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Eilean Eisdeal (gd)
country Great Britain
archipelago (An archipelago is a group of islands relatively close to each other. Proximity…) Slate Islands
Location Firth of Lorn (Atlantic Ocean)
Contact information
Territory (Area or surface area is the size of a surface. By metonymy we often designate…) 1 km2
Point (graphic) the climax not named (38 m)
Geology (Geology, from Ancient Greek γη- (gê-, “earth”) and…) mainland island
Great Britain
Founding nation Scotland
Council area Argyll and Bute
Demographics (Demography (in Greek…)
Population 60 inhab. (2006)
Density (The density or relative density of a body is equal to the ratio of its density ….) 60 inhabitants/km2
Other information
Discovery Prehistoric
Time zone UTC+0

Eastdale (Easdale (Eilean Eisdeal in Scotland) is an island in the Slate group…)

British Isles

Eastdale (Eilean Eisdeal in Scots) a Island (An island is a piece of land surrounded by water, be it a river or…) It is included in the Slate Islands (“Slate Islands”) group belonging to the archipelago. The Hebrides (The Hebrides (Na h-Innse Gall, Scotland) is an archipelago of the United Kingdom…) Interiors in Scotland. Located in Easdale the sea (The term sea encompasses several realities.) The Hebrides and Argyll and Bute are part of the Council area.

The story

Pier (La Jetée is a 1962 experimental science fiction film by Chris Marker and…) which allowed the slates to be loaded onto boats.

The name Slate Islands comes from the geology of the area. Indeed, the soil consists of slate extracted from seven quarries XVIIe century to the 1950s.

At the peak of productionslate (Slate is a metamorphic rock formed under strong conditions…)Exported throughout Scotland and as far as Ireland, the population was over 500 people.

Some careers went downhill sea ​​level (Sea level is the average height of the sea surface, relative to the level of…) and it is theirs flood (The term flood traditionally refers to the overflowing of a stream of water …) this led to the decline of the industry.

In the early 1960s, only four people lived on the island.

Today, 60 inhabitants of the island have now turned away tourism (Tourism is the fact of leaving home for a certain period of time for personal reasons…) and the folk museum operates. There are also about sixty people, mostly Scots place of residence (The name of the place of residence is often given to a series of tracks that form a loop …) Secondary in Easdale. Many residential houses have been converted B&B.

The island has very good economic and demographic vitality: 13 out of 60 residents are children, the majority of households Internet (The Internet is a global computer network that provides services to the public…) and the museum attracts 5,000 visitors a year.

Championship since 1983 the world (May refer to the word world 🙂 each of the ricochets unfolds year (A year is a unit of time that represents the time between two occurrences of a related event…) on the island.

In 1996, the Easdale Island Trust was established to coordinate activities between residents on the island and the county of Argyll and Bute.

Geography (Geography (Ancient Greek γεωγραφία…)

Easdale is located on the Firth of Lorn, a fjord that separates Skye from the rest of Scotland, and is part of Argyll and Bute council.

It is the smallest inhabited island of the Inner Hebrides.

A ferry connects Easdale and Ellenabeich on the neighboring island of Seil, separated from Easdale by a narrow channel 200 meters wide. This affinity sometimes causes Ellenabeich to be mistaken for Easdale.

In 2005, Argyll and Bute council planned to build a building bridge (A bridge is a construction that makes it possible to cross a depression or an obstacle (a course…) Between Eastdale and Seil. But roads, of which there are very few in Easdale, will need to be built so that cars (A car or vehicle is a land vehicle that moves with the help of a . . . ) can go there.

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