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Renens train station
country swiss
City Rennes
Management and operation
operator West Swiss Company (1855-?)
West Swiss Company (? – 1890)
Jura-Simplon Company (1890-1903)
SBB (1903)
stripes 8
Docks 5
Height (Elevation is the vertical height of a place or object relative to the level…) 413 m
Exploitation 1855 first row stop
1876 station (A station is usually a place where trains stop. A station includes various facilities that…) of sorting (The yard or marshal yard (in Belgium: training station) is a railway station…)
1877 passenger building
1903 current passenger building
1991 TSOL term

The Renens train station Switzerland is a regional railway station located on the coast in French-speaking Switzerland territory (The concept of territory is becoming more and more important in geography and especially…) Commune of Rennes, in the canton of Vaud. It is served by trains from Chemins de iron (Iron is a chemical element with symbol Fe and atomic number 26. It…) Swiss federal authorities (CFF) and the M1 line (also called TSOL). Lausanne Metro (The Lausanne metro consists of a line called “M2” and 2 other lines…).

The location of Renens station is located combination (The combination of a rewriting system is defined as the following property:) It is an important railway junction in the center of a large city of four municipalities (Chavannes-près-Renens, Crissier, Écublens and Renens). project (A project is an irreversible commitment of uncertain outcome, it cannot be repeated…) modernization and development a network (A computer network is a set of devices connected to each other to exchange information…) of transportation (Transportation is the act of moving something or someone from one place to another, most often…) in the general public..

The story

Compagnie de l’Ouest-Suisse operates the Bussigny – Renens – Morges line 1er July 1855, line, Lausanne – Rennes, May 5, 1856. The 64 kilometers (The meter (symbol m, from the Greek metron, measure) is the basic unit of length of the system…) Open to Geneva – Lausanne line traffic (Traffic (Anglicism: traffic) is the movement of motor vehicles…) On August 8, 1856, the train.

In 1865 the Company owned 146 kilometers of lines, including Morges – Lausanne – Renens (8 km) and Renens – Yverdun or Yverdon (38 km). On April 14, 1868 locomotive (A locomotive is a motor vehicle, that is, it moves by its own means, is used…) “Vulture”, on the head the train (A train is a controlled vehicle that moves on rails. A train consists of…) #11, stop 12 minute (The original form of the document: Law: minute one…is the original) for disc (The word disk is used both in geometry and in everyday life to denote …) The train from Rennes was delayed due to strong winds the wind (Wind is the movement of the atmosphere, the mass of gas located on the surface…). the court (Court or jurisdiction (from jus dicere: literally, “to say…) Exempts the Compagnie de l’Ouest-Suisse from the fine because the line from Geneva to Lausanne is still with Rennes Lausanne train station (Lausanne station is the main railway station in the canton of Vaud with over 650 stations…)where the train arrived 23 minutes late.

The Western Swiss Railway Companyserves 1er July 1876, grand marshal’s court.

The Swiss Federal Railways (CFF), created in 1903 during the nationalization of the main companies, continued in 1925 by starting the electrification of the line from Geneva to Lausanne in sections. Premiere from Lausanne to Rennes 1er in February 1925 and the second on 25 December 1925 between Geneva and Rennes.

On the night of June 11-12, 1940, the Renens station was bombed by British bombers returning from a mission to the factories. fiat (Fiat (abbreviation of Fabrica Italiana Automobili Torino, Italian car factory of Turin), which…) of Torino (Turin (Turin in Piedmont – Torino in Italian) city, capital…). The cause of the attack, which left two dead and eight injured, was mistaken navigation (Navigation is a collection of science and capabilities:) crews (other bombs fell on Geneva that night)

Crossing a train steam () November 16, 2008.

In 1991, Renens station was the last point tram (A tram (or streetcar) is a form of urban or intercity public transport that operates on …) of Southwest (Southwest is the half direction between the south and west cardinal points. The…) lausannois (TSOL), launched on June 2, 1991. During the 150th anniversary of the Lausanne-Geneva line, a steam train crossed the line on 16 November 2008 (see reverse image of the train at Rennes station).


In 2010, a public consultation was held on the concession of a tram line from Lausanne-Flon to Rennes station. a public inquiry into this project should be held in 2011.

Passenger service


Main lines circulate there.


Or also REV for Network Express (Express is a computer language for specifying data formally…) Vaudois

  • S1 Yverdon – Lausanne – Villeneuve
  • S2 Vallorbe – Lausanne – Palézieux
  • S3 Allaman – Lausanne – Villeneuve
  • S4 Morges – Lausanne – Palézieux
  • S11 Yverdon-les-Bains – Lausanne

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