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Located in the heart of France, today in the former department of Limousine in New Aquitaine, Creuse deploys many assets to attract you to its network. Nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, heritage lovers or foodies, its tourist attractions will not leave any of you unmoved. Everyone will find a good reason to explore this original and charming area.

Nature, the undeniable wealth of Creuse

Rich in protected nature, Creuse is a garden that attracts nature lovers. Many places make visitors aware of the diversity of the plant world and lead to walks or hikes. You will discover 2 gardens labeled “Magnificent gardens”: Arboretum de la Sédelle (Crozant) and Val Maubrune (La Brionne).

Encompassing the departments of Creuse, Corrèze and Haute Vienne, the Millevaches Regional Natural Park is a must-see. If you love nature and wide open spaces, this Parc de Millevaches is for you! With a total area of ​​314,000 hectares, the landscape alternates between forests, meadows, peat bogs, lakes and springs. But it’s also a local fauna to explore, with otters, brown trout and a variety of butterflies. The park is especially suitable for hiking or mountain biking. In winter, a stay at Creuse on the Millevaches plateau will be an opportunity to go snowshoeing or skiing on the Gentioux-Pigerolles plateau. During the summer season, a variety of water activities are offered within this park on the famous Lac de Vassivière, one of the largest lakes in France. Beautiful walks can be done around the lake or on the island of Vassivière. There are sea activities such as rowing, canoeing, pedal boats or swimming at supervised beaches. In addition to horseback riding, donkey riding, mountain biking or fishing in the waters of the lake, walking routes are offered to explore the coastal areas.

Chabrières wolves, protected wildlife

If you come to visit Kreuse, this is an opportunity to go and observe wolves. This is possible in the Chabrières – Monts de Guéret animal park. The zoo is located in Sainte-Feyre, south of Quéret. You can see different wild animals of the forest like deer, deer, wild boar, badger, fox or some farm animals. But it is the wolf that attracts visitors the most. There are several species of wolf in Chabrières: the European gray wolf, the arctic white wolf, the white wolf and the Mackenzie black wolf. You can enter the lookout tower to get a better look at the packs or take guided tours with the park rangers, and especially for the kids, take the opportunity to participate in the meat distribution ceremony at 4pm!

Sport everywhere in Creuse

If there’s a sports department, it’s Kreuse! In addition to the water sports we mentioned around Lake Vassivière, Creuse is a paradise for cycling enthusiasts. There are many signposted cycling routes that offer a complete tour of the Creuse (400km) with interesting elevations and a beautiful network of little-used roads. The less experienced will find spectacular cycling loops from 15 to 35 km: Monts de Guéret, Lac de Vassivière, West Creuse and its magnificent Valley of Artists, etc. For mountain bikers: 3 mountain bike bases, more than 2300 km of marked mountain bike trails, single tracks in the forest, downhill track, Grande Traversée VTT de la Creuse and the Olympic XCO track.

The Monts de Guéret is the area of ​​choice for nature sports: a protected environment in the heart of a 2,000-hectare forest massif, easy to access, spectacular natural sites and incredible panoramas. Over 250 km of walking (25 loops including 120 km GRP), trail area with 10 marked laps, sensational activities such as paragliding, rock climbing, tree climbing course or giant zip line over Creuse, it really is. Open space in Creuse.

La Creuse, French culture and heritage

If you want to explore French heritage, Creuse has something to satisfy you too. It has a rich culture and heritage, small picturesque villages, forts, churches, tapestries and ancestral know-how… a lot to discover for sure.

Surprise : In the village of Masgot, discover sculptures with the strangest shapes or modern frescoes painted on the walls of the church in Sous-Parsat!

Diving : follow the footsteps of Zizim, an Ottoman prince who was imprisoned in Burganeuf in medieval history and today in a tower that bears his name, visit the Crozant castles or the castles that have stood the test of time: the Château de Boussac is particularly impressive with its rocky summit or the elegance of the Château de Villemonteix and strength. The trip can continue with Château d’Etangsannes, Château de Sainte-Feyre in Saint-Chabrais, without forgetting Tours de Crocq or Tour de Bridiers in La Souterraine.

Art : here is the valley of impressionist painters. With the works of Claude Monet, Armand Guillaumin, Francis Picabia, the impressionists, the landscapes where the two Creuses meet, the banks of the Sedel, the old Crozant castle, the light, the rocks and the heather of this valley of artists have immortalized. . Today, many contemporary artists follow their path.

Heritage : The Manufacture & Tapisserie d’Aubusson is part of the regional and national heritage and has been listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. This is ancestral know-how, six centuries of traditions, exceptional works, tapestries and carpets of great beauty. To discover this art, visit the Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie d’Aubusson in the city of the same name. You can also visit local artisans who continue this know-how.

Finally, Creuse is full of churches, basilicas and chapels: the church of Sous-Parchat, the church of Saint Jean Baptiste in Bourganeuf, the abbey of Moutier-d’Ahun or the church of Ahun. In Chambon-sur-Voueize, the abbey of Sainte Valérie or the Romanesque abbey of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul in Evaux-les-Bains are not to be missed.

Visiting and exploring Kreuzen, digs!

If you’re a little hungry after all that, the gastronomy of Creuse will make you happy. This is traditional cuisine, simple but delicious. Potato pie, a kind of large cake with a pastry lid, is a must.

In winter, a good pork or cabbage soup will be perfect, cake or meatballs, as well as the famous Creusois fondue or Limousin beef with porcini mushrooms will delight your gourmet taste buds. Not forgetting local cheeses: Gouzon or Boursault. To finish off the meal, there’s nothing like cherry clafoutis or Creusois, the famous local hazelnut cake.

So, are you ready to treat yourself?

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