Downpatrick
To pray Anglican (Church of Ireland)
friendly Cathedral (The cathedral is originally a Christian church, where…)
is added to Anglican Province of Armagh
Diocese of Down and Dromore
Commencement of construction 1790
The end of things 1818

The Holy Trinity Cathedral (Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided TrinityListen)) of Downpatrick is an Anglican cathedral in Great Britain located in Northern Ireland.

The situation (In geography, situation is a concept of space that allows for the relative location of a place…)

It is located on a hill Cathedral Hill which dominates the city.


This granite houses the baptismal font XIe century, discovered in 1927 while being used as a drinking vessel and installed in the cathedral in 1931. The cathedral is the alleged burial place of St. Patrick. dead (Death is the final state of a biological organism that ceases to live (even…) about 461. However, an engraved tombstone (in Morne granite) was placed there in 1900. Externally, at the east end of the cathedral, high cross (High Cross is a cross made of stone,…) from granite, it has history Xe or XIe century; It stood in the center of Downpatrick but was moved there in 1897.

The story

The site has long been dedicated to, a the church (Could be a church 🙂 dedicated to the already approved Holy Trinity XIIe century In 1124, the future Saint Malakhi of Armagh became Bishop of Down and began to repair and expand the cathedral. In 1177, John de Courcy, the Norman knight conqueror of Ulster, brought Benedictine monks and expelled the Augustinian monks that St. Malachy had placed here.

It was inside the building in 1220 ruined (A ruin is the remainder of a building that has decayed over time or further…)and further damaged trembling (Tremors are abnormal involuntary, rhythmic and oscillatory movements, weak…) of soil (Earth is the third planet in the solar system in order of distance…) In 1245. The cathedral was burned down by Edward Bruce in 1315, then rebuilt several times. In 1538 Leonard Gray (in)Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, converted monastery (A monastery is a religious institution, usually Christian, where…) in stalls, then a year after rasa. When he was executed in 1541, the destruction of the cathedral was one of the charges brought against him. For two more centuries, the cathedral remained in ruins.

In 1778 John Wesley (1703 † 1791), the founder (Founder (real name: Founding Father) is a science fiction short story by Isaac…) Methodism visited and explained the desolation. The round tower near the cathedral was demolished in 1790.


The cathedral has elements of Down Benedict Abbey XIIIe century

Restoration of the destroyed church XIVe In the 17th century, the block was opened with the Act of Parliament dated 1790 1000 pounds For this purpose. The Earl forgave Hillsborough £568 In addition, bringing a tithe was added £300 in the year.

Together luck (Latin: cancellus, i = barrier) is a fence in a church…) The medieval cathedral was renovated and converted into naves with aisles and a new choir. Charles Lilley led the restoration, but it was so drastic that many of the details of the original building disappeared as he intended. reproduction (La Reproduction. Elements for a theory of the educational system is a work…) general influence of the Middle Ages. The work was completed and the cathedral was ready for use in 1818. A narthex (The narthex is the entrance to the church, the space before the nave…) and the Gothic tower perpendicular (In plane geometry, two lines are said to be perpendicular when they intersect…) added at the end the west (West is the cardinal point, opposite east. This direction…) In 1826. Crosses XIe, Xe and XIIe The cathedral is preserved for centuries. The existing building consists mainly of the original kankal XVe century and the narthex and tower were added. There was a second (The second is the feminine of the second adjective immediately following the first, or which…) Major restoration, between 1985 and 1987, the period when the cathedral was closed.

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