When ChartrExpo turns into a giant indoor soccer field!

Almost a thousand participants gathered at the sometimes cramped ChartrExpo for the tournament. (© Actu Chartres / MR.)

This Saturday, January 21, 2023At the Chartrexpo complex in Chartres (Eure-et-Loire) ” Council of Kings “, a football competition in the youth categories, but the results were somewhat mixed.

After years of absence, ChartrExpo has indeed hosted football again. Although the vast majority of department races were canceled due to weather conditions, the “Plateau des Rois” was logically kept at this location. events.

Football returns to ChartrExpo

Clubs came from all over the department
Clubs came from all over the department (© Actu Chartres / MR.)

ChartrExpo is not the first time that football is played inside it.

Antonin Baz, the departmental technical director of the Eure-et-Loire football district, who participated in the organization of this day, recalls. past tournaments already there:

I made one here when I was a kid, the age of the kids today, 25 years later I still have memories of it, so I wanted to put it in place, especially since many clubs have difficulty getting into the gymnasium. .

Anthony BazDepartment technical director of the Eure-et-Loire football district

The return of football to ChartrExpo, planned for more than a month, took place all day on January 21, 2023.

A first U7 tournamenti.e. below 7, in the morning and so on U9 tournament, so below 9, in the afternoon. They all managed to finance the day with the help of sponsors, especially Kia, who compromised on the spot and renamed the pitches used by the tournament after their model…

A thousand participants exceeded, but one building could not be expanded

The two tournaments combined U7 and U9
The two tournaments combined U7 and U9 (© Actu Chartres / MR.)

clubs like Chartres, Maintenon, Angerville, Nogent le Phaye, Oriels, Magnifying glass or shell was part of 64 participating teams.

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With about eight players per team, you can get an idea of ​​the total number of players. If we add parents, educators, and the organization to this, we can reach a thousand people. And all this for only one of two tournaments.

Apart from that, this great flow within ChartrExpo certainly is black dot There was a will to bring this effort together with football in the Eure-et-Loire region most clubs of the department.

The building is not expanding and had to be installed 19×14 meters 8 yards to accommodate eight groups of eight teams each.

In sweet words: “maximum land in minimum space to invite maximum teams”. Usually, this kind of departmental tournament is held outdoors as before Dammarie (Eure-et-Loir).

A mixed record, but a “street football” side

Although all the outdoor courts were closed, this indoor event was able to take place logically.
Although all the outdoor courts were closed, this indoor event was able to take place logically. (© Actu Chartres / MR.)

It’s not great, you realize ChartrExpo isn’t that big. We can’t put what we’re working on in training because there’s not enough space.

John MercierNogent-le-Phaye club under 9 teacher team

the cover it is also original, so it is made of concrete and on certain grounds hatch covers, is not really common for most of the kids out there. Installing a synthetic cover was not financially feasible.

According to the department’s technical director, this ” street football ”, we practice “with friends, it’s the same”.

The rules of the game later modified to prevent more serious injuries or accidents on concrete.

The lack of space at ChartrExpo made the courts quite small for the U9 players, who are used to playing on larger surfaces than their U7 counterparts, while also making for “too long” rotations, according to various parents interviewed.

Around Wait 45 minutes between each game for the second tournament of the day.

Despite its space concerns, the results of this return of football to ChartrExpo are generally positive
Despite its space concerns, the results of this return of football to ChartrExpo are generally positive (© Actu Chartres / MR.)

That doesn’t stop Antonin Baz from drawing, despite these reservations strong balance this return of football to ChartrExpo:

It is quite positive for the moment, despite the surface, there are many smiles. I could create fewer but larger fields, but the children would play less.

Anthony Baz

If the returns are generally positive, the district will continue this initiativeIt is not a simple “one shot” to save as many children as possible.

The regional management of the department wishes to create enthusiasm among the youth to keep them in the bosom of football through such events.

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