Why can Arsenal believe in the title?

“The Gunners”, who won the shock of the 21st day of the Premier League against Manchester United (3-2), are more firmly clinging to the leadership of the championship than ever. Given this newfound success for Mikel Arteta’s men, several elements suggest that yes, Arsenal have the weapons to chase the dream.

What looked like a pipe dream for Gunners supporters at the start of the season is becoming an achievable goal for Arsenal this weekend. Yes, Mikel Arteta’s men are sitting firmly at the top of the Premier League in the medium term, and no, this is by no means a fluke or coincidence.

The North London club are playing for the English title, although we at the Emirates are careful not to say it too loudly for fear of attracting bad attention. However, like Sunday evening’s convincing extra-time success against Manchester United (3-2), everything suggests that Martin Odegaard’s teammates can get their ambitions loud and clear.

A scoring record that speaks volumes

19 games played, 50 points in the bag. Five more than the previous record set by the Invincibles in the 2003-2004 season. “Arsenal” is ahead of the curve and nothing can stop the London club from their winning ways. The Gunners are on a 14-game unbeaten run in the league and have just beaten the Red Devils, their only executioner, in the first leg. The Emirates have become a fortress again (12 games in a row without losing in the Premier League). Interesting first signs.

The resulting calendar?

With two games against United already in contention, the rest of the season will be a little easier to negotiate. With a late game at home to Everton – in the midst of a crisis – the Gunners can hope to extend their temporary lead over Manchester City to eight points.

Then, the Londoners will host Erling Haaland and others on February 15 for the second, crucial first clash of the season on April 26, a month before the hostilities end. Two very important matches, of course, but let’s not forget the trip to Anfield (April 8), but above all a terrible triptych: the reception of Chelsea on April 29, three days after the shock against Guardiola’s players, then the trip to Newcastle on May 6 . The title could have played well in the spring, all things considered. I hope that the course in the Europa League will not destroy too many forces in the battle.

More than reinforcements (and the return of Jesus).

I forgot the road to Mudrik, he finally went to Chelsea. Edu and Arsenal’s board reacted strongly by signing 28-year-old Belgian Leandro Trossard from Brighton. The experienced Premier League player, who has come to slightly inflate the average age of the youngest squad in the Championship (24.1 years), is also a luxury replacement for Martinelli or Saka. At the back, the signing of La Spezia centre-back Jakub Kiwior, who could also thrive in midfield regeneration, is only a matter of hours. The Poland international could also allow Gabriel to breathe and expand his rather small workforce (24 players) and is more limited in quality compared to City.

On the side of serious marks, Valladolid’s right-back Ivan Fresneda has an agreement in principle with the Gunners and Dortmund. All he has to do is make his choice. Strengthening is also envisaged in the midfield. Mikel Arteta is keeping a close watch on Martin Zubimendi (Real Sociedad), but the latter wants to finish the season with his club, who are currently 3rd in La Liga. Declan Rice has also been mentioned, but the Hammers captain must also finish the season with his club.

Also, the return of Gabriel Jesus should take place before the end of the season. Great news for the man who blew up the Gunners’ attack earlier in the year, even if it’s only temporary, for now there’s full certainty from Eddie Nketiah, who scored a brace against United on Sunday.

Are you already a “champion aura”?

The formula comes from Guardian journalist Jonathan Liew, who deemed the scenario “inevitable” in the wake of Granit Xhaka’s team-mates’ victory over the Red Devils at the Emirates, and this spectacular finish to the match at the Emirates. It’s an intangible that shows that something is happening without being able to fully explain why, regardless of the players’ hard work in practice or in-game performance.

Apart from a few rare Champions League posters from a while ago, the Gunners’ pitch against United has never looked more raucous… This communication between the public and the players is what Mikel Arteta calls for in almost every press release. conferences and has been part of a ‘process’ that has been revered by fans since the Spaniard’s arrival on the Arsenal bench on 20 December 2019. Borough of Islington. Small stones that build a castle by lining up…

Many of the Gooners – nicknames for Arsenal supporters – leaving the Emirates on Sunday night thought back to the old days when a game against United would slip through their fingers. It is great that the 2021-2022 season ended in the gates of the top 4 a few months ago, after two defeats against Tottenham and Newcastle, and when the Londoners have all the cards in their hands to compete again in C1. painting. Nothing is played until the finish line. The fact is, at this pace of back-to-back wins, it will inevitably come close.

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