? La Tourette Monastery of Saint Mary


La Tourette Monastery

45° 49′ 09″ North
4° 37′ 20″ East
/ 45.819167, 4.622222
country France
Region Rhone-Alps
department Rhône (Rhone is a river in Europe. 812 kilometers long, source…)
City I like
To pray Catholic novel
friendly Monastery (A monastery is a religious institution, usually Christian, where…)
is added to Order of Speakers
Commencement of construction 1956
The end of things 1960
Architect(s) Le Corbusier (Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, October 6, 1887 in La Chaux-de-Fonds,…)
Other campaigns
1981: restoration of the roof terraces
Dominant Style(s) modern movement (The Modern Movement, Modern Architecture, sometimes called Modernism, is a…)
Protection HD rated
“Mirsi XXe century”
Website Consult
Convent of Saint Mary of La Tourette

the Monastery of Sainte-Marie de La Tourette Located in the commune of Eveux, bordering L’Arbresle, near Lyon, France, territory (The concept of territory is becoming more and more important in geography and especially…) City of La Tourette. In response to the invitation of Reverend Father Couturier of the provincial branch of the Dominicans of Lyon, Le Corbusier drafted a document. project (A project is an irreversible commitment of uncertain outcome, it cannot be repeated…) Following the instructions of the society since 1953; there he implements his five clausesmodern architecture (The Modern Movement or Modern Architecture is an architectural movement…) and proportions of Modulor. The construction site, which began in 1956, is facing financial difficulties. In October 1960, the monastery was inauguratedobject (In general, the word object (from Latin objectum, 1361) refers to an entity defined by …) It has been classified as a historical monument since December 11, 1979. XXe century”.


L’together (In set theory, a set intuitively defines a collection…) includes a monastery the church (Could be a church 🙂a monastery (A monastery or cloister (or formerly a monastery or monastery) is a courtyard surrounded by ….)department room, classrooms, library, dining room, visiting rooms, kitchens and one hundred private cells, everything (The whole, understood as the whole of what exists, is often interpreted as the world or…) in reinforced concrete (Reinforced concrete is a composite material made of concrete and steel that…) raw peel. That’s the design fruit (In botany, a fruit is a plant organ that protects a seed…) Close collaboration between Le Corbusier and his partner André Wogenscky. Iannis Xenakis, composer and architect (An architect is a construction professional whose function is to design and direct…)especially participated in its creation harmonic (In several fields, the harmonic is a constituent element of periodic phenomena…) “slices glass (Glass, in everyday language, means a hard, brittle material or alloy…) undulating”, a set of vertical glasses in geometric panels (cloister). concrete (Concrete is a composite building material…) which illuminate certain parts such as the cloister galleries.

The ground principle of this construction supports (Piles traditionally refer to piles of wood driven into the ground…) allows to connectorganization (It is an organization) horizontal internal spaces with a steep slope of the ground (but that soil (Earth is the third planet in the solar system in order of distance…) has become “liberated”. empty land (Wasteland is land or territory that is no longer cultivated or cultivated, even…) dirt, without any vegetation)[évasif]. Therefore, the monastery is one of the first French buildings in the form of a pyramid (a pyramid with n sides (from the Greek pyramid) is a polyhedron formed by joining … turned upside down. Monastery, seclusion, fits landscape (Etymologically, a landscape is an arrangement of a person’s features, characters, forms…) natural with great expression; We appreciate the difference to pour (In geomorphology, a slope is an inclined topographic surface located between …) opposite (In mathematics, the inverse of a number is a number such that when…) of creek (A valley is a generally shaped geographic depression…).

Le Corbusier declared: “This rough concrete monastery is a work of love. He doesn’t talk to himself. He lives from within. The main thing happens inside.”

The church, realized with a sharp economy, is the subject of a special program on it light (Light is a collection of visible electromagnetic waves…). Its lighting and that of the chapels in the apsidioles are handled by means of a multi-well installation. day (A day or day is the interval between sunrise and sunset; it…) intended as chimneys, metaphorically called “light balls” because they create the effect of concentrated spots of light projected onto the ground – (the “pull” of light is towards the inner part of it that we choose to reshape, limit ourselves…)[évasif].

The cells of the Dominican friars adapt Le Corbusier’s modular principle to optimize minimal individual space. Bed, toilet area, desk and a logic (The loggia is a space set back from the facade, where it forms a wide porch with backs…) opening to a wide view, organizing relaxation,activity (The term activity can refer to a profession.) and meditation.

A canteen for large gatherings is even more preachy communication (Communication also applies to humans (intrapsychic, interpersonal communication, etc.)with large bright windows that integrate the panorama into the architecture.

The roof terraces were restored in 1981.

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