Bioluminescence resides in Rambouillet

For the first time in the world, a public installation can enlighten us thanks to bioluminescence. It happens in France and in Yvelines! Rambouillet direction, to get the mirrets in full.

Emotion for Sandra Ray, founder of Glowee after eight years of work © N. DUPREY CD78

Here, after eight years of research and development, the dream finally came true ! At André Thome and Jacqueline Thome-Patenôtre square in Rambouillet, Yvelines, it’s all smiles that, despite the bitter cold, Sandra Ray, Founder of Glowee (the startup behind the project), and Veronique Matillon, Mayor of Rambouilletrevealed the first street furniture illuminated by bioluminescence, this is January 20, 2023. “Ohs”, “Ahhs”, cheers were heard from the public who came compactly for the event. But what exactly is bioluminescence? Here it is light produced biologically by some organisms, microbes, bacteria, fungi or insects. Thus, fireflies on land can be bioluminescent, like some fungi, and phytoplankton or some fish in the oceans.

We did indeed have our first look at the jars, feverishly shaken by Messrs. Ray and Matillon to preserve their perennial luster, but the unfolding furniture, mixing the curves of a bud with the curves of a periscope, gives another idea. what the future might look like. The light here is stronger, better stabilized, and this glow has something to seduce with its beauty, poetry, but above all environmental promises that it gives hope.

Bioluminescence, soft light from the seabed

Bioluminescence, soft light from the sea floor © N. DUPREY CD78

It was after the seabed program that Sandra Ray, then a design student, thought of using bioluminescence to address environmental issues. Of course, in terms of energy, light pollution is already causing problems for astronomers to observe the sky, not to mention concerns for wildlife. And Sandra Ray will confirm: ” very quickly, showing interest in the light, seemed to be the city that had the most positive effect on me. Because in the city, light is used for different purposes: to guide, to signal, to emphasize… today we have a unique way of lighting. It also mixes with the year the problem of light pollution is a real problem of biodiversity –, bioluminescence seemed like a suitable solution to me “.

“Today we are working on about fifty projects with planners, promoters, energy operators, communities, and therefore the goal is to gradually place more of this light park in the city.”

It is a bit of a coincidence that Glowin met the mayor of Rambouillet Mark RobertConvinced of the potential of bioluminescence applied to public lighting, he decided to help the startup, agreed by his team and especially by his technical director. In July 2020, Véronique Matillon in turn becomes mayor: ” the project was already started by my predecessor Mark Robert some time ago. I was already the deputy mayor in his team Naturally, I continued this very innovative projectthis will surely allow us to achieve something that will allow us to get light while protecting our environment which is still not neutral! »

Not only is this project neutral, it probably will be soon to be permanent. Because today not only the street furniture is installed, but also the lifetime test for Glowee begins: ” We have four months to test the robustness, functionality and acceptability of the system. For Glowee, this will be an accelerator, the aim being that at the end of this phase we will be able to industrialize our range of furniture to accommodate it. »

For a word, it’s a word…let’s hope it comes true soon!

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