chef will return to the kitchen in 2023!

Norbert Tarayre made a big announcement at the beginning of 2023. The chef will be back in the kitchen very soon indeed…

Norbert Tarayre returns to his first love! The one we found at the moment The best bread in France He gave an exclusive interview to the newspaper together with Noémie Honiat Parisian here he reveals his upcoming projects for 2023. And good news for all food lovers: the chef will return to the kitchen for a while.

In a long interview, the chef admits that he is a little confused, but assures that he has found himself and knows where he wants to go. This year I’m back in the kitchen”, he announced enthusiastically. Norbert Tarayre will really find its place in your kitchen restaurant in Paris until September, and will be”connected with a big name”. It is impossible to know more at this time. “I was very doubtful and afraid to go back into the ring. I’m back in the kitchen for myself, picking up where I left off ten years ago. I was a good cook but a bad business manager”he admits. Women’s Magazine Will of course update you on the rest as soon as the mystery is out!

How old is Norbert Tarayre? His biography

Born on September 22, 1980 in Enghien-les-Bains, Norbert Tarayre owes the origin of his name to his father, a fishmonger by profession, who chose the name Norbert at the last moment when he became Virgile in his civil status. Originally planned with mom! At the age of 10, his parents divorced and the young man moved to Paris with his mother. In practice, it differed very quickly football and even enrolled in the training center within Clairefontaine sports center. “I did a little theater, then I considered myself a singer, then an athlete, I played football, I was very happy, the competition came… And the limit, because I didn’t have the body to be it. great player”will say.

After a failed football career, a hyperactive teenager takes up a game CAP-BEP butcher. It soon showed itself as a good element. As a proof of this, he earned his name First pupil in Paris ! Unfortunately, true to her rebellious nature, she is disqualified for what was deemed “inappropriate” clothing. Norbert will not graduate, and eventually his mother decides to take over and send him to London to find work. Then the young man is hired At Nico’s, a three-star restaurant located on Park Lane in the heart of the English capital. In the facility’s kitchens, Norbert does laundry and learns the basics of cooking. He will return to France in a few months and is determined to make his way into the world of French haute cuisine. So he resumed his culinary studies at Levallois-Perret and after a while met a three-star chef. Bernard Loiseau. The young monster in the kitchen spontaneously offers him his services. The chef accepts and Norbert Tarayre is appointed pantry worker.

After this formative experience, the young chef opened two restaurants in Drôme, Nyons, and then Pierrelongue. However, success was slow to show, and Norbert Tarayre decided to set sail for Megève, where he took control of the restaurant’s kitchens. Sauvageonne. 2012 marks a a turning point in his career cook. If until then Norbert Tarayre was unknown to the general public, in just a few weeks he became a major figure on television! Indeed, the thirties are chosen to participate in the third season of the program The best cook On the M6. With his bluntness and caustic expressions – e.g “It’s a cry from underwear”, “We’ll have balls like currants”or “I have hips that say bravo”… -, Norbert Tarayre seduces (and amuses!) the audience with his cooking and self-mockery. He left the race and finished third on the podium John Imbert win this third season.

What are Norbert Tarayre’s emissions?

After the TV cameras are turned off, the two partners prove that they are inseparable. So they become the hosts of the show Norbert and Jean Challenge, a culinary program offered by M6. In this program, two friends travel to private homes to solve their gourmet problems, whether they are foodies or not. Then the new lover of stoves comes to life Norbert Clerk on channel 6ter. In this reality show, a chef investigates “culinary crimes” in a humorous way. Driven by her growing success, the star of the kitchen tries her hand at comedy Norbert One-man potato demonstration. Standing in front of the lights of the Nouvelle Eve theater in Paris, the chef dispenses cooking tips, sprinkled with his own humorous anecdotes. In 2016, Norbert Tarayre returns to the screens in the show La Meilleur Boulangerie de France, which has been on M6 for three years. For this program, the chef forms a joint duet with the baker Bruno Cormerais. In 2018, he also appeared on the boards at Boulevard Café with Danièle Evenou and Séverine Ferrer. It’s not at all what you think. In April 2022, M6 launches a new program starring Norbert. This Home cookswhere a chef competes with other former Top Chef contestants to prepare a menu for demanding guests in less than 90 minutes.

What is the salary of Norbert Tarayre?

Thanks to all these shows, Norbert Tarayre leads a fairly comfortable life. He revealed his salary to “Non Stop People” magazine without saying a word. “When we work at M6, there are different ways to earn money. My salary hasn’t changed much (…) but we advance an amount and the more programs you do, the more this money will be returned. My channel depends on my shows my salary is changing.” A somewhat vague explanation for many, which the chef quickly clarified: “My base is 3,500 euros and after that it depends on the number of releases.” There, we understand.

Why did Norbert lose weight? Is he sick?

In the spring of 2022, Norbert Tarayre appeared thin on social networks. Fans wondering if the chef is sick have something to worry about. After several weeks of silence, Norbert Tarayre finally revealed that he was suffering from an illness pneumothorax after losing weight too quickly. “My pleura came out, I exercised a lot,” he said. “I, I thought I was having a heart attackbecause I’m not a hypochondriac, but I’m a bit of an actor in my head, so I started telling my wife : “I’ll give you the credit card codesstart doing this, start doing that…’ My wife, who is very emotional, was crying and crying…” All’s well that ends well in the end.

What are Norbert Tarayre’s restaurants?

If Norbert Tarayre excels in public, he does not forget his main ambition: to be the chef of his own restaurant! In 2015, he opened the first gastronomic brasserie saperlipopette My bubble continues with the opening of a table d’hôtes located in the town of Puteaux, then Courbevoie. He also opened a bistro in the 92nd department My quail in Suresnes in the Hauts-de-Seine and brings life to the past Parisian bistro in Columbus. Meanwhile, Norbert Tarayre opened Là-Haut, a rustic-style bistro in Surenes, as well Happy At Rueil-Malmaison and Puteaux. Finally, at the beginning of the 2018 school year, Norbert Tarayre opened a bakery. Perlin TatinIn the city of Rueil-Malmaison.

Norbert Tarayre is very interesting in the kitchen! As proof of this, when he appeared on the Top Chef show in 2012 against highly skilled and qualified competitors, he did not fail to impress! Norbert Tarayre cultivated this originality during his years in the kitchen, especially when he needed it make boards with little resources…is in his book I don’t have radishes The young chef gives tips for healthy eating, and above all it is not expensive! “I am a creative person, I did something dishwasher safe chicken casserolemacaroni, cauliflower and strawberry dessert in the coffee maker…” will trust, have fun…

What are her signature recipes?

Norbert Tarayre shows a special appetite fish business – a passion inherited from his fisherman father – puts it on the menu of his restaurants. Her favorite sin: the salmon. “It’s my favorite fish. It’s the only fish you can prepare in any way without ever making a mistake: grilled, boiled, steamed, in carpaccio…”. Above all, the chef wishes to surprise his customers with his original and gourmet recipes and neat clothes in his establishments.

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